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“Brands You Need” is a Scam! – Will You Make $350 Easily? NOPE!

There is this survey opportunity being advertised called “Brands You Need” that claims you can make $350 with them, which is a heck of a lot for any paid survey opportunity. But is it just another scam? Or is this the real deal?

The advertising is quite misleading. They just tell you that you can earn your first $350 by “sharing your honest feedback with top brands” but do not indicate the time span this will take. Now if it is going to take 10 years to make that $350, then this is nothing special, but if you can make that $350 in a month, that is pretty darn good.

But anyways… The point of me writing this review is to expose this place for what it really is, which is a SCAM. This is definitely not something I recommend getting involved with and in this review you will see why I am saying this. And if you do get involved you will regret it.


Brands You Need Review

One of the first things that I noticed when I came across the website, besides the fact that it sounded too good to be true, was that although the site was called “Brands You Need”, in the browser tab it was saying “Survey Voices”, which is a survey company that I am all too familiar with…

If you look up “Survey Voices scam” on Google you will find plenty of results. This place often misrepresents the opportunities it provides and lures people in by getting them to think that they are going to be making tons of super easy money, kind of like how this Brands You Need promotion is being advertised saying that you can make your first $350.

But anyways, you can read my review of Survey Voices for more info if you want to.


My Dreadful Experience With Brands You Need

Although I was pretty certain that this whole thing was a scam, I decided to enter my email on the main page and click the Start Now button to see what this opportunity had in store for me.

After submitting my email, I was then taken to the next page in which I had to confirm my ZIP Code and agree to receive emails from Survey Voices and a couple other survey research sites. Of course I didn’t want to agree to receive emails from these places, but I had no choice so I checked the box anyhow…

After that I was taking through a series of questions that was supposedly part of the qualifying survey. They said it would help me get matched up with the top paid surveys so I completed them.

This is short qualifying survey had questions like…

  • have I ever met a celebrity?
  • do I own an Amazon Alexa?
  • what is my income level?
  • what stores do I shop at?
  • am I a home owner?
  • do I want to save on my electricity bill?
  • what is my cable provider?

The survey started off harmless and it didn’t seem to make much sense, but then started asking me more “salesy” questions like if I wanted to save on my electricity bill, which cable provider I have, and so on. I’ve seen this kind of thing before… At this point I was guessing that after finishing the survey they were probably going to bombard me with a bunch of promotions based on the answers I gave.

After the survey was complete, the next step was to finish my registration and then agree to receive text messages and calls from their “marketing partners”. Yes… You seriously have to agree to receive calls and texts from marketing partners, which basically means you’re going to start receiving a bunch of sales calls and promotional tax, and who doesn’t want that?

Unfortunately, there was no option to decline this, so I confirmed, after entering a fake phone number of course, and continued on…

Sure enough, just as I was expecting and I mentioned earlier, after this was complete I was bombarded with a series of “exclusive offers”. The first was whether or not I wanted to get a loan of up to $30,000 in which I could buy a new car with…


And then of course I qualified for a Visa prepaid card… You know… Just because I guess I’m just the perfect fit for a Visa prepaid card…

I decline both of these offers and continued on.

And it was my lucky day… I soon found out that I qualified for a $350 survey check… Yippiee!!!…

But of course this is just another extremely misleading advertisement. As you can see, this ad is for National Consumer Center which is largely regarded as a fraud. In fact, if you go on Pissed Consumer you will find that they have well over 200 complaints about them.

After declining this offer, I was finally taken to the “top paid survey” matches that I was promised at the beginning of taking that stupid qualifying survey…

I was recommended survey sites like Swagbucks, VIP Voice, i-Say, Survey Junkie and others. Supposedly these are the perfect matches for me. However, I highly doubt it.

All of the survey sites that they recommended me to join are your typical paid survey sites. I don’t see any reason to believe that these are better matches for me than dozens of other paid survey sites out there. I think this is just another promotion so that this Brands You Need scam, which of course is run by Survey Voices, can make money.

I also want to point out that beside each of the survey sites they say that there are “only 18 spots left!” And things like this. This is completely untrue. Anyone can join these websites and I have never seen them put a limit on the number of available openings.


Another Data Harvesting Scam

All in all, this seems to be another example of what I call it a “data harvesting” scam. They lure you in with the hopes and dreams of making easy money, but it is all about getting you to give up some personal data so that they can shove different promotions down your throat and allow other “marketing partners” to do the same.

It may seem harmless, but it is all about them being able to make money off of you by suckering you into providing information for marketing purposes.

Luckily when I was going through this whole process, I was already fairly certain it was a scam from the start. Because of this I used an email address that I didn’t really care about and not give them my real phone number. If I would have, I would shortly be bombarded with tons of emails on a daily basis and start receiving phone calls and texts for other promotional offers.

I have reviewed similar scams in the past and it is not uncommon for people to receive 50+ spam emails the day after providing their email to a data harvesting scam like this.


This Place Wants Nothing More Than to Make Money From You

First they make money by the promotions that are supposedly “exclusive offers” that they bombard you with after the short qualifying survey you take. And then after that they recommend a bunch of typical paid survey sites that they lead you to believe are the best fits for you.

It is all about the money. They get paid for the “exclusive offers” they are promoting as well as the different survey sites.

Legit Paid Survey Opportunities, But Not a $350 Check!

Now I will say that all of the recommended survey sites are legitimate. Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, i-Say surveys, these are all legitimate paid survey sites. HOWEVER, don’t expect a $350 check from many of them!

They lure you in with this extremely misleading number of $350. Paid survey sites pay out very little and making $350 will take you a heck of a long time with any of the sites. And when I say long, I mean it. It would be an impressive feat to be able to make $350 in an entire year at any of these websites. Usually you make much less than minimum wage once you do all the math, since many of the surveys offered pay less than a dollar and you are often disqualified.


Conclusion = Not a Good Opportunity

If you still are interested in joining a paid survey site to make a bit of extra pocket change in your spare time, I would recommend  Swagbucks because I know they are legitimate and they offer a lot of different ways to make money, but to be honest I don’t really recommend any paid survey site.

Paid survey sites in my opinion are largely a waste of time… They take up a lot of time and pay you very little for it.

If you are at all interested in making substantial money online, I would highly recommend taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online.


But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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