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High Ticket Wealth System Review – Scam or Can You Really Make $50k a Month?

High Ticket Wealth SystemHigh Ticket Wealth System is a system being promoted by a guy named Saj P who claims that you can make an extra $50,000 per month with it. But is all this really true? After all it seems like most of the systems out there that make massive income claims like this turn out to be nothing more than scams. But is this the real deal?

As you will see my review this is not nearly as good as it seems to be. While you definitely can make money with it, there are some serious downsides in the amount of people that actually do make $50,000 per month with this is very very very few. There are a lot more people out there that lose money with this system than make 50,000 per month with it, that’s for darn sure.

High Ticket Wealth System Overview

This “High Ticket Wealth System” is really nothing more than a final to get people to buy into MOBE, or My Online Business Empire. MOBE is what Saj is making all his money with. He makes money by promoting MOBE when others buy into it, which is why you see funnels for MOBE all the time… for example My Hidden Pages & Home Based Wealth System.

What the heck is MOBE? In a nutshell it is a high ticket digital marketing training program. It provides digital marketing training and holes so that people can make money online. Much of what it provides is “done for you”. For example it provides landing pages, follow-up emails, sales funnels, products that you can promote, etc.

The focus of MOBE is to get members to promote MOBE to other people. Just like Saj P is doing here, you will be pushed to make money promoting MOBE products. It is a vicious cycle where people buy and looking to make money online and then they are pushed to make money online by selling make money online products, which is similar to many other programs out there such as Jeff’s 6 Figure Online Business and Legendary Marketer.

What You Get

Since you will be pushed to promote the system much of the work will be done for you, but not everything, which is why they provide training. The training is mostly on how to promote MOBE. You have the premade sales funnel, you have the products to promote, you even have a phone sales team working at MOBE that will follow up with your leads… What you have to do is generate leads.

Is It Really As Easy As It Sounds?

The short answer is no it is not. Driving traffic to an offer online is much easier said than done. Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business, there are many different ways to generate traffic online but none of them are “easy”. This is something that I have come to learn over the years working online. Everyone is looking for a super easy way to drive laser targeted traffic to their offers but it all takes work.

The Cost

When you’re buying into MOBE you are not told anything about the real cost of the program. Sure you can buy in at only $49 but this is just the beginning of it. If you want any chance of making money with this you will have to pay much much more than this.

You know how Saj talks about being able to make $1250, $3330, $5500, and $10,000 per sale? Well how do you think you are making these massive commissions? You are going to be promoting MOBE products and to make commissions this high the products would have to cost more than this correct?

This is true and this is what they do not tell you. MOBE products are called “high ticket” products because they insanely high prices, mostly for the sake of earning massive commissions, or at least that is how I see it. Below you can see the prices of their “core” products.mobe cost

And don’t think that you can get away with promoting these big products without buying them. MOBE uses a licensing rights business model which requires you to first purchase the product before you can resell it and earn massive commissions. So if you want to earn $10,000 commissions then you are going to have to by a product that is priced much higher than $10,000.

Many people do not recoup their initial investments in programs like this.

Why I Don’t Like Programs Like This

Well first of all, they are almost always promoted in a very misleading manner. Everyone is trying to recruit in new members to make money off of them and this often leads to recruitment by deceptive means, meaning that they will only tell you the good stuff about the program and leave out all the bad stuff. I would be fine with that if they told you straight up that you are going to be pushed into buying high ticket products and then reselling them to other people, but no one ever told you this stuff.

I actually came across this program when landing on a page where Saj P claims to reveal an “underground marketing formula”. Right off the bat this is misleading because there is nothing “underground” about this whole thing. This program has been around for quite a while and is fairly well known. This is an all that misleading, but is just an example of something I just saw it recently.

High Ticket Wealth System funnel

Second of all, programs like this are just out of the budget of many people looking to make money online. Many people just don’t have the money to be buying really expensive products like this, what you have to do before you can sell them and make money doing so.

Thirdly… I don’t like how it pushes people to promote the system. Sure… you can apply the training and tools that are provided to you with MOBE to any online business but it is no secret that this program pushes you to recruit in new members… that is the overwhelming focus of it all.

Not only do I think that this sort of program is rather unethical, but I also see it as fairly risky especially for beginners who do not really know what they’re getting themselves into.

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