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Is Writer Access a Scam? – What You Should Know

is writer access a scam

If you are a writer looking to make money online the WriterAccess is one of your options. This place pays writers per word based on their writing abilities. But is this site worth your time really? Or is Writer Access a scam in one way or another that you should be avoiding?

In this review I’ll be answering those questions as well as going over how this writing platform works. I’ll go over how it works, how much money you can make, the application process in case you are interested and want to apply, complaints and more.

Writer Access Review

Writer Access is a content sourcing platform. They have over 15,000 freelancers working for them and plenty of clients. Basically how it works is clients that are looking for writers for their website, magazine, blog, etc. posted their project on the platform and then freelancers, which could be you, are able to complete the project and get paid per word that they write.

There are many different types of writing projects that you will find on this platform because there are many different clients out there with different needs. It can help if you have expertise in legal work, the medical field, etc., because some clients need writers with expertise in these areas, but this is not necessary to find writing jobs.

One of the great aspects of having a freelance writing job on a content mill platform like this is that you get to work however much you want from anywhere you want. As long as you submit your work on time you are good to go.

How It All Works

Once on board (after the application process which I’ll go over soon) you will be able to go through the listings of writing jobs available and pick what you want to do, or “claim” different jobs as they say.

There is a list of different assignments you can pick from,. You will be able to view an assignment and then it gets taken off the list, You will then have 1 hour to either accept or deny it. If you deny the assignement then it goes back onto the list for other writers to see and claim.

The details of the assignement will be outlined but if you need clarification on anything you will be able to communicate with the client through the platform.

After submitting your work the client can either approve or disapprove of it.

Once the client approves (hopefully they will) you will be able to claim another job. After successfully completing 10 you will then be able to claim up to 3 at a time instead of waiting for the clients to approve each one before claiming another. Once you get ot 100 and then 500 approved you will be able to claim more at one time.

Casting Calls

Based on your profile you will receive email notifications when casting calls are made for a writer that fits your description. This is one reason why making a detailed profile to really sell yourself is important.

Clients send out these casting calls explaining the assignement and what they are looking for. Then writers who might be a good fit are notified.

How Much Can You Make?

The pay varies a lot depending on your writing level. Your pay rate will be determined based on online tests, portfolio reviews, performance, and reviews from clients. The good thing is that if you start out at a low pay level you will be able to work your way up as long as you perform well.

  • 1.4 cents per word – Level 2
  • 2.8 cents per word – Level 3
  • 4.2 cents per word – Level 4
  • 5.6 cents per word – Level 5
  • 7.0 cents per word – Level 6

Making 1.4 cents per word as a level 2 writer isn’t all that great. In fact I would say it’s pretty bad. However, if you are a level 2 writer your goal probably isn’t to stay there forever. You would probably be hoping to advance and make more.

At level VI, making seven cents a word… That’s pretty darn good. If you were to write a 1000 word article that would bring you in $70.00.

As far as cashing out goes, you will get paid via PayPal. There is a requirement that you have at least $10 to cash out before you can do so.

How Does This Compare To Other Places?

Writer Access is one of the better content mills out there and they have a good reputation because of this. However… There are other options that pay good, one of which being Textbroker.

At Textbroker they also pay per word based on your writing level, paying 1.3 – 7.2 cents per word. So there really is not much of a difference at all, but if you for some reason don’t get hired at Writer Access you could try applying at Textbroker. It’s a good alternative.

The Application Process

When applying you will be required to submit a writing sample. This writing sample will be used to assess your writing level and determine your starting wage per word. But like I said… If you get a lower score than you were expecting it is not the end of the world. You will be able to advance up to levels based on performance.

In addition to this you will have to submit your resume and fill out details about yourself online.  It could take a few weeks to be hired so be patient.


Might Not Earn Much

As I have one over, the pay varies a lot. If you are not that good of a writer then you cannot expect to earn that much. That is just the way it is. Writers that are at level 6 are earning five times the amount as writers at level 2 per word that they write.

I’ve looked around a good bit online, reading writer reviews on sites like Glassdoor and this is one of the common complaints I’ve seen. However, it is not very legitimate complaint. Why should someone get paid as much as someone else when they do not write on the same level as that other person. It makes perfect sense to have differences in pay rates like this.

Clients Have Too Much Power

One problem that you might run into, but hopefully not, are clients that abuse their power. Clients have the power to approve or disapprove of your writing submission. As you can imagine, if they disapprove you are not going to earn your money like you should. Unfortunately, some clients are a-holes and will disapprove for rather stupid reasons.

Now I will say that Writer Access seems to do a good job at keeping clients from abusing their power in taking advantage of writers, but this is something you should still be aware of because it does happen. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though.

Final Thoughts

Writer Access is definitely not a scam first of all. They are a legitimate content mill and although content mills have a fairly bad reputation for being low-paying, this is one of the better ones out there.

Is it worth your time? Well that is entirely up to you. That all depends on how much you are willing to work for and what level of writer you are, which you might not know until after applying.

Some people turn this into a full time income while others just do this to earn a little extra money on the side. One thing you can be sure of is that the people that do work as a writer your full time take their assignments very seriously and more than likely have many clients that have “favorited” them and keep coming back for more work.

Something Else You Might Be Interested In

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Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can :). Also, if you have your own review of WriterAccess I would appreciate it if you left it down below as well. I’m sure other readers can benefit from what you have to say.

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