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Bitcoin Mentor Club, Scam or Good Opportunity? – [Honest Review]

Bitcoin Mentor ClubWelcome to my Bitcoin Mentor Club review.

If you are looking to invest in the opportunity that Bitcoin Mentor Club offers but are hesitant to do so then you are in the right place. Maybe you are wondering if this place is even legit, if its a scam… whatever the case is I’ll be going over a few important things that you should know about it.

Bitcoin Mentor Club Review

Bitcoin Mentor Club is said to have been created by a professional cryptocurrency trader named Cecil Robles. He is said to be a software engineer from silicone valley that has made millions in the cryptocurrency industry.

I had never heard of this guy at first so I did a little looking around and it seems that he is the real deal. He has been involve with forex and all sorts of trading for years and is even the author of a book.

What is This Place?

This Bitcoin Mentor Club that he is behind provides trading education, software, and a community for people with no experience in cryptocurrency investment. Members get access to insider buys, analyses of cryptcurrencies and more.

In a way it is similar to Bitcoins Wealth Club.

8,000% Profits in 10 Months… Really?

I’ve looked on other review sites and people keep saying that members for Bitcoin Mentor Club have seen as much as 8,000% profits in just 10 months. However, I have no idea where they are getting this information from. They all say this exact same thing, which seems very strange, yet none of them care to go into any detail on it or provide any proof that it is accurate.

8,000% in 10 months is a big claim to make and honestly I don’t see how this is possible. This program is based around bitcoin mostly and in the past 10 months I don’t see how people could have profited nearly this much off of it. In the early stages of bitcoin you could have but now I just don’t see how it could be true.

On top of this I also wasn’t able to really find any reviews from ordinary people that have had success like this. All of these reviews come from people’s own review sites, kind of like mine here, where I literally can write anything that I want.

The Cost

The cost of this program can get extremely high.

The core product that they sell is the Premium Subscription for your membership. this costs $1,497 for 2 years access. And yes you read that correctly… its expensive.

After buying into that they will offer you remote setup which will cost $97. You don’t actually have to purchase this but it is an upsell they will try to get you to buy. Then the next upsell is the Lifetime Subscription which will cost you another $497.

What It Seems Like

I’m not going to say its a lie for sure but it seems that most people making these claims that Bitcoin Mentor Club is amazing are just doing it to get people to buy into it. They are more than likely affiliates and will get paid commissions when people they refer buy in.

Now there is nothing wrong with getting paid to promote products, after all…. its how I make a living online. However…. I don’t agree with how they are doing it…. which is by making big claims that have no proof of being true such as that mentioned above.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Mentor Club – Worth Joining?

Honestly I don’t really know what to tell you here. There just isn’t enough information out on this place yet, nor have enough normal people tried it out for me to give a good piece of advice on it. I’m not sure how good it is yet.

Because I don’t know for sure how good it is I cannot recommend it at this time. But this does not mean its a scam.

One program that I will recommend however is this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a living with it now.

==> Top recommended program here

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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