Crypto Cash System Scam

Crypto Cash System – Scam or Great Opportunity? [Review]

Crypto Cash System Scam

Crypto Cash System claims to be one of the greatest money making opportunities out there but it seems like every single scam in existence is promoted as such. So is this “system” really as good as it claims to be? Or is it all just a bunch of hype with nothing to show for it? Could Crypto Cash System possibly be a scam that you should avoid?

All of these questions are important and should be answered before buying into a system like this or deciding not to buy in. And.. in this review I will be doing my best to answer them. I have looked into this system and you are going to want to hear what I have to say beforehand.

It is especially important to do a little extra research on things like this because of it being involved with cryptocurrency. There are so many crypto related scams popping up on a daily basis it can be difficult knowing what to trust. I just reviewed to blatant scams recently including Crypto News Trader and Bitcoin Bonanza.

Crypto Cash System Review

This opportunity is presented as a way to turn $50 into $50,725.50 this year. I thought I heard it all before. I have reviewed hundreds of scams and I thought that I had already heard the most ridiculous income claims possible but this one seems like it could very well top them all. $50 to $50,725.50….. in a year??? Are you kidding me?

They are telling you that you could make over a 100,000% return with this system. Who wouldn’t want to join if this were true? I mean… spend $50, use the system, and turn it into over $50k… this seems like a no-brainer. But of course, as you are probably already imagining… this is not quite as great and amazing as it seems to be. The claims here are very misleading and there is definitely no guarantee that you will make that kind of money with this system… nor is there any guarantee at all that you will make any money.

The Crypto Cash System is the creation of a guy named Brian Daniels, who claims it is a once in a generation chance to strike it rich and become a crypto millionaire. He claims that 2018 is the year where more cryptocurrency millionaires will be made than any other.

Some Misleading Information to Be Aware Of

One of the first charts that is shown in the video presentation is the one you can see below where he cliams that 403% profit was made in just 8 hours. This is a bunch of BS because the chart spans well over a years time and the arrow drawn from the low point to the high point takes place over many months.

He then goes on to show some other charts, such as the one below for a coin named Lisk, that have made astronomical gains to get you excited and hyped up.

Another example from what was presented was this chart of MaidSafeCoin, which had some massive growth from $0.45 to $1.13 as shown below…. however what he fails to mention is that after that massive rise in price it then fell off a cliff and dropped over 400% in a short period of time…

The problem here isn’t that what he is showing isn’t real. The charts are real and they do show real growth. The problem is that what he doesn’t show you are all the charts of cryptocurrencies that have dropped dead and went to 0…. ones where lots of people have lost money.

There are a lot more “shitcoins” in the crypto world than legitimate good ones that have real value. So there is plenty of opportunity to lose a bunch of money too.

How Can You Find These Good Opportunities?

Well of course what he tells you is that you need to buy into Crypto Cash System so that you can be alerted of these amazing opportunities and buy in early. He tells you that if you wait until the mainstream media is talking about it then it is probably already too late, which is true to some extent.

What you need to be able to do is identify trends in the market and recognize when there is a good opportunity presenting itself. There is still plenty of opportunity in the world of crypto (my opinion) and you just have to find it.

And of course that is where he (Brian Daniels) comes into play. He claims to be an expert in this matter, which I cannot find any real proof of.

What Exactly Is Crypto Cash System?

This system is designed to help find winning crypto opportunities. It is said to be simple to use and Brian says he will be on there to help guide you every step of the way.

Supposedly it will show you everything you need to know to find winners that could turn you into a millionaire.

He says that it will help you spot about 2-4 great investment opportunities per month.

So in a nutshell this system just provides investment advice. Its not like it is some system that you invest money into and it makes trades for you or anything like that. It just provides potentially good opportunities and you can choose whether or not you want to act on them.

Upside Vs Downside


Low Cost

The system only costs $27 which is nice and cheap. This is good for the obvious reason but it is also somewhat concerning. I mean… how can it possibly be that good for just $27. It seems like it may just be some lousy system that really doesn’t provide much of value.

Can Get a Refund

This product is sold by Clickbank, the digital marketplace, which is good because they have a moneyback guarantee in place that you can actually trust.

Could Potentially Make Good Money

I’m sure some of the investment advice given does turn out to be good. After all… there is still alot of opportunity in the crypto market.


Could Potentially Lose a Lot of Money

Just as you “could” potentially make money, you could also lose money. I have been active in the cryptocurrency market for a while now, both as a trader and investor, and I consider myself to be pretty good at recognizing good opportunities but there has still been times where I have lost money.

The bottom line is that the crypto market is very volatile and is still based largely on speculation, which makes it a dangerous game.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

Crypto Cash System doesn’t appear to be a scam but its hard for me to trust it after watching the somewhat misleading video presentation that makes this seem like the greatest thing that has ever existed.

I also cannot imagine it being all that great with the low price that it costs. If it were really amazing they could easily charge multiple times its current cost.

I have not actually tried out the “system” so I can’t provide the best review here, but I hope what I went over is helpful. Just know that it isn’t as great as it sounds and that it really just provides advice.

Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you when I can 🙂

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