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Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Job Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Fancy HandsThinking about making a bit of extra money online by getting a Fancy Hands virtual assistant job? Wondering if its really worth your time? Well then you are in the right place because In this review I’ll be going over a few things worth knowing beforehand.

Sure its nice that you can work from home at anytime of the day and for however long you want… but as with any job there are downsides to it as well. I’ll be going over it all.

Fancy Hands Review

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant service that provides online help for people looking to get help with various tasks, usually requiring research on your part, which you of course get paid for.

As a VA you will get to set your own hours. This flexibility is what lures so many people to apply for this position. You are your own boss and you choose when you work.

Overall Fancy Hands seems to be a decent VA position at best. I’m just being honest here. There are too many downsides to ignore and I want to do my best to let you know what you are looking into.


What The Job Is Like

On the website they advertise the service as a team of virtual assistants being able to tackle peoples’ “to-do list”. What does this mean? It means that as a virtual assistant at Fancy Hands you will be getting all sorts of tasks and never really know what to expect.

A to-do list can contain all sorts of strange things. You could be planning someone’s vacation to Puerto Rico one minute, looking for the cheapest medical school in Florida the next minute, entering some boring data into a spreadsheet the next, and doing some product research later on. There is no telling what type of tasks you will have available.

You will be able to pick and choose what you want. So you can be picky but sometimes you won’t have the luxury. It all depends on what all is available and the amount of other VA’s picking up tasks at the same time (your competition).

Anything that can be done online and that may or may not require a cell phone is possible.

When it comes to the hours you are able to work whenever and however long you want. However, its not like you can just hop online at anytime and expect to get a bunch of good tasks. The demand will vary so you have to shift your schedule around to when the best time to work is.

Requirements for Becoming a VA

I couldn’t really find a list of requirements that you have to meet to become a VA, so really don’t think its a hard position to get.

It seems that you just have to speak English, have good communication skills, good grammar, and you must be able to complete a task with flying colors as a test.

If you are good on a computer and can communicate well then it shouldn’t be a problem.


Low Pay

I’ve read over quite a few negative reviews about VA’s getting paid $1-$2 per hour after doing all the calculations. This is something that is absolutely unacceptable yet seems to be happening all too often. If I were you I would read over all the VA reviews on Glassdoor, and other sites so that you can form your own opinion on this.

Its probably the most common complaint I have come across.

Unsatisfied Customers

I’ve read through complaints from VA’s claiming that some customers will be unsatisfied no matter what. They might have you complete a task that involves you opinion on something and not like your opinion, and since Fancy Hands’ is all about satisfying the customer you are the one that will get screwed.

Unfiltered Tasks

Apparently Fancy Hands is getting pretty lenient on the tasks that they allow to be posed. Many of the “short” tasks turn out to be all day events, according to many assistants. They are supposed to take no more than 20 minutes to complete but this isn’t even close to being true half the time.


Overall Mistreatment of The VA’s

As I mentioned above, Fancy Hands is all about providing the best customer service possible, which means you get the short end of the stick when it comes down to it. So if you get some ridiculous task that was vary vague and has you searching the web on a wild goose chase, Fancy Hands doesn’t seem to care about this, they want you to keep working until the customer is satisfied. They don’t seem to care much about the VA when compared to the customer, which is sometimes understandable but other times down right wrong and illogical.

One Key Point to Take Away

If you do go ahead and apply for the VA position please do not do it thinking you are going to be able to make money to live off of. This is best looked at as a way to earn some extra money. If you go in and try to make this your full-time job you will only end up disappointed and discouraged.

The pay is low and you never really know what to expect. Its just not something you can count on to pay the bills.

Conclusion on Fancy Hands – Good Opportunity?

Fancy Hands seems to be an “ok” way to earn a little extra money online but there are a lot of complaints recently and VA’s who have been with them for years claim that things are going downhill. I’m not going to tell you to avoid this place but I want you to know what you are possibly getting into. But don’t just take my word for it, do your own research as well.

Some other somewhat similar job places you might be interested in include MicroWorkers and PicoWorkers. Also you might be interested in taking a look at how I make money online working for myself. You can read over my guide here where I explain what I do, how it all works, and what I consider to be the best way for beginners to get started.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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