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Is Easy Cash Concepts a Scam? – Unfortunately, Yes It Is!

Easy Cash Concepts (at easycashconcepts.com) is supposedly some website that has a new amazing work from home opportunity what you can make a massive $9000-$12,000 per month, but is a scam? Unfortunately… The answer is Yes. This website is a complete scam and in this review I’ll be proving exactly this.

I’m guessing you came across the website and things seemed a bit suspicious to you. The opportunity probably sounded a little bit too good to be true and things just weren’t adding up. You got that gut feeling that it could possibly be a scam so you decided to do a little extra research, thus bringing you to my review here. And well… It is a good thing you landed here because there are a lot of nasty online scams out there that you don’t want to be falling victim to.

But anyways… Let’s get on with this review…

Easy Cash Concepts Review

On the website there is talk about this “Jamie Taylor” lady who was supposedly once struggling to make ends meet but now is making a ton of money working from home. The story goes that she lost her job, unsuccessfully look for new jobs, and eventually started working from home after coming across this amazing system.

And apparently all you have to do to get started with this system is fill out some form  at Easy Cash Concepts, follow the instructions and set up your account, and then you will be making money that you can deposit into your bank account.

Sounds a little bit too good to be true doesn’t it?

But what happens if you actually click these links that are all over the page? Well… You are then directed to another website about how you can “turn your smart phone or computer into a digital money machine”. On this website there is no mention of “Easy Cash Concepts” and there is no mention about how you actually be making money online. All they tell you is that “you’re one step away from your payday” and all you have to do is fill out some form to see if it is available in your area…

Some Red Flags

Well of course it is a major red flag that there is no mention of how you will actually be making money, and it is also another red flag that once you are directed to the form there is no mention of the “Easy Cash Concepts” system, but besides these there are also a fair number of other red flags that I will go over.

First off, the news clip that plays on the website is very misleading. It lead you to believe that this particular work at home opportunity has been “featured in the media”, when in reality as not. Yes, this short news broadcasts is real, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this Easy Cash Concepts opportunity. Basically just talks about people working from home and all the potential that is out there, but is in no way related to this.

Your Profit Team is another scam that I recently reviewed that uses news broadcasts like this.

Another big red flag is that the image shown of “Jamie Taylor” and her family is a fake.

I have reviewed many online scams in the past so I am always suspicious of what I am shown in told, which is why decided to run a reverse Google image search of this picture. The result… I found out that this is actually a stock photo that is available for purchase as you can see below…. In other words, it is not “Jamie Taylor”!

In fact, I doubt that this Jamie Taylor character even exists. It is likely just a made up fictitious character that has been fabricated to promote this online scam. I see this sort of thing happening all the time so it is by no means out of the ordinary.

It’s Nothing More Than An Advertorial

Believe it or not, the whole Easy Cash Concepts thing is a completely fake opportunity. In fact, the website in which this opportunity is presented is completely fake. It is made to look like a news website, but is not by any means. It is nothing more than an advertorial, as you can see it is stated at the top of the website.

What is an advertorial?

It is an advertisement that is set up in a way to look like a newspaper editorial, but it is not. They can be very misleading because they can seem like legitimate and credible opportunities when in reality they can be complete lies, as this one is.

An advertorial like this is a good example of “fake news”.

Another example of a scam that makes use of advertorials is Real Profits Online.

Recommendation for People Looking to Make Money Online

Since you are looking into this opportunity to make money online, which turned out to be a scam, I’m going to take this time to give you my recommendation. I have been making money online since 2015 and actually make a living doing so.

Basically what I do is promote products online and earn commissions when I help make sales, all from small websites that anyone can create. Not only is this a legitimate and sustainable way to make money online, but it is also something that I find to be particularly good for beginners to get started with. Why? Well because it is not something that requires an investment to get started with and you don’t have to worry about selling your own product online or anything like that… You simply promote products that already exist.

But I’m not going to get into it all that much here. What I suggest for anyone reading this that may be slightly interested is to take a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 per month online. Here you will learn exactly what I do, how it all works, and how I suggest beginners to get started based on my own knowledge and experience.

Please leave any comments or questions down below in the comment section. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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