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Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam? – It Sure Is! [Review]

Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam

Bitcoin Profit is said to be in opportunity to make millions in the crypto markets… Even when they are crashing, but is it really? Or is Bitcoin Profit a scam that you should be avoiding?

This is a question everyone should be asking themselves after coming across this system. I have come across so many different systems/programs out there that claim to do one thing, but fall short, or are just complete scams. So it is good that you are doing the extra research and questioning whether or not this place is actually legitimate.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know. But I’ll get straight to the point here… This looks like your pretty typical cryptocurrency trading software SCAM. I’ve reviewed plenty of the scams before in that shows many of the common cryptocurrency scam signs.

What Is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is supposedly some awesome new cryptocurrency trading software that was developed by young man named John Mayers. It is claimed to run on some breakthrough algorithm that can make you a bunch of money, even when the market is crashing. Now if it can do this then this is definitely a trading software that I want for myself… But from what I see this is just a bunch of BS.

You probably came across the website and watched the video presentation. They lead you to believe that “everyone who has invested in bitcoin in recent years has made millions”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact… I have invested in bitcoin and I have not made millions from it. And there are plenty more out there like me.

Bitcoin Profit System review

This statement is very easily disproven. All you have to do is go on a site like CoinMarketCap and you can see Bitcoin’s trend over the years. As you can see, it has been going downhill since the beginning of 2018, which means a lot of people have lost money… A lot of money.

Now that we cleared that statement up, which is a obvious lie, who also agrees that the video testimonials seem to be fake? You know… The ones like this guy who claims to have made $65,342 over the last month with this trading software?…

They just don’t seem genuine to me.

Adding to this, I was reading another review of Bitcoin Profit in they actually found that the guy pictured below, he was also featured in one of the video testimonials, is actually a paid actor that is available for hire on Fiverr. What this means is that he is just saying what he got paid to say. He never actually use the system and never actually made any money with it.

This is a major red flag. If the system were really that great, and people really were making thousands of dollars per day with it, then it should be super easy to get people to make testimonial videos for it. They should be ecstatic to do so.

Free Trading Software?

Moving on…. Why would this trading software be free? This is something that is very strange and is also a very common characteristic of a scam.

Yes… There are some great things out there that are free, but this is rare and when you do come across some system that claims to be you tons of money like this, and it is free, this should definitely raise concern.

Just think about it… Why would anyone be giving this away for free? This is not a sustainable business model at all. After all, it had to of cost the creators and lot of money developing the system and this breakthrough new algorithm. It would also cost money keeping it running and up-to-date.

Not to mention that a system like this, which supposedly generates thousands of dollars per day on autopilot, could easily sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

How They Scam You… It Ain’t Free!

While the software itself is free to use, you will have to take out your wallet and fork over some money… $250 minimum.

Why do you have to do this? Well of course you have to fund your trading account before the software can start making trades for you.

One thing that is strange about this is that there is a minimum deposit of $250. Why such a minimum deposit? When it comes to cryptocurrency trading there is definitely no need to have $250 to trade with. I am actually an active trader and have been trading on multiple different cryptocurrency exchanges for the past nine months. There is no exchange I’ve ever come across that requires any minimum amount even close to $250.

To make things even worse… For some reason many of the scams I have come across require a $250 minimum deposit. I don’t know why they all require this number, but I just know this is the way it is.

So Many Scams Like This Out There

One thing you have to realize is that there are dozens and dozens of scams like this out there. Don’t think that just because the website looks professional and it appears to be legitimate, that it actually is.

Some of the many very similar cryptocurrency trading software scams that I have reviewed include CryptoRobo, Bitcoin Bonanza, Bit Bubble Tech and so on.

Something strange that I have noticed is that most of the scams look eerily similar. They all have the same basic layout and are all set up in the same way… Which leads me to believe that they are probably all run by the same group of scammers.

What it is likely going on is that once one scam becomes too well known for being a scam, they simply re-brand the same scam system under a different logo and name, make a few other changes, and then promote it as something entirely new.

No Need For a Broker!.. This Is Important

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies there is no need for a broker. This is something that is very important to know because it will help keep you safe from a lot of different scams out there.

When you come across some software, or system that supposedly can make you rich off of cryptocurrency, and they refer you to deposit your money with some broker, as does Bitcoin Profit, then immediately leave the website… Because it is a scam.

There just isn’t any need for a broker with cryptocurrencies… Simple as that. Any legitimate cryptocurrency trading software should be able to hook up to an exchange via API. So basically what should happen is you should be able to create your own cryptocurrency trading account on an exchange, such as Binance and Bittrex, and then give the trading software access to your account with API keys that you can generate within your account.

I have never seen any legitimate cryptocurrency trading software that does works like this software claims to work.

The Reason Behind This All

Of course I haven’t actually tested this software help for myself, so you could say that I am just guessing, but if so then this is a very educated guess because I have seen many known scams that are set up in the same exact way.

What is more than likely going on here is that the scammers who created this Bitcoin Profit scam are receiving commissions when they refer people to deposit money to the brokers. The brokers they refer you to in the scammers that created the software are working together to scam you.

Also… The brokers these places refer you to our often unregulated and if you do end up depositing your money with them there is little chance you will ever get that back. There are chargeback services out there, such as MyChargeBack, that help you get your money back when you have been scammed, but even with them there’s a good chance you will never see that money again.

Final Thoughts – Scam!

This review was pretty easy for me to write because this is your pretty typical cryptocurrency trading software scam. Everything about it looks like a scam to me. Usually when I go into review a system like this I keep a pretty open minded and look for any reason that it could potentially be legitimate. All I found when doing my research was more reasons that this is more than likely a scam.

Invest in this if you want to, but I certainly am not going to recommend it to anyone reading this… Of course unless you like to get scammed, which I’m guessing you don’t.

Future advice I would like to give you is to always do your research when it comes to money making opportunities like this that seem a little bit too good to be true. And don’t just do a little bit of research because there are some people out there who write good reviews of scam products/systems because they are getting paid to help sucker people into them.

Before you leave…

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It it is certainly not a get-rich-quick opportunity, but it is something that you can make a sustainable and legitimate income with.

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