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Is Contenu a Scam or Will It Actually Work? – Review

Contenu can supposedly “generate passive income from instant content in 3 clicks”, or at least that is what they tell you. But is it really as good as it seems? Is this really going to make you the easy money that it seems it could or is this another scam that is going to be a waste of your time and money?

First things first, I like how they don’t tell you in the promotional video that you’re going to be making tons of money with this Contenu system. However, I do have a few problems with it and would say that the sales pitch is a little too much. But then again, just about every sales pitch in the online marketing industry is over-the-top so this is nothing unusual.

That said, I wouldn’t call this a scam.

Contenu Review

There is “no cost, no selling, no traffic required”… And the lady who created it is named Helen and makes $916 per week “minimum”.

But what is it exactly?

At the core of Contenu is the WordPress plug-in that does the work of extracting content from YouTube videos. Basically how it works is you will help a keyword through the Contenu platform and it finds relevant YouTube videos that you can extract information from. It will turn the spoken words into text that you can then publish on your blog as well as another platform in order to earn money.

And of course you could also earn money on your own blog from things like advertising and affiliate marketing once you start getting traffic.

Sounds good in theory and I kind of like the ingenuity, but there are some problems that I see with this…

Problems I See With This

This is the type of plug-in that most people buy into when they are looking for the easy way out, so it is bound to have some problems. Looking for a shortcut isn’t usually the best way to approach things and when it comes to using an automated system to copy content from YouTube… That is definitely a shortcut.


Duplicate Content – One problem that you may encounter when using this plug-in is duplicate content. This is when you publish content online that is already published elsewhere online. This very well could happen because I know a lot of Youtubers who also have blog websites where they publish their videos in text format.

Now in the video presentation they show the one guy using a site called CopyScape, which allows you to check before publishing for duplicate content. This is good advice and if you’re going to use this plug-in then you definitely should be doing that. And if it turns out that you did end up with duplicate content, they suggest using a content spinner, which is something I would recommend because it often creates more problems such as words not making any sense and really devalues the content.

Might Not Make Sense – You are also likely going to have a problem with your content not making sense. Now this is going to depend greatly on the YouTube videos you are trying to use, but I pretty much guarantee that anyone is going to have a problem with this. It is going to be a big hurdle for this plug-in to accurately turn audio into text when people are talking fast, have an accent, are slurring words, there is background noise, and so on.

Why do you think transcription company still higher real people to transcribe audio into text? The reason for this is because automated software is incredibly inaccurate… Or else they sure as heck would be doing it to save money.

A Good Way to Plagiarize?

And probably the main problem that I have with this is the fact that you are going to be plagiarizing. Most people looking to use this are probably thinking about using it on other people’s YouTube videos. Based on the definition of plagiarism it sure sounds like this would qualify.

The guy in the video says that it produces “unique content”, but this is BS. He shows that it is “unique” and not duplicate by using the CopyScape website I mentioned above, but this does not mean it is unique. It is most definitely not unique if you are copying it from a YouTube video. Sure, it may be unique in the fact that it is text, but it is still copied words from someone else.

Now I’m not completely sure about the legal ramifications that could come from using something like this, but I also don’t intend on finding out.

The Only Way I Suggest Using It Is If…

The only good use case I see for Contenu is if you are someone who is creating YouTube videos and would like to also turn those videos into text on your blog. In this case there would be no problem with it. There would be no plagiarizing because you are the same person that created the video in the first place.

I actually think it could be very helpful if you are a YouTuber looking to do this. As I mentioned earlier, I know of YouTubers who create videos and then also publish the same thing in text form on their websites. This is probably somewhat time-consuming and Contenu I’m sure could help, although as I talked about there are going to be a few likely problems that surface.

Conclusion – Scam?

I said in the beginning that I am not going to call this a scam and I am going to stick to that. While I might not particularly like this plug-in and what it does, there is definitely some value here and I see why people would want to buy it. That said, I am not going to be personally recommending it to my readers nor will I be using it.

Want to Make Money Online? Then You Have to Put In the Work!

If you are looking online for easy ways to make money then you are bound to come across scams. Of course we all want things to be easier, and who wouldn’t want a “easy” way to make money online?, But unfortunately “easy” ways don’t really exist. They always have their downsides and if you actually want to make legitimate money online and build an income that is reliable… You have to put in the work.

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Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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