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Is Computer Oasis a Scam? – Sure Is & I’ll Explain Why

Computer Oasis Scam

The Computer Oasis program is said to be some awesome new work at home opportunity where you can make pretty easy money online, but is it really? Are things really as they seem? Is Computer Oasis a scam that you should be avoiding? These are all important questions that should definitely be answered before moving forward with an opportunity like this, especially with all of the online scams out there.

On this website here I review online scams all the time and help expose them to the public. Unfortunately…Computer Oasis falls into the same category as many of the others I have reviewed. Yes, you can make a bit of money with this, but it is nowhere near the incredible work from home opportunity that they lead you to believe it is. If you were possibly thinking about buying into this you are going to want to seriously reconsider.

In short… Yes, Computer Oasis is a scam.

Computer Oasis Review

Computer Oasis is what I like to call a  link posting scam. Why? Well… Because you are told that you can make easy money online by posting links for big companies. The sales page, which is supposedly written by a woman named Julie Clark, tells you that there are lots of big companies out there that are “desperate” to have individuals like you work from home posting links for them.

Some of what they tell you makes sense… After all there are a lot of companies out there that are looking to cut costs by hiring remote workers that do their jobs from home, so that they don’t have to deal with the cost of office space, etc. However, this whole thing is a scam and you certainly aren’t going to make super easy money simply posting links online as they tell you that you will.

What You Are Told

Basically you are told that all you have to do is posted these links for companies and you will be able to make tons of money. It is said that you will be able to earn around $15 on average per link that you post. It is also said that it will only take you around 1 to 2 minutes to post these links. So if you work out the math on that, the pay seems to be really good. In about 2 to 4 minutes you already made an average of $30… Right?

Well, that is what you are told… Which of course is not the truth.

How Things Really Work

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing before? Affiliate marketing is where you market products online for big companies. You do so by posting your unique affiliate link and when people click on this link and purchase the product you are promoting, you get paid a commission.

This “link posting” is basically a ripoff version of affiliate marketing. The people behind this scam talk affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate way to make money online, and then twisted it/molded it in a way to make it seem incredibly easy to get as many people to buy into it as possible.

I actually am a full time affiliate marketer. I have been working online since 2015 and have a good bit of experience, so I can tell you that this whole “link posting” BS they feed you is never going to work out. You can’t expect to go around just posting/spamming links everywhere and making money.

Furthermore, you will definitely not earn an average of $15 per link that you post. This is a very misleading statement and completely untrue. With affiliate marketing, you only get paid when someone clicks on your link and proceeds to purchase the product you are promoting. There is no accurate way to measure the income potential of each link that you post. Not only does it matter what type of product you’re promoting, but also matters where you are posting the link, whether there is a market for the product you’re promoting, and a bunch of other variables.

Also, while it may any take a minute to actually post the link, there is much more to affiliate marketing. If it were really as easy as making $15 and 1 to 2 minutes of your time, everyone would be doing this.

Some Red Flags That This Is a Scam

Need some more proof that this is a scam? Well here you go…

#1 – Julie Clark Is Fake

The woman behind this program is supposedly named “Julie Clark”. She supposedly was some struggling single mother that was living paycheck to paycheck, but then of course miraculously stumbled across this amazing work from home opportunity and is now making tons of super easy money online.

Below is the background story and image they give you of this Julie Clark woman…

Computer Oasis julie clark

But… She doesn’t even exist. Julie Clark is just a pen name that was made up to help promote this scam. In the image of her above is a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish. If you look below the photo you can actually see that it states “stock photo for privacy”.

This same exact background story and photo has been used in numerous other identical scams. Yes… That is right… Numerous other identical scams. This scam is actually nothing new to me and I have seen it plenty of times before. It keeps changing names and being rebranded because this is just what scams do to stay fresh. Below you can see a picture of “Emily Davis” from one of the reason identical scams I reviewed called Computer Instructors. As you can see, it is the same background story and same picture, just a different name…

#2 – Stupid Income Claims

On the sales page they provide you with some income calculator, that supposedly you can calculate your potential earnings with. This is a major red flag because it makes absolutely no sense and leads people to believe that they can simply earn however much they feeling earning.

What you do is select how many links you’re going to post a day, the average money earned per link, but and how many days a week you are going to work. How can you possibly put in the average amount of money you will earn per link?? You don’t even know this and as I explained above, there is no way of even accurately predicting this.

But anyways… I entered in that I will post 35 links each day, make an average of $30 per link, and work seven days a week. According to what this lady tells you, at most I should only be working a little over an hour each day which isn’t bad at all. And take a look at that total yearly income… $382,200… Just for working an hour a day posting some stupid links! What a bunch of lies.

#3 – Absolutely Filled With Lies

On the sales page they lead you to believe that these work from home opportunities have been featured on the news and that there are currently spots available in your area, which means you need to buy into this program right away. However, these are both lives that have no truth to them…

While they don’t actually say that this particular work at home opportunity has been featured on the news, they lead you to believe as which is not true. You can go to any of the different news websites and search for “Computer Oasis” and you will not find any relevant results.

And believe me when I tell you that there are not limited positions for this crap. This scam will let all the buyers and that they can possibly get. Anyone that is willing to pay money for this will be allowed to.

Doing This The Right Way

As I mentioned earlier, I have been “posting links” (affiliate marketing) online since 2015. I started out know nothing but now I make a living doing this stuff. I can tell you from experience that programs like this simply do not work. They lure people in by making them think that it is very easy to make money doing this, when the reality is much different.

The program takes a completely wrong approach to things. If you just go around spamming links everywhere, as this program will teach you, you are not going to make much money, if any. People don’t just go around clicking on links for the heck of it anymore. People are more aware of online scams that they have ever been and you can’t just post a link somewhere and expect people to click it. When you go around spamming links no one is going to click them, or at least very few people.

There is a right way and a wrong way to promote products online, this is the wrong way. This is the easy way out that simply isn’t going to work.

If you want my advice on getting started with affiliate marketing the right way, I would suggest the training program Wealthy Affiliate. This is the same program I got started with back in 2015 when I first started looking to make money online. They provide step-by-step training that starts out as if you know nothing, which means is great for beginners. In addition, the tools needed to be successful as an affiliate marketer are provided.

But anyways, you can click the button below to read my full review. I’m not going to get into it too much here.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership that allows you to test out the program and get some of the training completely free, no credit card or payment needed.

Questions or comments? Please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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