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Borderless Income System Review – Is This a Scam or Can You Really Make $10,000/day?

Borderless Income System by Ewen Chia is a new online money making system that I came across recently. I know there are going to be a lot of people that are suspicious of this program so I decided to take the time to write this review. If you are wondering if this is a scam then you are in the right place.

While you can make money with this, it is not nearly as amazing as he makes it seem. In this Borderless Income System review I’ll be going over what it really is… which isn’t what you heard on the promo video.

Borderless Income System Overview

Ewen Chia’s Borderless Income System isn’t his own system at all. This “system” is nothing more than a fake cover for another program. The entire website was created to funnel you into buying this other program, just like Rookie Profit System. But before I get into that first let me go over some of the claims that are made.

With this system he claims that you can make commissions of over $10,000, that you don’t have to create a website, that you don’t need to make any sales, that you don’t need to create products, and more.

The truth is that what he says is true, yet it is misleading. He only tells you the good and leaves out the bad. You will see what means soon.

The Real System Here

The real system that he is trying to get you to buy into is called MOBE, or My Own Business Education. MOBE is an online business training platform that provides training and tools for online business, of course.

Here is how it works: You buy into this system. You then go out and sell this system to other people. That is how you make money. Its very similar to Aspire if you have ever heard of this program.

While the things you learn and are provided with can be applied to any online business, MOBE is focused on getting members to promote MOBE and make money in this manner. Its a “buy this program and make money getting others to buy this program” type of deal.

Basically you will be doing exactly what Ewen Chia is doing to you with this fake Borderless Income System funnel. He is an affiliate of MOBE and he is making money when people sign up through him.

Can You Really Make $10,000 Commissions?

With MOBE you can make $10,000 commissions and even higher, but don’t count on it.

This is what you call a high ticket program. You will be able to make such massive commissions because their products are extremely high priced.

The kicker here is that you will first have to buy the products in order to sell them and earn the money. So keep your wallet on hand. This is by no means a cheap program.

How It Works

The cheapest membership for MOBE is the MTTB 21 step program which costs $49/mo. This is just to get people in the door. This is what you will be buying into if you buy into this Borderless Income System.

After that it is all uphill. The only way you will make money will be by purchasing other products that MOBE offers which will cost thousands of dollars. There will also be “coaches” that will push you to purchase more products. All of these upsells that you buy will also give commissions to the person who brought you in.

You will then go out there and do the same thing. You will try to sell MOBE to people by making bold claims of being able to earn $10,000 + commissions and all that jazz. Once you get them to buy into the $49/mo membership you will try to upsell them.

Its a circle.

Conclusion on Borderless Income System – Scam?

The Borderless Income System is pretty much a scam. I mean after all… this system doesn’t even exists and is nothing more than a funnel that is set up to get you to buy into MOBE. And I wouldn’t recommend MOBE. It is extremely expensive and suckers people in without knowing how much they will need to spend.

MOBE is just a big circle. Someone gets you to buy in and then you go out and get others to buy in. While you can make money doing this, and some people make a heck of a lot, the main reason I don’t recommend it is because of the price.

MOBE just isn’t within the budget of many people. If you are looking for an affordable and more legitimate way to make money online then I would suggest this program. I am a member and have been since 2015. I started out with no experience and now make a living online… which speaks for itself.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and hopefully I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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