Dollar Trade Club Review

Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam? – My Review


Dollar Trade Club ReviewDollar Trade Club is an investment newsletter that comes from the editors Zach Scheidt and Alan Knuckman. Since you are looking up this newsletter and wondering if it’s a scam or not then I am guessing you came across a somewhat over-the-top sales pitch for it and are a little suspicious of the claims made.… Or at least this is what happened to me when I first came across it.

Is Dollar Trade Club a scam? Find out… in this review I’ll be covering a bit about the newsletter and what I think about it. I’m also going to talk about the one particular ridiculous sales pitch that I had to sit through before finding out that I was being funneled into buying a Dollar Trade Club subscription.

Dollar Trade Club Review

As I said Zach Scheidt and Alan Knuckman are the editors for this newsletter. Zach is a guy that I am familiar with because I have reviewed one of his other newsletters in the past called the Big Book of Income. He was a financial analyst for years, has managed $1 million hedge fund, and has books available on Amazon which have pretty good ratings. Alan on the other hand I am not familiar with but he seems to know what he is talking about as well and seems to be qualified to provide such financial investment advice. He has been a clerk, a floor trader, has been featured on FOX Business news and Bloomberg, Etc.

The Dollar Trade Club is specifically focused on penny stock and low value share investments that have potential to produce big gains.

I actually came across this newsletter after listening to a sales pitch about cryptocurrency investments, which I want to go over a bit in case you also were lured in with this pitch.

The Sales PitchDollar Trade Club Review

The video presentation for the sales pitch was presented by Alan. It was all about the red-hot cryptocurrencies market and how “penny cryptos that have skyrocketed by 2,871%, 15,808%, or even 105,744% in just a single day.”, Which of course you can get into if you follow his advice.

The sales pitch drags on and on for quite some time. I was pretty confused at the beginning because he kept talking about investing in blockchain technology companies and was also talking about popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. It was confusing to me because the majority of cryptocurrencies out there were not created by companies, with the exception of a few like Ripple. So I didn’t really know what was going on. He also kept mentioning investing in “shares” and “stocks” which would mean you aren’t investing in the cryptocurrency itself, but then he would talk about different cryptocurrencies. I don’t know this may seem confusing but I was really confused listening to the sales pitch throughout more than half of it And it was frustrating to me.

But he kept said how he will “show you how to get rich with blockchain” so I still wanted to wait around and find out what the heck he was talking about. He also made claims that this “Blockchain Investment Jackpot” he will be revealing can help you retire incredibly wealthy in less than a year and that it is some “investment secret”.

Finally It Makes Sense:

Anyways… Finally after probably listening to over 30 minutes of the sales pitch things finally started to make sense. The pitch that he is throwing at you is basically that you can invest in these different blockchain companies like 360 Blockchain and DigitalX Ltd. But things get even more confusing from here.

I did a little research on 360 Blockchain and they probably aren’t what you may think they are. It’s not like they are some blockchain company that creates blockchains or something like that. Instead they are a blockchain investment company. Basically what they do is invest in different blockchain projects that seem promising to them and then you go in invest in them. So in a nutshell if you were to invest in 360 Blockchain, which Alan gives you as an example, you would be investing in a company that invests in cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

What a Ridiculous Example:

Throughout the video he kept telling me you only need $50 to start… Only $50 to start with this investment, which is what he calls it the “$50 Blockchain Investment Jackpot”.

Then he gives you some absolutely ridiculous scenario where you could have possibly turned a small $50 investment into $1.3 million. In the scenario he showed you the money you could have made by investing in this company, writing the profit out and investing in another company, doing the same and then investing in another company, which eventually led to the $50 turning into $1.3 million. It’s true this example could have worked out but there are plenty of examples that I could come up with for being able to turn a little bit of money to… But of course you can’t predict the future so being able to do this before the stocks exploded in price is an entirely different story.

Hurry… You Have to Get In NOW!!! Not True

During the presentation he saying that this investment strategy will only work if you get in before May 30 because of some fin tech meeting that is happening in Europe, which he expects to cause blockchain stocks to skyrocket. However his theory behind this is not very convincing and there is absolutely no proof that this will happen.

Fin tech meetings happen all the time and you can’t expect things like this to just skyrocket. It’s not like he has some secret inside information or reason that this is going to happen… He just says he expects it to happen and you are supposed to take him at his word. The problem is that I see “false scarcity” like this all the time especially from sales pitches for newsletters that are published by Agora Financial, which is well known for the crazy over-the-top sales pitch type thing.

What This Is All About

Of course at nearly the end of the sales pitch, after getting very uncomfortable for sitting for so long, Alan finally got to the point and said that in order to get his advice on these seven blockchain stocks he is going to tell you about that could explode in price in the near future, you first had to sign up for a trial subscription to his Dollar Trade Club newsletter.

Basically all this “$50 Blockchain Investment Jackpot” sales pitch was just a way to get people to subscribe to his newsletter. The seven blockchain stocks that “could make you a millionaire” which he will be revealing to you is all free if you subscribe. So basically it’s an added bonus to lure in new subscribers.

What You Get

Besides the seven blockchain stocks that are supposedly secrets and that he hasn’t told anyone about, you will also get…

  • 12 monthly issues of the Dollar Trade Club
  • Daily Market Videos
  • Stock Analysis
  • + more

At the core of this newsletter are the 12 monthly issues. In each of these monthly issues he will provide a great deal of research on certain stocks that are on his radar and/or that you need to invest in. You will also receive email alerts when certain stocks should be bought/sold and if there is any urgent news that you should know about in the market.

Is It Worth Buying?

I’m not exactly sure how the trial subscription works, but I’m guessing that you will automatically be upgraded to the regular paid subscription after the trial period runs out. The prices of this newsletter run from $49-$89 based on what tier of membership you subscribe to.

Is it worth buying? Well from the looks of things and based on the research that I have done it seems that it very well could be worth the price. Alan seems to provide good information and knows what he’s talking about.

My only problem with it is the misleading sales pitch, or sales pitches, that lure people into buying this newsletter. I would like a lot more if they would just get to the point, present more truthful information, and not try to make the opportunity seem 100 times better than it really is.

And actually another problem I have with it is that it is published by Agora Financial, which as you can read about in my review here has tons of customer complaints and seems to be somewhat of a “shady” business in the investment world.

But anyway… Buy it if you want to. In my opinion it’s not a scam at its core.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it somewhat helpful at the very least. Please leave any questions or comments you may have below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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