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Is Coin Code Club a Scam by George Phillips? – You Should Know This

Coin Code Club scam

There is this new “method” that you can supposedly make over $1000 per day with called Coin Code Club. But is this really as good as they claim it is? Or is Coin Code Club a scam just like the many other scams being promoted in the realm of cryptocurrency?

In this review I’ll be going over what you need to know… Which is that you should definitely not purchase Coin Code Club. This is not nearly as amazing and great as it is said to be. If you do purchase that you will likely be left not really knowing what to do next and certainly not making $1000 per day.

Coin Code Club Review

He says that you could “make over $1000/day” and that you could do this without spending a dime. He also says that this is “probably the most profitable free crypto method ever created”.

The Coin Code Club was created by a guy named “George Phillips” who supposedly stumbled across this incredible method that he says elite crypto millionaires are using to strike it rich. He cracked the code on turning free crypto coins into profits and claims to be making over $90,000 per month with this method.

Right off the bat things really seem like a scam, just like The Bitcoin Focus Group, One Bitcoin A Day, Supreme Power Coin, etc. This pretty much seems like your typical get-rich-quick scheme that lures people in with hopes and dreams of striking it rich with little to no work. The sales pitch starts off with some scare tactics, talking about how the global economy is about to tank, which may or may not be true, but it is all focused on scaring you and getting you to purchase this Coin Code Club product.

One of the first things I did after landing on the sales page and becoming very suspicious of the claims made was to look into this “George Phillips” character. Who is he?…

Who The F*ck Is George Phillips?

George Phillips is supposedly a crypto millionaire, but of course things weren’t always this way. He claims that he was once stuck at a dead end job where he felt powerless. He felt like a loser and because his life wasn’t really going anywhere, his girlfriend supposedly left him.

But then poor old George stumbled across this method and WALAHHH….BOOM…. Now George as they crypto millionaire.

It is a nice fairytale story but unfortunately I cannot verify any of it. I cannot find any information on this George Phillips guy and and this leads me to believe that he probably is fake. He probably is a made-up character that was created for the purposes of promoting this product.

Now you may think that this is a far-reaching claim, but I review scammy products all the time on my website here and it is very common to see them promoted under fake names… Since the real creators want to keep their names hidden.

Red Flags That This Likely Is a Scam

A few red flags that caught my eye and are worth mentioning include the following. These do not prove this to be a scam but you should be aware of these because they were basically warning signs and hints that it was.

Red Flag #1 – Massive Income Claims

Making $1000 per day is a heck of a lot of money… And of course he claims that ordinary people are making this kind of money with his method.

Whenever you come across bold claims like this you should always proceed with caution. Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?

Red Flag #2 – Says It Is Super Easy

And of course this method is super easy… Anyone can do it including lazy people.

This is just adding to the fire… It is just making it sound better and better, which makes me more and more suspicious.

Red Flag #3 – False Scarcity

Of course these elite crypto millionaires do not want this information to get out and George claims that they are trying to shut down his Coin Code Club. He claims that if you exit the page you may never see this newsletter again.

This is what you call false scarcity and the reason for is to scare people into purchasing the product as fast as possible, so that you do not take the time to really think about it, because if you do you will likely not buy into this.

Red Flag #4 – George Phillips?

And then of course there is the whole ordeal with George Phillips being a likely fake character. How can you trust a product that is created by someone who probably doesn’t exist? The answer is you can’t.

What You Are Really Getting

What you get when you purchase this product is a “blueprint” on how George supposedly makes these massive profits with free coins.

Basically what you’re getting is a bunch of information about ICO’s, a.k.a. initial coin offerings, and how you can possibly get free coins with them.

You see, when different projects first release there coins and hold these ICO’s or initial coin offerings, they will sometimes give away free coins as a special promotion. More commonly you will get a big discount when buying in early or you will receive bonus coins after making a purchase. The purpose of these promotions is to help get the ball rolling and to get their name out there in the public eye.

The idea behind this Coin Code Club is that you get these coins for free and then they explode in price, which then leaves you with tons of profit. This does happen, but the reality is that it is extremely rare. Many more ICO’s fail than explode in price and become good cryptocurrencies.

Definitely Won’t Make $1000/day With This

This is much more difficult than it seems. As I just said… Many more I see is fail than succeed. You can’t just go get some free coins and expect to become a millionaire… That is not how it works. You could somewhat compare this to the stock market… There’s plenty of money to be made in the stock market but the hard part is knowing what to invest in….duh.

What is also misleading about the sales pitch is that he tells you that you can make $1000 per day with this. Even if you do make money profiting from ICO’s, it is not going to be a steady income that you are going to earn on a daily basis. Definitely not something you can rely on…

Why It’s Only $17

He tells you that he is selling this for only $17 because he wants to give “a few lucky people the chande to have a life of financial freedom”.

Believe what you want, but this is just another lie to me. The reason he is selling this for $17 is because the product isn’t worth any more than that. It really doesn’t help you out all that much. You aren’t really provided with any guidance on how to find these great opportunities that are going to explode in price… Which is probably because the creator of this product doesn’t even know how to find them… Because it is pretty much impossible to predict which ICO’s are going to explode in price that early on.

Final Thoughts – Avoid

Is Coin Code Club a scam? This would depend on what you consider a scam or not. There is definitely a lot of “scammy” information given in the sales pitch which leads readers to believe that this product is much better than it really is. All in all… This is definitely not something I would recommend buying. It isn’t worth $17 and it definitely isn’t worth your time reading.

Nothing more than another overhyped crappy product being sold on ClickBank here.

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Do you have any questions or comments? Please leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also feel free to leave your own review of Coin Code Club in the comment section below. What you think about it?

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