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Computer Smart Is a SCAM Program! – I’ll Show You Why

Computer Smart Scam Program

The Computer Smart program claims to be the “#1 choice for success online”, but this is far from being the truth. Is Computer Smart a scam? The answer is YES! Absolutely this is a scam and in this review I’ll be going over why.

Scams like this lure people in with hopes and dreams of making super easy money online. They act as if this is your one and only chance to gain access to some super easy system where you can make a “real money”, but the reality is that there is little chance you will make any money, and even if you do it will be nothing like they say.

There appear to be a couple different sales pages for this particular scam. There is the screenshot shown above and then there is another video sales page that to the screenshot below…

One thing that you should know is that this program has never been talked about on any news station or anything of this nature like the lead you to believe. On the sales pages they display news logos and even clips from real news broadcasts, but these have absolutely nothing to do with this particular program.

The news broadcasts that they have on the sales page are real, but what you will notice is that they talk about work from home opportunities but never specifically mention Computer Smart. That is because the creators of the scam simply through together a bunch of short news clips to try to add legitimacy to this program.

If people see something on the news they are usually more likely to see as being legitimate, although not always the case.

More Lies & Misleading Information

The person that is supposedly bringing this opportunity to you goes by the name of “Sally Scott”. She claims to have once been a struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck. She used to work hard… Very hard, of course until she found this awesome work from home opportunity that she is now sharing with you today. Below is a screenshot of her background story and everything…

Computer Smart Sally ScottHOWEVER… This is all a complete lie. Sally Scott does not even exist in the image that is shown above is actually just a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish. The whole background story about her being a struggling single mom is also a complete fabrication.

How do I know this? Well, because this is actually a scam that has been around for quite some time and has been promoted under a number of different names. The name “Computer Smart” is just one of the newer names that it is being promoted under.

Below you can see some screenshots of some of the other made up fictitious characters that were used in some of the other identical scams that I have reviewed, which include ones like Computer Instructors, The Computer Teachers, and My Home Business Mentors. As you can see all of these made up woman have the same background story but their names and images have been changed…

How You Supposedly Make Money

What she tells you is that there are companies out there that are “desperate” for people like you to independently post links from home. While this is true to some extent, what she goes on to say is very misleading.

What she leads you to believe is that you will be posting links, via copy and paste, and earning an average of $15 per link that you post. And since it only takes one to two minutes to post a link this is super easy and you can make a time money with it… Or at least that is what she tells you.

The Reality

The reality here is much different from what he says. While it is true that there are companies willing to pay you to promote products, which is called affiliate marketing, it is not as simple as you are told nor can you make money is easily.

First off, affiliate marketing is when you promote products via affiliate links online and earn commissions when people click on your links and you help make sales. You do not get paid simply for posting links. You only get paid when people click on your link and proceed to purchase the product that you are selling. So it’s not like you post a link and earn $15.

Also, there is absolutely no accurate way to estimate how much you will earn per affiliate link. Saying that you will earn $15 on average is just plain stupid. How can you measure how many people are going to click your link and then proceed to purchase the product? You can’t.

I actually do affiliate marketing for a living and have been doing so since 2015 I can tell you this from personal experience. Many affiliate links that I have online have made me $0 while others have made me thousands, and everything in between.

This Will Never Work Out

The entire approach that this program takes is completely backwards and will never work out very good. Sure you might be able to get some sales by spamming links everywhere, but this is not a sustainable business practice and not very legitimate either.

If you want to do affiliate marketing the right way then you just don’t go out there and post links everywhere you possibly can. This is in the late 1990s anymore. People are well aware of viruses, malware, and the many scams that exist out there on the Internet. They don’t just go around clicking random links.

Affiliate marketing can be something that you can produce a reliable and consistent income with, but if you want to do it the right way it takes a lot more work than just posting links. And if you are interested in doing it the right way then I suggest taking a look at my number one recommendation, which you can click the button below to see.

Doesn’t Even Make Sense

I will pay $100 to the man, woman, or child who can explain to me how this works. You are told that “you can post links offline too!”, But what the heck is this supposed to mean? How can you possibly post a link off-line?

I mean do you go around printing out URL links on pieces of paper in stapling them all over telephone poles? Seriously… I’m wondering what they mean by this but it just makes absolutely no sense to me.

Old Scam, New Name

As I mentioned, this scam has gone under a number of different names over the years. It is constantly changing names and rebranding. You may be wondering why it is doing this in the answer is simple… Because it is a scam!

Whenever people catch on to it being a scam the scammers behind it all simply change the name up and promoted under a new name. This way people think is some new program and don’t associate it with the old known scam program, even though it is the same darn thing.

You can buy into this program if you want to if you’re looking to see for yourself that it does not work. I can tell you right now what you’re going to get if you buy in: you will get a duplicate website to the one that you landed on promoting the site and you will get some basic training on how to spam the heck out of people with links trying to get them to buy into the program.

They lead you to believe that you will be promoting products for legitimate companies such as Netflix, Home Depot etc., when in reality you are just getting pulled into this scam and will be pushed to promote it to other people, earning money this way.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

As I mentioned, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing online since 2015. I started off earning nothing but work my way up to eventually making a living doing it, which is what I am currently doing.

My recommendation for beginners out there looking to get started in affiliate marketing would be to join the Wealthy Affiliate training program. This is where I got started back in 2015 and I actually am still a member of the program to this day. It is a step-by-step training program that not only provides training, but also the tools that you need to do business.

I’m not going to get into everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer here, but if you want to learn more you can click the button below to read my full review…

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also feel free to share your opinion about this scam Computer Smart program. What do you think of it?

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