buy litecoin with a credit card

Buy LiteCoin With Credit Card – How To

buy litecoin with a credit cardIf you are looking to buy LiteCoin with a credit card then you are in luck. I’ll be going over exactly how I do it and the good thing is that it can be a simple process. There are more than one way you can actually do this but I’ll show you what I consider to be the easiest, safest, and most straightforward way there is.

This is how I have been buying LiteCoin and I have never had any problems. And another thing worth mentioning is that you can get your LiteCoins instantly upon payment, so there is no waiting around for a 3rd party to release them to you or anything like that. It is instant.

Where I Buy LiteCoin

I have been using CoinBase for some time now and have found them to be the best way to buy cryptocurrencies if you can. They are a cryptocurrency platform based out of San Francisco, California that is of the most trusted out there.

I think of them like a bank. They basically stockpile a bunch of cryptocurrencies and sell them or even buy them at market prices. They also provide cryptocurrency transaction services for merchants but this is something that I’m not going to get into.

If you have experience with P2P (peer to peer) marketplaces then you will probably like this place as much as I do. Not only do I consider them to be much more safe because you are buying from a company rather than an individual, but they also always sell at market price which means you don’t get ripped off. You get what you should get for your money.


CoinBase makes it very easy to buy LiteCoin without sacrificing security. After you create your account you will be able to add a payment method, which will have to be either credit/debit card or you can hook up your bank account. After verifying your payment method you can then purchase you some LiteCoin.

If you purchase with a credit/debit card you will have the LiteCoin available to you instantly in your wallet, which is something else worth mentioning. They provide you with a safe virtual wallet for storage of your coins. Once they are in your wallet you are free to do whatever you want with them.


CoinBase is one of the few places that I trust when it comes to buying LiteCoin. While there is risk involved with any place, they are safe for a number of reasons..

First off they have 2-factor authentication for your account login which is basically an added layer of security. And second they have an insurance policy that guarantees you repayment of funds if any are lost in a security breach/ hacking event.


As I said, there are more than one way to buy LiteCoin with a credit card. But when you use CoinBase it is very straightforward. You pay them with your card and get your coins instantly. There are no hoops to jump through to get it.

Should You Even Invest In LiteCoin?

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies there is a lot that is unknown and very difficult to predict. Many people were very against bitcoin but look how good that is doing.

LiteCoin is the same…. investing in it comes with a risk but I do think it is worth it. LiteCoin is a smarter version of bitcoin in some ways. It has a 4x faster transaction speed than bitcoin and this could be what makes it more desirable in the future. Something else about LiteCoin that is more desirable is that it is easier to mine than bitcoin. Mining requires less energy and of course less energy is almost always better.

Personally, I do invest in LiteCoin because I think it has a good future. Should you? Well if you want to then yes, but just don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

Creating an Account at CoinBase

Creating a CoinBase account is pretty simple to do. You will have to go to and the rest is easy. You will just have to enter your email, name, and create a password.

They aren’t available in every country. So far they are in 32 countries. If you live in a well developed country then chances are you can create an account.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if you buy your LiteCoin with a credit card in a different way please share it below…

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