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CoinBulb Review – Scam or Easy Way to Earn Bitcoins?

CoinBulbCoinBulb is a PTC (paid to click) site where you can earn bitcoin by just clicking on ads. Alternatively you can also advertise on the platform and drive traffic to something you are promoting and make money this way. I find that most people are going to this site to make a little bitcoin by clicking on ads so this is going to be what I focus on here.

CoinBulb is not a scam for those of you that are skeptical. However… its not what I would call a great opportunity either. It definitely has its downsides and in this CoinBulb review you will see what I mean.

CoinBulb Review

Ok, like I said, CoinBulb is a PTC site that will pay you to click on ads. The ads come from advertisers that pay CoinBulb to display their ads on the platform. Anyone can pay to have their ads displayed. So CoinBulb gets paid from the advertisers and they pay others a small amount of that money to click on the ads. So pretty much its a win/win for everyone….. in a way anyhow.

How It Works

You will be able to view 10 ads every day. When you login you will simply go to the “view ads” menu and there will be a list of the ads that you have available. When you click on an ad you will first have to enter a captcha code to show that you are not a bot, then you will be directed to the ad page.

When you are on the ad page you will have to stay on it for a certain amount of time, usually this is anywhere from 1 minute to 10 seconds. And of course the ads that require a longer stay usually pay more.

And that’s it… Its as simple as that.

Advertising is also pretty simple. There are different advertising packages you can buy that will give you a certain amount of clicks, require the user to stay on your ad for a certain amount of time, etc. This platform is best for running bitcoin related ads because of course the users that are using the site are looking to earn bitcoin.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Right now as I am writing this review there are ads paying anywhere from 0.00168mBTC to 0.00060mBTC. And you might be wondering what the heck a mBTC is. Well 1,000 mBTC = 1BTC. So really you are making 0.00000168BTC here.

At the current market value of bitcoin (as I’m writing this) this makes it any where from $0.03 per click to $0.01, which is insanely low and could quite possibly be the most frustrating way to earn a little bit of money that there is out there.

Now you might think that as the price of bitcoin continues to rise that the value you are getting paid actually increases right? Well don’t count on it. As it goes up they will decrease the amount of mBTC that they pay. You will never be making more than a couple cents with PTC sites like this.

The Upside to CoinBulb

One thing that I noticed is that this site does pay better than other bitcoin PTC sites like Clix4BTC & BTC Clicks that I have also reviewed…. but its still not much.

So whats the point of even using a site like this? Why not use another legitimate PTC site like NeoBux that offers more ads for you to click on? Even though they still pay very little?

Well the answer is simple: The only reason I see that this CoinBulb is worth more than many of the other PTC sites is because it pays in bitcoin of course (and more btc than the others that also do). So while the amount you get paid isn’t worth much of anything when you actually get paid…. it might be worth a nice chunk of money one day if bitcoin’s price continues to increase.

Conclusion on CoinBulb – Good Opportunity or Not?

Although I do see CoinBulb as a better PTC opportunity than most others, I still don’t see it as that great of an opportunity overall. Sure you can earn a bit of bitcoin which might go up in price a lot…. but you are still just earning pennies at the time you actually earn the bitcoin.

Why not spend time making good money and then if you want to invest that in bitcoin you can do that easily? It just makes a lot more sense to me. Honestly I’ve never been a fan of PTC sites and I’m still not. They seem to mostly be just a waste of time… not to mention they provide very low quality traffic for advertisers and their business model sucks.

If you are looking to make good money online in your free time then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more money with it then any PTC site could ever make me.

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