Is BTC 1 Up a Scam? – No But I Wouldn’t Join

BTC 1 UPIf you are looking into BTC 1 Up then you are going to want to read this first. There are a lot of people promoting this system to make money so you never really know if you are getting the truth or not. If you are suspicious of this place and wondering is BTC 1 Up a scam then I’m writing this for you. When I first came across this program I was immediately suspicious so dug a little deeper into it to see whats really going on.

While you can make money with this system it isn’t all its cracked up to be. The majority of people that get involved will more than likely lose money and I’ll be going over why in this short review.

BTC 1 Up Review

BTC 1 UP’s sales pitch is that it is an advertising platform that you can make money with by leveraging the popularity of Bitcoin. With all the bitcoin related scams out there, like Crypto Magnet & Bitcoin Millionaire Club, you have to be careful when you hear this word. Its somewhat confusing what BTC 1 Up really is but I’ll go into detail and give you a good overview of everything.

Basically BTC 1 UP is a recruitment scheme where you mainly make money by recruiting other people to join. In order to join BTC 1 UP you first have to pay a membership fee of $50. Then after that the goal is to go out and recruit others into the system and earn $50 from them. This is the focus of the entire system and there is training on this.

In addition to making money recruiting other people into the system this place is also somewhat of an advertising platform. You will be able to advertise anything you want to the people you brought into the system so there is room to make additional money here. However, I wouldn’t really count on making money here. I have seen systems like this before and the advertising platform part of it isn’t all that great. Its not going to give you the ability to really focus your ads on particular groups of people and niches. You will be stuck with advertising to a bunch of people that you recruited in, which likely have many differences and interests.

Summary: You buy in and then you make money by getting others to buy in. There really isn’t any good product here. I mean there is some training on their is the advertising platform, but the focus of everything is just to make money from recruits.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is very simple and straightforward. The reason it is called BTC “1 Up” is because you, along with all your referrals, will pass up their second sale to the person above.

So with the first person you recruit in, you will earn $50. However, when you recruit the 2nd person in that sale will get passed up to the person above you, the person that had recruited you in. After that you will get to keep all your sales.

This sounds bad at first because you lose out on a sale, however, this is the way it works for everyone. So when you recruit people in they will also pass their 2nd sales up to you. Also, those people that are passed up to you will be considered your own recruits so they will then pass up their 2nd sales to you as well.

So the name of the game here is recruitment. If you can recruit a bunch of people in then you can benefit from this pass-up system. But if you can’t then this will not benefit you.

The Problem With This

So as I said, most people are probably going to be losing money buying into this system rather than making it. The reason for this is because this is nothing more than a big recruitment scheme. It provides very little value apart from giving members the ability to recruit others in and make money with it.

The advertising platform is a bunch of crap. All this does is allows you to spam the heck out of your recruits. There isn’t much value in this.

I’ve been in the online marketing world since 2015 and have seen a lot of programs like this come and go. This program provides little value and relies on a constant flow of recruitment to stay in operation. When the flow of new recruits dries up it will collapse. This is bound to happen as far as I see it.

Why Most People Will Fail

The fact of the matter is that if you want to make good money with this you are going to have to be good at recruiting people in. For veteran online marketers it might be somewhat easy to make money with it but for most people it just isn’t.

You can’t expect to just go spamming referral links everywhere to make some money. Its always more difficult than it seems.

BTC 1 Up Conclusion – Scam or Good Opportunity?

I wouldn’t call BTC 1 Up a scam but I wouldn’t call it a good opportunity either. Its a system that provides little value and is basically just a big flow of money with members making money by getting other people to buy in.

I do not recommend that you get involved with this system but the decision is yours. Some people will be able to make good money with this recruiting others in but most will not.

Something else I would suggest taking a look at instead is this program. Its called Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been a member since 2015. This program provides real value and a legitimate way to make money online. You can read my review to learn more about what it is and how much you can earn with it.

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