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Explode My Payday Scam – Another Scam by “Meaghan Harper”

Explode My Payday is supposedly some awesome new system for making money online. At least that is what you are told, but this is far from the truth. In short… Explode My Payday is a scam that you should definitely avoid at all costs and throughout this review I’m going to prove it to you.

You probably came across the video presentation and thought things sounded a little bit too good to be true. And that was probably after coming across a link in your email from someone promoting the system as being some incredible way to make money online. But anyways… At least you’re here now reading my review where you will get the truth.

Explode My Payday

The system was supposedly created by a woman named Meaghan Harper, who actually does not even exist, as I will show you later. The video presentation on the website starts out with a bunch of people talking about how they have been using the system to make thousands and thousands of dollars, which right off the bat sounds a bit like a scam… similar to some other recent scams I’ve exposed such as YT Crusher & Daily Cash Siphon.

Bobby Marshall here supposedly has been making thousands with this awesome system…

But after I came across this “Bobby Marshall” guy I began to grow suspicious. I remember seeing this guy somewhere, and after digging around through some my older reviews, I found that this guy was actually in another review of mine. In fact, the entire video presentation was part of another system called “Greedy Mentor”.

All this Explode My Payday system really is, is a duplicate of Greedy Mentor…

So you may be wondering… Why the sudden name change? Why was this system changed from “Greedy Mentor” to “Explode My Payday”? Well… I cannot give you a answer with 100% certainty, but I can say that I see this happening all the time when it comes to online scams.

Online scams often are rebranded under different names once to many people catch on to them being scams in the first place. They are then promoted as some awesome new money making opportunity when really they are the same old scam. That is more than likely what is going on here.

Something else you might want to know is that the people in these videos claiming to make tons of money are actually paid actors/actresses. I know where all of the mark coming from, but I know that this one “Megan Elizabeth quote character shown below is available for hire on the freelance digital marketplace called Fiverr…

Fake testimonials like this are very common with scams. Of course they are fake because no one is actually making money with these systems so they can’t actually get people who have tried and tested them out.

Just About Everything You Are Told Is a Lie

Pretty much every single thing you are told or shown in the video presentation is a complete lie. Even “Meaghan Harper” yourself is a lie. This woman doesn’t even exist and this is another common characteristic of a scam. As you can see below, the woman that was shown in the video presentation is actually a picture that was purchased on Shutterstock, a stock photo depository…


It probably seems pretty weird to you in the first place that the creator of this system was showing a picture of herself in a bikini… Not exactly what you would call very professional.

But the lies don’t end there. There are plenty more.

Something Ellsworth mentioning is that this system is not closing “tonight at midnight”. She claims that is reserved for only a handful of people and is going to be open to newcomers for today only, on a first-come, first-served basis… Which of course is not true.

As you can see below, it states above the video that is closing Friday, September 28, 2018…

I new this was a lie so I decided to wait until the next day to write the rest of this review. I took a break and came back on Saturday, September 29, 2018, and sure enough the date had changed above the video. Now it is saying that it is closing today…

But of course it is not closing today (as I am writing this) you there. This is just what you call false scarcity and is another very common characteristic of a scam.

The reason she is telling you that is closing tonight is to get you, and others, to jump on this opportunity and buy in as soon as possible. This reduces your chances of thinking more on the matter and possibly doing some research in the coming across a review like mine here… Which would obviously lead you to avoid this all together.

How This System Supposedly Works

You you may be curious as to how the system actually works. But unfortunately I cannot give you any good answer here because there is no good answer to give.

In the video she claims that this system she created “gives you the ability ot manipulate and flow all online traffic to your gateway”… But what the heck is that supposed to mean?

I’m guessing that by “gateway” she is talking about a website. So supposedly you can somehow manipulate traffic and directed all to your website. But then how do you make money from this website? This is something that there is absolutely no explanation offered on. Are you going to be taught how to sell your own products, like a e-commerce style website? Is it going to be affiliate marketing where you just promote products and earn commissions? Will you be making this money via advertising? There are many possibilities… But who knows what is really going on.

One thing that I can pretty much guarantee, based on the extreme number of lies and trickery used in the video presentation, is that this simply ISN’T GOING TO WORK.

A Pure Scam.. Avoid

Although I have not actually purchased at this Explode My Payday system, so I guess you could say that I have 100% proof it is a scam, I am still very sure that it is one, 99% sure.

I have reviewed so many online scams over the years and this has so many of the common characteristics. Of course there are many lives throughout the video presentation, fake testimonials, it is a system that has recently changed names probably to avoid old rumors of it being a scam, and there is basically no information given on how the system actually makes you money except for some very vague explanation that I really don’t know what to make of.

The online world is full of scams, with many more scams out there than legitimate opportunities. However, there are legitimate opportunities out there… You just have to know where to look. If you want some of my advice, I would suggest starting out with the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is where I got started when I first ventured out to the online world looking to make money. This was back in 2015 soon after I graduated from college. To make a long story short… I now make a living working online which I may have never achieved had I not came across Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.

Wealthy Affiliate can be summed up as an online affiliate marketing training program. Basically it is a place that provides step-by-step training on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? This is when you earn commissions online by promoting products and helping make sales. It is something that many online marketers get started with due to its simplicity compared to other methods of making money online. It is good way for beginners to start for a number of reasons, mainly because it requires very little startup cost and you don’t have to worry about selling your own product or anything like that… You simply promote products that already exist.

But anyways… If you’re interested in learning more you can click the button below to read my review. I’m not going to go into too much detail here.

Also, please tell me what you think about Explode My Payday the comment section below. If you have bought into the system and have inside information, I would really appreciate you leaving that below as well… I’m sure it would help out many readers of my blog here. Also, leave any comments or questions down there as well and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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