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Is Humanatic a Scam? – [Honest Review]

HumanaticHumanatic claims to pay people for listening to recorded calls online and answering simple questions about them. this sounded pretty strange to me at first so I had to take a deeper look into this opportunity to really see if it was legit or not.

If you are wondering is Humanatic a scam or not then you are in the right place. In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you need to know about this place beforehand such as how it works, how much you can make, etc.

Humanatic Review

Humanatic provides a call review service for big companies all over. They hire freelancers, which can be anyone, to review the calls and pay them weekly.

This all sounded really weird to me at first until I thought about it. When you call customer service for different companies you always hear the “this call is being recorded” for whatever purposes type of deal. I never really thought about this but it all makes sense now.

Companies contract Humanatic to help them improve their customer service by reviewing the customers service calls that actually happen.

What You Are Actually Doing

The job is actually even more boring than it sounds. All you are really doing is marking each call that you review. Basically you are answering one question.

You will listen to the call and answer whether it is an opportunity for new business, from an existing client, or was a miscalled number…. that’s it.

So obviously the job is super easy and you don’t need any sort of experience for this. This may sound awesome but the pay isn’t too exciting.

The Pay

The pay is very low and this is the number one complaint I have come across with this job. You will literally get paid a couple cents per call that you review. So don’t be surprised if you have to review nearly 100 calls just to make $1.

If you were to do the math and calculate in the time spent doing this you would find that it pays far less than minimum wage in most places.

The only good thing about the pay is that they pay you via PayPal, which is my preferred method of payment.

Work Schedule

There is no work schedule for this. You just work whenever you want to pretty much. The freedom to work whenever you choose and from wherever you want seems to be the most enticing part of this job and attracts most people to it… along with the fact that you don’t need any experience and anyone can get the job.

But just because you can work at any time doesn’t mean that work is available at any time. Often times it will be difficult just to get calls to review.

They tell you that 7am to 7pm is the busiest time for call volume so this would be a recommended time frame to work within.


Upon looking through review sites like Glassdoor and SiteJabber, these are some of the more common complaints I found on Humanatic.

Insanely Low Pay

As mentioned, you will barely get paid anything…. just a few cents per call.

Hard to Get Calls

It can be difficult to get calls especially when you are just starting out. There will be more experienced members called “SuperHumans” that take up much of the call volume.

So much of the time you spend at this place seems to be on just waiting for a call that is only going to pay you a couple cents in the first place.

Banned Accounts

I have read multiple reviews from people claiming their account was banned for no reason at all. This is worrisome because of the number of people claiming this happened to them. There are reasons why they will ban your account, such as if you repeatedly answer questions wrong, but many people claim this happened for unknown and illegitimate reasons.

Conclusion on Humanatic – Good Opportunity?

Whether Humanatic is a good opportunity or not really comes down to you and what you are looking for. Out of all the reviews I read from members I only found a couple positive ones that actually liked this place. Everyone else had something to complaint about such as the low pay or difficulty even getting a call to review.

In my own opinion this place isn’t even close to being worth the time required and I sure as heck will not be reviewing calls and trying to make money off of it.

I would even recommend paid survey sites like Swagbucks or PaidViewPoint over this place and that is saying something because survey sites are also quite notorious for paying very low.

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