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Is Copy My Cash Code a Scam? – Real Review (You Should Read This)

Copy My Cash CodeIf you came across Copy My Cash Code and are suspicious of this work from home opportunity then I’m writing this for you. I came across this site and knew I had to write a review on it because it is filled with dishonest information that is meant to lure people in with the hopes of making it rich online.

Is Copy My Cash Code a scam? Simply put, yes… without a doubt. In this review I’ll be going over why this is a scam and why you should avoid it.

Copy My Cash Code Review

At the start of the Copy My Cash Code sales video that I watched (there may be multiple) they showed a bunch of news broadcasts about work from home jobs. These are real news broadcasts but its important to know that they have nothing to do with Copy My Cash Code. Not once in any of the news broadcasts did they mention Copy My Cash Code. The people who are selling this just took a bunch of news clips to try to make this opportunity seem more legitimate than it really is.

Right off the bat I was very suspicious of this program. Its created by a unknown man named “Mark Cline” who I couldn’t find any information on, he claims to pay you $500 just for watching the video, and he guarantees that you will make money with this method. Also he claims that this takes very little work and you can make a ton of money with it.

Pretty much everything about it smells like a scam. Easy money with little effort and its guaranteed? Sounds a bit fishy doesn’t it? And it doesn’t end there. Here are a few other tell-tale signs that this is nothing more than a scam.

I review scams all the time and these are all very common characteristics…


Signs That This Is a Scam

Fake Limited Availability

They tell you that there are only a limited number of spots left in your area but this is nothing more than a lie. They do this to try to get people to buy in as fast as possible without doing their research.

How do I know its fake? Well because I exited the page and when I came back a couple of seconds later the number was completely different. This is very common in scams like this.

Fake Comments 

If you look below the sales video you see a bunch of comments from people talking about how great this program is and about how they are making all this money online. The problem here is that these comments are completely fake.

How do I know? Well because they are never updated, you cannot click on them to view the replies, you can’t leave your own comment, etc. This is nothing more than a screenshot of comments that could have been taken from anywhere.

Fake Testimonials?

I don’t have proof of this but it seems to me that the testimonials are also fake. This is another very common occurrence when it comes to scams like this. They just seem a little over-the-top and not realistic.

You can be the judge of this but they definitely seem fake to me.

How You Make Money With This Method…. Scam Alert!

Another big scam alert is how they tell you nothing about what you will actually be doing to make money online with this program. All they tell you is that it is super easy and you are guaranteed to make a ton of money. There is no information given about how you will actually be able to do this.

This is yet another very common characteristic of a scam. Legitimate programs usually try to explain it the best they can so that you know what you are getting yourself into or at least so you have a basic overview of what you will be doing. But with Copy My Cash Code you know nothing at all

You have to purchase the program before you know anything at all.

My Guess On This Program

Based on the hundreds of similar looking scams that I have looked into over the years and the fact that the name of this program is “Copy” My Cash Code, I’m guessing that they are going to be giving you a pre-made website so that you can “copy” the way this guy supposedly makes money.

Going further, I bet they just give you a copy of this Copy My Cash Code website and train you to make money by referring others to buy into this scam program. Also the training is probably horrible, outdated, and simply will not work as expected.

I could be wrong about all of this but I have reviewed more than one of these “copy” type scams before, such as Copy The Millionaire & Copy My Cashflow, and this is usually how they work.

Conclusion on Copy My Cash Code – Scam?

Copy My Cash Code definitely seems to be a scam to me. I can’t tell you for sure because I have not bought into it but I’m about 99% sure it is. I absolutely do not recommend buying into it. It will likely just leave you frustrated, discouraged, and with less money than when you started.

There are a lot better opportunities out there.

If you asked me to recommend just one program for making money online it would be this one. This is where I got started back in 2015 and I’m still a member to this day. Its honest, affordable, and actually works… which is why I’ve been a member so long and don’t plan on leaving.

==> Recommended program here

If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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