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Home Based Wealth System Review – A Scam by Raena Lynn or Amazing Opportunity?

Home Based Wealth SystemHome Based Wealth System claims to be some amazing program where people can easily make $379 per day working online. But is this really what they tell you it is? Or is Home Based Wealth System a scam that is just going to have a bad ending?

I’m writing this review because the program is not what they lead you to believe it is. The information given makes you think that it is some fairy-tale system that is super easy to make money with when the reality is it is much different. You can make money with what they are selling you here but as you will see you probably won’t want to.

Home Based Wealth System Review

Home Based Wealth System is said to be a program created by a woman named Raena Lynn that you can easily make $379 per day with by posting links online. While some of the information given is true, there is so much fluff and misleading info given on top of it that anyone who goes through this sales page will have a very unrealistic idea of how this is really going to work.

In this review I’ll be going over a few lies that I found on the Home Based Wealth System, how this system works, how you really make money and more.

Lets start out with the lies they tell you…

A Few Lies for You

Was Home Based Wealthy System Really on the News?

At the top of the sales page they tell you that this program has been featured on numerous news sites however this is nothing more than a dirty lie. This program has never been on any news sites and it never will be. They are making up this lie to try to make the program seem more legitimate and more credible to viewers.

If you want proof that this is a lie you can easily go to USAtoday.com, foxnews.com, or any of the other sites and search for this program. You will not find any relevant information.

Raena Lynn…. Who Is This Lady?

This work from home program was supposedly created by a woman named Raena Lynn, but this is not true. I have seen this name many times with nearly identical scam programs out there so I knew it was made up before even looking further. When I came across the typical story of here being a single mom and struggling, living pay check to pay check and then coming across some amazing work from home system I knew for sure it was a lie.

Why was I so sure it was a lie? Well because, like I said, I’ve seen this all a dozen or so times. You can see below a bunch of other screenshots I took of from other scam programs with the same darn story…Kelly Richards, Kelly Simmons, Bobbie Robinson, Susan Whitman, Mick Moore, Raena Lynn, Heather Smith, Shelly Davis, Lisa Cadwell, & Cami White Work at Home Scams

The photos used in these scams are stock photos that anyone can buy and use online. After doing a reverse Google image search I found that you can purchase this particular one on iStock…

How You Make Money With This

Ok, so by now you can see that Home Based Wealth System is not a place that you can trust. They sucker people in with lies and deception. What they tell you is that you can easily make money online with what they call “link posting” and the make it seem like you can do this in 3 very simple steps.

To sum it all up, they act like you can just go post a bunch of links, which only takes a minute to do, and make a ton of money (they tell you $15 each on average). This is all a bunch of garage information and not even close to being true.

This “link posting” stuff they are talking about is actually called affiliate marketing and its what I do for a living. In affiliate marketing you get paid to promote products via affiliate links. Amazon, Best Buy, Nike, Zappos…. every big company out there has affiliate programs like this where they will pay you to do this.

However, you don’t get paid just for promoting. You only get paid when you help make a sale. When someone clicks your link and purchases the product you were promoting, you get paid a commission. And there is much more work involved than just posting a bunch of links everywhere. If it were this easy then everyone would be doing this and it wouldn’t be very profitable.

What They Are Selling You

The real program being sold here isn’t actually called Home Based Wealth System. Its called MOBE, or My Online Business Empire. And basically this program is a digital marketing program that provides training and tools to make money online through affiliate marketing.

This program is what you call a “high ticket” program and basically its one of those programs that people buy into to make money online and then they make money online by getting other people to buy into it. The system is set up to get members to go out and promote the system to others. It is also set up to sell members on various more expensive tiers.

There are a bunch of different products included in the MOBE program. Usually people get others to buy in on the $99 level that includes the 21 step system. This is to get people’s feet in the door. Then after that they will realize that they have to buy the next product level. And they will find that in order to make money selling the products they have to buy them their selves.

The cost of the products get extremely expensive. They go up to well over $20,000 ($29,997 for the Diamond Mastermind) which is why this is called “high ticket”. You can make massive commissions promoting these products but you also have to cough up the money before you can sell them.

Its a big circle where people are pretty much forced to purchase the more expensive products, they promote MOBE to others and get them to buy in which they make money off of, then those people are forced into the more expensive products and the cycle continues.

What They Tell You vs The Truth

As you can see the real program that they are selling you here, MOBE, is very different from the “link posting” that they were telling you about.

You are actually “link posting” with MOBE because its an affiliate business model where you promote your affiliate links and get people to join through them, but its very different from what you are lead to believe early on.

This is how it works a lot of the time. MOBE affiliates are trying to make money selling the program and often times this leads to deception and trickery just to get people to buy into it so they can make money. I’ve reviewed many MOBE promotion sites like Desktop Commission System, Internet Income Explained & My Online Empires, that use deception.

Conclusion on Home Based Wealth System

Ok, so the original program that they are promoting here “Home Based Wealth System” is just part of a funnel to get people to buy into MOBE. The information given is extremely misleading and has very little to do with what you are buying into.

With MOBE itself you can make money. There are people that make a lot of money with it. However, I don’t personally agree with these high ticket programs that are basically big money making schemes in my opinion. Many people out there are pretty much suckered into buying in with no idea of what they are getting themselves into.

Anyways… I hope this review has helped you out! That’s all I have for you.

If you have any comments or questions leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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