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Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro a Scam System? – Please Read

Bitcoin Millionaire ProBitcoin Millionaire Pro claims that the biggest spike in Bitcoin is yet to come and that you can cash in on this by investing in the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro system, which is an automated trading software that does all the work for you. But is this really true or is the only thing this is good for stealing your money? Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro a scam?

I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you that yes… Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is nothing more than a scam system that lures people in by giving the hopes and dreams of becoming rich from Bitcoin. It is filled with misleading information and in this review I’m going to be showing you this. I’ll be going over why you cannot trust this system at all and why its a scam.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review

In the video presentation pretty much all the spokesman talks about is all the money people have made from Bitcoin. He keeps going over different scenarios about how if you would have invested small amounts of money years ago you would be a millionaire today. This seems to be the core of the sales pitch to get people to buy into this Bitcoin Millionaire Pro system.

And things seem legit. He claims to be a part of  the “International Council for Bitcoin” which is an advanced team of statisticians, data analysts and software developers and says that it makes them sick to see people missing out on such an amazing opportunity.

Although Bitcoin is already thought to have reached much of its potential in price, this guy claims that the biggest spike is on its way.

So how do you cash in on this opportunity?

Well of course you invest in their Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software. You see they supposedly created this amazing trading software that makes you tons of money… hooray!!! But seriously… this is all a scam and I’m going to show you why.

SCAM…. Here Is Why

The entire sales presentation is just filled with misleading information that is intended to sucker people into buying into this crap.

The entire time the spokesman talks all about how you can invest in Bitcoin right now and make a fortune because the biggest spike in Bitcoin price is yet to come. Then he tells you that all you have to do is invest in their trading software to make money from all of this.

But why would you have to invest in their trading software? Why not just invest in Bitcoin itself and hold onto it as the price goes up like he says it will? It makes no sense to trade it when its going to spike up in price like this. This would be an idiotic investment move that would hurt more than help.

Besides the entire reason for why you should invest in this system not making sense… here are a few other things you should know…

The “International Council for Bitcoin” Does Not Exist

If you look this up on Google all you are going to find is information about this being involved in scams. Apparently there have been other scams in the past that claim to be peddled by the International Council for Bitcoin but this is all made up.

There is no such thing. Its all a ploy to try to add some credibility to this system because of course it seems like a big deal… when in reality its nothing at all.

They Don’t Provide Any REAL Information

Just think about it…. how does this software actually trade Bitcoin and make you so much money? Like most scams, they don’t really tell you anything. You are just supposed to believe that it does what they tell you it does. But they offer no explanation as to how it does this and no proof that it actually does either. I guess the software just magically finds you winning trades and that is all there is to it.

You just cannot trust anything they tell you, especially when there is no proof and you now know that they made up the organization that they claim is behind this whole thing.

They also don’t tell you anything about ANYTHING really. You don’t know who the spokesman is talking in the video, you don’t know who any of the other people behind this system are,  you don’t know anything really. And the reason is because they don’t tell you anything. All they tell you throughout the majority of the presentation video is about how amazing Bitcoin is an how you need to invest right now.

How They Scam People

I’ve seen this well over 100 times and this is how they are going to scam you out of your money if you do invest in this:

The system is free yes…. but…. you first have to invest money into your trading account so that the software can make trades for you. Whats gong to happen is they are going to refer you to some completely unregulated broker, which makes no sense to be referred to a broker in the first place because as I explained in my post here, when trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin there is no need for a broker.

But anyways… they will refer you to an unregulated broker that you are supposed to deposit at least $250 with. They might make you think that you are making money by increasing your balance in your account. But you will find that when it comes time to withdrawal money you will not be able to. This is how they get you.

Conclusion On Bitcoin Millionaire Pro – Scam

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a scam without a doubt. Its your pretty typical get rich quick scheme that takes advantage of all the hype surrounding Bitcoin, just like Banking on Blockchain and Crypto Magnet.

When I review a system like this that seems like an obvious scam from the start, I usually go in thinking its a scam and look to be proven wrong. In this case there was nothing that proved me wrong in anyway. There was nothing that I saw when reviewing this system that makes me think it is legitimate in any way.

You can invest in it if you want to but I sure as heck wouldn’t recommend it. And if you did invest in it and want to get your money back you are probably going to have to use a service like MyChargeBack to help you get that money back.

Also, before you leave be sure to check out this program for making money online. I use it and its something I actually recommend.

Leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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