Computer Technical Guys Review
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Computer Technical Guys by Linda Taylor – Another Nasty Scam

Computer Technical Guys Review

Computer Technical Guys claims to be the “#1 choice for success online” but this is very far from the truth. The truth is that there is no realistic chance of being successful with this program. Is Computer Technical Guys a scam?

This program is filled with deceptive information that is intended to lure in new customers with the hopes and dreams of making tons of easy money online, when in reality this program will not provide what it claims to. They tell you that you can make $379 per day with this opportunity but if anyone even made a couple bucks a day with it I would be surprised.

What Is Computer Technical Guys?

Computer Technical Guys is a program that is presented by a woman named Linda Taylor. She supposedly was once a single mom struggling to get by when she then came across this opportunity to make money online and it changed her life… Which is the opportunity she trying to get you to buy into.

What she tells you is that there are companies out there looking for people to work from home posting links for them and that they will pay good money to have people do this. And while what she tells you is loosely based on truth, is very misleading.

There are companies that will pay people to “post links”. It’s called affiliate marketing and this is when you get paid commissions for promoting products for companies online. What you would do is promote products, for Amazon for example, and when people click on your affiliate links then proceed to purchase the product you’re promoting, you get paid a commission.

However… There is much more to it than just this. I have been working as an affiliate marketer since 2015 online and I’ve a lot of experience in this area. I will go over in a bit why what “Linda Taylor” tells you will not work, but first I want to point out some of the trickery and scam tactics that are used to lure people into this ridiculous scam.

Smells Like a Scam Because It Is

Ridiculous Income Claims

She tells you that on average you’ll be able to make $15 per link that you post and that each link will only take about 1 to 2 minutes to post. This sounds like a piece of cake right? Well of course if it was this easy then everyone would be doing it in the truth is it is not this simple.

First off, there is a lot more to it than just posting links, which as I said I will go over shortly. And second off, you will not earn $15 per link that you post. There is no way to predict how much you will earn per link. You might earn $0.25 with one link, zero dollars with another link, $500 with another link… You just never know and it is stupid to say that you will earn $15 per link.

Misleading Info

When you are on the sales page you will notice a bunch of different news logos at the top. Above it says “work from home opportunities have been featured on:”. This is somewhat of an attempt to gain credibility in the eyes of the reader. While they don’t come straight out and lie to you, saying that this program has been featured on the news, it is somewhat misleading to show a bunch of news logos like this because it makes people think that this program is the real deal.

Well of course work from home opportunities have been featured on the news but there are thousands of different work from home opportunities out there and these have nothing to do with this BS Computer Technical Guys program.

They also tell you “congratulations” and that there are currently positions left in your area. This is just a false scarcity marketing tactic to try to make you think that you have to buy in right now or else this opportunity might not be available if you wait too long.

Linda Taylor Does Not Exist

“Linda Taylor” doesn’t even exist. This might be the biggest eye-opener and proof that this is a scam of all. When I first came across this program I knew right away that it was a scam because I have seen this type of thing multiple times before.

Below you can see a screenshot I took of “Linda Taylor” along with her background story and then you can see another screenshot I took of “Karen Williams” and her background story. This “Karen Williams” character is from an identical scam program I reviewed recently called The Computer Geeks.Computer Technical Guys Linda Taylor

As you can see the pictures of the two women are different but the background stories are exactly the same.

These two scams are the exact same with the exception of a different name… the one I’m reviewing now is called Computer Technical Guys and the one I reviewed before is called The Computer Geeks. You can see screenshots I took of these two websites here…

And there is plenty more where that came from. I have reviewed a lot of these link posting scams in the past including Home Based Wealth System, Computer Experts Online, and a list of others.

“Link Posting” Doesn’t Work

This “Link posting” stuff just doesn’t work. Their entire approach will never work out and anyone who joins these types of programs will just end up disappointed and discouraged. You cannot just go around spamming links everywhere via email, forums, social media, etc. and expect to make money doing so. People will just ignore your links and you will never help make sales, which is the only time you actually earn money.

Just think about it… You likely clicked a link to get to this Computer Technical Guys scam but even after that you did not buy into it. Instead you were suspicious and did some research, then coming across my review here. The same thing is going to happen if you just go around spamming links everywhere like this program teaches you to do.

Like I said, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to wake make money online. Pretty much every big company out there, Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Apple, etc.… they all have affiliate programs where they will pay people to promote their products. But this just isn’t as easy as “Linda Taylor” lead you to believe.

I started out affiliate marketing in 2015 and now I make a living doing this. If you want to learn how to do it the right way then I would suggest taking a look at the Wealthy Affiliate training program, which is what I am a member of.

Conclusion on Computer Technical Guys – AVOID

This is your pretty typical “make money online” scam. It is designed to lure people in by making ridiculous income claims about how easy it is to make money with this opportunity, but fails to deliver.

If you do buy into this you will end up getting some training and a cookie-cutter website but neither is going to do you any good. The website isn’t worth more than a dollar and the training will only lead you in the wrong direction, wasting your time.

It is unfortunate but there are a lot more scam make money online programs out there than legitimate ones. You just have to be careful what you get into and make sure to do your due diligence before buying into anything.

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