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Amazon Cash Websites – A Massive Scam EXPOSED!

If you have come across the Amazon Cash Websites work at home opportunity, BEWARE… It is a scam. There is no new Amazon "work at home" program as they lead you to believe there is. It is all a set up for one massive scam that has been going on for a while now and is certainly claiming many victims.

In this review I'm going to be exposing it for what it really is. I'll be showing you some of the red-flags that caught my eye as I was reviewing this opportunity which you should be aware of, I'll be going over what you are really getting into here, whether or not Amazon is in on all of this and more.

I have been reviewing scams for years now and this is probably one of the largest I have come across in quite some time. It is getting a lot of momentum and is very popular, which is why I am writing this review now to help expose it to the world. I previously wrote a short review of this Amazon Cash Websites scam but here I am going to go into more detail and give you the big picture.

This review is detailed and lengthy, so if you want to jump ahead to a specific section you can do so below 🙂

Amazon Cash Websites Review

Name: Amazon Cash Websites

Type: Work at home business opportunity

Recommended?: Absolutely NOT; this is a pure SCAM

AMAZON Cash Websites

What Is Amazon Cash Websites?

Amazon Cash Websites claims to be some awesome new work-at-home opportunity from Amazon. They lead you to believe that there is some new program that Amazon has opened up in your particular area and that they are currently hiring, but of course positions are limited.

The opportunity sounds amazing, I mean we all know about Amazon and how great the business is doing. Who wouldn't want to be a part of Jeff Bezos' multibillion-dollar e-commerce Empire?

It sounds very enticing, but it is indeed a completely fake opportunity. I mean, the real opportunity that you are being funneled into, which you can possibly make money with, is completely different from what you are led to believe. It has nothing to do with some new Amazon work-at-home program, but I will be getting more into this later in the review.

The first thing I want to go over is the completely fake news story that is being passed all over the Internet and is used to lure people into this scam.

A Completely Fake News Story

There are probably multiple different variations of the fake news story, but the one I came across is shown below from a screenshot that I took. As you can see, the URL for the website is, which is obviously not any popular news website. I have also read reviews claiming that the same fake news article has been posted on other websites such as,, and others.

What is probably happening is that many of these fake news sites are getting shut down and new ones are popping up as quickly as they are getting shut down.

It is very easy for someone to create a fake website like this. I'm sure they already have the fake news template saved, so they probably just go around buying new domains and uploading them to the new websites.

How Do I Know This Is Fake? Well... Let's take a look

First of all... If you do some looking around on the fake news website, you will find out that is only one page. Sounds a bit strange doesn't it? Since when have you ever seen a legitimate news site that is only a single page?

On top of that, the pages filled with links, every single one of which points to the scam that I will be going over shortly.

Something else I want to bring up is this "Chris Peters" guy, who is featured in the fake news article. In the article it says that he supposedly makes $14,000 per month with this amazing new Amazon work-at-home program, as you can see below...

After being well aware that this opportunity was more than likely a scam, I did a little digging around and found out that this image of "Chris Peters" and his family is completely fake.

I ran a reverse Google image search of the photo and found that it is actually an image on ShutterStock. What this means is that it is just a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online as they want to.

You can see the image on Shutterstock below…

And this is pretty much the icing on the cake… Take a look at the disclaimer…

In the disclaimer it states that this is "based loosely off a true story". Now of course we have no idea exactly how "loosely" this story is based, but my guess is EXTREMELY loosely… Because pretty much all that you are told is a lie.

It also states that this is not to be taken literally or as a nonfiction story… Meaning is fictitious… Most of it completely made up as suspected.

Is There Any Truth To This Job Opportunity?

What you are told is that there is some new work-at-home program that Amazon just released, but is there any truth to this? Any truth at all?

You can easily go to to look at all their official virtual "work at home" openings. This will give you the official list of openings from Amazon themselves, so that you know you are getting scammed. Most of the jobs listed on this job board are for virtual customer service associates, which is basically for people that have their own little in-home call center. This is the most abundant position, but there also some other positions for project managers, intelligence engineers and others that get to work from him.

HOWEVER… There is definitely no information about some new program that just opened up… None whatsoever.

The the only other work-at-home opportunity that I can think of would be the Amazon Associates program, which is where you can apply to be an affiliate for Amazon. What is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone who works independently to promote products for a company, in this case Amazon. In the world of affiliate marketing, which I actually make a living doing, you promote products for companies and earn commissions when you help make sales.

But anyways… I won't get into that anymore than I have to. The point is that the Amazon Associates program is also old news. The program launched in 1996 is one of the first online marketing programs, certainly nothing even close to being some "new program".

Of course you could also make money through Amazon by selling your own products through them, which could be a work-at-home position, but this is nothing new either and wouldn't be much different from selling stuff on eBay.

What Happens When You Apply

As I mentioned above, on the fake news page that most people are directed through, there are tons of different links scattered all over the place that are put in place to siphon you into this scam.

However, if you scroll down the page far enough on the fake news website, you will find a "how to join" section.

Basically what you do is enter some basic information and "check availability", but of course this opportunity is always available because the scammers are trying to make as much money as possible. They tell you that there are limited positions, but this is just another lie. This scam is open to everyone and anyone he wants to throw their money into it.

What may also catch your eye, which is shown in Step 2 in the screenshot above, is that you can get the package to get started for a "small enrollment fee".

A "Small Enrollment Fee"?

This "small enrollment fee" is something that I want to talk about a bit more. Since when have you ever heard of a legitimate employment opportunity where you could work for a company but first have to pay some fee to get started?

The answer is probably never.

I understand that there are MLM and network marketing companies out there that require independent distributors to purchase a "starter kit" or something like that, which requires an enrollment fee, however these are independent contractor positions. The news article lead you to believe that this new Amazon work-at-home position is an employment position through Amazon.

This is a major red flag because I see this type of thing all the time with scams. But anyways… Let's take a look at what happens if you do click on one of the links and proceed to the nasty little scam that this whole funnel has been leading up to.


If you have still not turned away at this point and proceed to click on one of the links on the fake news website, you will be directed to a website with a video presentation that is titled "want to make $500 a day?"

Now of course I want to make $500 a day… Who wouldn't? I think everyone out there agrees that making an extra $500 a day would be really nice. So I can't imagine anyone answering this question with a "no". BUT… What the heck does this have to do with Amazon?

Well... Before I get into that, let's take a look at some of the lies that you are shown on this website and what you are told in the video presentation.

Lots of Lies

Basically what you are told is that there are these "money sucking websites" that you can get set up with today and supposedly they will start cranking out tons of money into your bank account. 

Sounds awesome, but unfortunately it is all a scam as you are well aware. Just about everything is a lie. Even the testimonial videos that appear below the main video presentation are completely fake. Below you can see a screenshot I talk of one of the video testimonials along with the same woman available for hire on the digital freelance marketplace Fiverr, with the added "I will film a spokesperson video". These people are claiming the system is awesome and that they are making tons of money with it because they are getting paid to say that…

But anyways... What does this have to do with Amazon?

Well what they lead you to believe is that these pre-made websites that they are giving out can automatically start making you tons of affiliate commissions through the Amazon Associates program, which I discussed above. Now it is certainly not any "new" work-at-home program, but it is a legitimate program. HOWEVER, there are some serious problems when it comes to actually making money with this program through your website.

Problem #1

The first problem is that everyone who signs up to this scam gets the same pre-made website. What this means is that there are a massive amount of these identical websites out there and they will never do well. One reason is because they will never be able to rank in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. The reason for this is because Google and all the other search engines do not rank duplicate content, and since all the sites are duplicates they will not be ranked.

So that is already one major hit to the money making potential of these pre-made websites, however there is another…

Problem #2

​The other major problem that I will discuss, and there are many others just to let you know, is that you will never be able to get one of these websites approved with the Amazon Associates program, which of course would be necessary if you want to make money through the program.

I am actually a part of the Amazon Associates program so I am well aware of the application process. They will review and look at your site before you are officially approved, and I know they can be pretty strict when it comes to this. If your site is not providing helpful and useful content to your visitors, they will not preview. They do not want a bunch of crappy sites referring people to Amazon and giving them a bad image.

It Will Never Work Out

As I said in the beginning, I guess it is possible that you could potentially make money with this scam, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. It will certainly never work out as you are led to believe and you definitely aren't going to be making $500 a day with this, or anything even close to that.

I have been in the online marketing world since 2015 and believe me, if this were a legitimate opportunity I would be all over it. I would have my family and friends all signing up for this in getting their own "money sucking website"… But of course it is a scam so I'm not going to do that.

The Future of This Scam

Right now the whole Amazon Cash Websites thing is being used to promote this "money sucking website" scam, also known as MSW system, but I wouldn't be surprised if in the future this scam changes to promote some other BS opportunity.

The fake Amazon Cash Websites news story could be used to promote any sort of scam if you think about it. All they would have to do is change up the links inside the fake article to point to something else.

I've seen other scams in the past change and evolve to later to point to different scams, so this is definitely something that could happen, and likely will.

Is Amazon In On This?

I'm including this section in my review because I know some people are going to be asking about it. Is Amazon in on this? Do they have anything to do with this fake news story promoting this BS scam? Are they using their increasing popularity to scam hard-working individuals?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Amazon has nothing to do with this and you can't really get mad at them.

I am sure they are aware of the scam, but there really isn't much they can do about it. They can file complaints with the domain registrar is, where the fake news sites are registered, such as places like Go Daddy and Host Gator, but it is so easy for the scammers to just create new fake news websites as I mentioned above. So even if Amazon is trying to stop this scam it will be very call for them to do so.

Just An Opportunistic Scam

This is nothing more than an opportunistic scam that is trying to capitalize on Amazon's growing popularity. Everyone knows about Amazon and knows how much money they make… So of course they do work-at-home program is going to sound amazing.

There are many different "make money online" programs out there that use Amazon's name in an attempt to add legitimacy. Some that come to mind include Amazon Secrets and AZ Formula.

You can't really count on anyone to save you from scams like this. You have to rely on yourself. Luckily… You did the right thing here today. You decided to hop online and search for reviews, doing your own research instead of blindly following the scam sales funnel.

That said, you also have to be careful when doing your own research because there are lots of fake reviews sites out there that do not tell you the truth. For example, I could be telling you a complete lie right now in this could be the most amazing opportunity ever. It is definitely not and is a scam… But what if I was just lying?

Recommendation for Beginners Looking To Make Money Online

I mentioned in the beginning of this review that I have been involved in online marketing since 2015. It took me a while to get to where I am today, but I currently make a living working online for myself, which I'm guessing is something that you are probably interested in since you are looking into this work-at-home opportunity, which unfortunately turned out to be a scam.

I regularly review scams on my website here to help people avoid them, who are probably in a similar situation to where I was back when I first started looking for ways to make money online.

The truth is that there are many different ways to legitimately make money online, but there are way more scams out there than legitimate ways, which makes it very difficult to find out what actually works and what doesn't. It is hard to know what to believe and what not to believe… And if you get involved in the wrong stuff you will likely end up discouraged and thinking that everything is a scam.

What I Recommend

If you are a beginner looking to get started making money online then the best possible route, that I know of, is the Wealthy Affiliate training program. This is where I got started back in 2015 and I would attribute most of my success to this program.

Wealthy Affiliate is basically a training platform that provides is very tools to make money with affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products for companies and earn commissions doing so. This is a particularly good business model for beginners because can simply promote products that already exist in don't have to worry about creating your and products, dealing with customer service, or anything like that. It is much more simplistic than doing full-on e-commerce or something like that.

But anyways… You can click the button below to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate:

If you enjoyed this review and/or found it helpful then give it a like and please share it to help spread the truth. There are tons of people being scammed by this and with your help we can put a stop to it. Also, leave any comments or questions down below in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂
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