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Davor Coin, Scam or Great Money Making Opportunity? – Real Review

davorcoinIf you are looking to invest in Davor Coin then you are going to want to read this first. There are lots of red-flags that make me very suspicious of this opportunity and you really can never be too careful in the world of cryptocurrency, where scams lurk everywhere.

Is Davor Coin a scam? Quite honestly it is looking like it very well could be one. In this review I’ll be going over a few of the concerns that I have and why it could possibly be just another elaborate ponzi scheme.

Davor Coin Review

Ok so the first question that needs answered is what is DavorCoin? And honestly what they tell you it is doesn’t even really make all that much snese.

They claim that DavorCoin was created to be one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum but don’t really say how at all. And besides, bitcoin is very different from ethereum. So how is this going to be a good alternative to both? Well… who knows… they don’t really tell you.

Also I noticed in the “what is DavorCoin” section that they seem to have no clue as to how blockchain technology even works, yet they say that DavorCoin uses blockchain. what is davor coin

They tell you that DavorCoins are stored on your computer drive, smartphone, hardware wallet, etc… but this is not how blockchain technology works. With blockchain technology everything is stored on the decentralized blockchain itself. No coins are stored on an individual computer or hardware wallet like this.

Overall they do a horrible job explaining what DavorCoin is and how it works. It seems to me that these people don’t know what they are talking about.

How You Make Money With DavorCoin

There are 4 ways that they claim you can make money here. You can use their lending platform, you can stake your coins, you can trade, and you can recruit others to invest money in Davor Coin.

What really catches my attention here is the lending platform that they have. “Lending” in the cryptocurrency world has become a major red flag with all the scam lending platforms that have existed, such as the infamous Bitconnect.

Basically what you do here is lend your DavorCoins back to DavorCoin after you buy them. Then they supposedly perform crypto arbitrage and private ICO investing where you will profit up to 48% per month on the amount you lend.

But are they really doing what they say they are doing? Or is this just a sneaky way of sucking the money out of you?

Ponzi Scheme Maybe?

And of course going along with the fact that they don’t seem to know what the heck they are talking about and how they have a suspicious lending platform, they also have a mlm affiliate program.

With this you can earn down to 6 levels beneath you. You will earn when people buy DavorCoin and invest it in the lending program. The people that you personally refer to join are level 1, the people that they refer are level 2, and so on… all the way to level 6.

From what I understand, you will be able to earn 8% on the amount invested from level 1, 4% from level 2, 2% from level 3, and 1% from levels 4 & 5.

If this is a ponzi scheme then you are going to want to stay far far away from it. People who are able to get into ponzi’s early on have a chance of making good money but the reality is that most people do not. Most people fall on the bottom of the pyramid and the overwhelming majority of people involved in these lose money rather than make money.

In the world of crypto there are a lot of likely ponzi schemes similar to this one. Some examples include BTC Global Team & LendConnect, which also has a lending programs like this place.

A Look at The People Behind DavorCoin

This is a joke because they give you no information on who is behind this. The entire “about us” section on the DavorCoin website is only several sentences long and really tells you nothing…

This is a major red flag. If you look at any known legitimate cryptocurrency out there they have plenty of reputable people working on the projects. Of course you could say that Bitcoin was created by an unknown person but if you look at Bitcoin today there are plenty of known and trusted developers working on the project.

As for DavorCoin we know nothing. The people working on this could be complete scammers that have a history of scamming. Who knows.

Conclusion on DavorCoin – Scam or Good Opportunity?

Honestly I think those that are investing in DavorCoin are crazy. There is nothing about this place that makes me want to invest in it. Pretty much the only reason that anyone is investing in it is because of the lending program which claims that you can make up to 48% returns per month. I wouldn’t count on this being true though.

They have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to the technology that they claim this coin has, they don’t give you much information on the suspicious lending program that supposedly can make you tons of money, they don’t give you any information on the people behind this project, and they have a pyramid-like affiliate program where you can get paid from the investments of people down to 6 levels beneath you.

Just about everything with this program points to it being a very likely ponzi scheme. Invest if you want to but know that this is very risky. I for one will not be investing in this. It just has too many crypto scam warning signs for me to trust it.

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