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Clix4BTC, Scam or Good Opportunity? – Honest Review

Clix4BTCClix4BTC claims to provide the fastest way to earn bitcoins online. But of course we have all heard claims like this before and it seems that pretty much every place that claims this turns out to be a scams. So is this place any different? Or will Clix4BTC scam you like the many others?

Its not wonder you are suspicious of this place and reluctant to join. That is a good thing because you are going to want to read my review before you do anything. This place is not the great amazing opportunity that it claims to be.

Clix4BTC Review

Clix4BTC is a PTC (paid to click) site where you can earn bitcoin for clicking and viewing ads. How it works is pretty simple. Advertisers pay Clix4BTC to run their ads and then Clix4BTC turns around and pays members to click on the ads.

There are a lot of sites out there like this and usually they pay extremely little and are not worth a minute of time. But is Clix4BTC any different? Lets find out.

A Look Inside

Ok, so when you go to view ads in order to earn BTC you will see a bunch of different ads that you can click on. They will tell you how long you have to view the ad for and how much bitcoin you will make. So what you do is click on the ad and are directed to that page where you have to stay for a specified amount of time in order to get credit for it.

Here is a screenshot of some of the ads that were available to me…. And as you can see they are all about other cryptocurrency opportunities…

These are only several of many ads on this site. In general I would say you can expect to make between 0.00000035 – 0.00000005 BTC per ad and you will have to stay on each ad for between 10 seconds to 40 seconds.

So pretty much you are going to be making less than a cent when you click on the ads. If you do the math with the current price of bitcoin (as I am writing this) it equals out to be less than $0.01 per viewed ad. But of course as the price of bitcoin rises this will be worth more.

Don’t get your hopes up though… I’m sure they will lower the amounts they will pay as btc prices go up. The reason for this is because they can’t really pay you any more than that and you will understand why next…

The Reality Here

Paid To Click sites like this are notorious for paying extremely little and being massive wastes of time. The reason is because they really cannot pay more than they do.

You see they make money from their advertisers paying them to put ads on their site. And they charge very little for advertising because they can’t charge more. Why can’t they charge more? Well because PTC sites provide very cheap traffic.

PTC sites like this are horrible for advertisers. Advertisers can get lots of people to click their ads for little money but the people clicking the ads often don’t really have any interest in them. A lot of the time they are just clicking to make money and when they are done they leave. So the traffic is very untargeted and doesn’t convert well at all.

Although PTC sites like this are legitimate it is a pretty stupid business model that really doesn’t work out all that well…. not for the advertisers and not for the members.

Conclusion on Clix4BTC – Should You Join?

Clix4BTC isn’t a scam but it sure as heck isn’t the fastest way to earn bitcoins online like they claim to be. There are other ways to earn btc other than clicking on ads. For example you can earn by referring other people in but you still will barely make anything because you will be earning money based on what they earn, which will be next to nothing. The main part of this site is the PTC part and this just isn’t a good way to earn income by any means.

Something else you may want to be aware of is that this site isn’t all that safe. When I was on it I got the “Alert: Threat Has Been Detected” message form the antivirus software that I use. After that I left the site because its not worth getting viruses over.

But anyway… back to PTC. There are other legit PTC sites like NeoBux, GPT Planet, etc. where you can make money clicking on ads. But the payout is always so darn little I can’t understand how anyone would want to do this.

If you are looking to make good money online in your free time then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more money with it then any PTC site could ever make me.

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