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Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam? – Real Review

eCom Profit SnipereCom Profit Sniper is a program created by Tom Parker that he claims “regular Joe’s are making $10,000+ per week with”. But is this really true and is this program any good? Or is eCom Profit Sniper a scam like it very well seems it could be? After all… the sales pitch for this program is extreme and way over the top. Things just seem way too good to be true and usually this is because they are.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that I think everyone should know about this place. I’ve been involved in the ecommerce world for 2 years and even longer in the online marketing world in general. I know a good bit about what works and what doesn’t. The truth is that eCom Profit Sniper is nothing like they tell you and those who buy into it will more than likely be sorely disappointed.

eCom Profit Sniper Review

The sales pitch for this program is crazy and very unrealistic, so much so that I would put this in the same category of recent scams that I’ve reviewed such as Passive Paychecks & Wiseball Secret Society.

Tom Parker, the creator, claims that with eCom Profit Sniper beginners with no experience whatsoever can make $2,000 today. This is quite a claim to make and as you will see this is VERY unlikely. In fact I would say that its pretty much impossible.

He then goes on to tell you that this program uses a “little known secret”, which is also far from being true. On top of that he claims that what you will be doing to make money is super simple and that you will only need to spend 20 minutes of work per day in order to make the $2,000 that he claims you can make with this.

I’m sure you are already suspicious of this program and are a bit concerned that its a scam. After all… you did put in the extra work and did a little research where you came across my review.

What Is The Little Known Secret That Makes This So Easy?

The “little known secret” that he is talking about is not little nor is it even close to being a secret. What he is talking about here is Shopify. He claims that Shopify is your “golden ticket” to making $2,000 per day online.

Now what is Shopify? After watching the sales video for eCom Profit Sniper you might not really know what it is because he paints a very vague and misleading image of it. He keeps referring to it as a site where you can make all this money but this isn’t really what it is.

Shopify is a service that provides website hosting and an easy to use interface for setting up an eCommerce store. Basically they give you the tools needed to set up your own online store where you can sell products, accept payments, etc. But its not like you are actually making money with them. They are providing the service and you are then making money on your own, selling products.

What Does eCom Profit Sniper Do?

eCom Profit Sniper provides training on how to make money with Shopify. With Shopify you get the ecommerce website and tools that you need to be able to sell products and with eCom Profit Sniper you get training on how to do so.

The method of making money with Shopify that eCom Profit Sniper will train you on is called Dropshipping and this is exactly what I have over 2 years of experience in.

Dropshipping is when you sell products online that you never have to touch or see. You never keep inventory, you don’t have to ship the products and more. How does this work. Well what you do is sell products that are on another website and then have them shipped directly to the buyer.

Ebay and AliExpress are 2 popular websites where people dropship from because they provide cheap products of all sorts.

Example: You are selling a watch on your Shopify store >> Someone buys that watch on your store >> you then buy that watch from another site (Ebay for example) and have it shipped directly to your customer.

So you can sell a watch that costs $10 on Ebay for $20 on your Shopify store and make $10 profit. The customer doesn’t know what you are doing when this happens. They get their product and everything works out fine.

Dropshipping can be a very lucrative business but it is not as easy as it may seem.

How You Get Traffic to Your Store

Of course in order to get any sales you are going to need people visiting your store. The method that eCom Profit Sniper teaches is with Facebook advertising, which I also have several years of experience with.

Facebook is great because you can really target specific groups of people pretty easily. However, this should also not be underestimated. I lost probably well over a couple thousand dollars on Facebook ads before I started breaking even with them.

Is eCom Profit Sniper Any Good? What is The Training Like?

The truth is that eCom Profit Sniper’s training is not nearly as good as you are led to believe it is. The training is extremely basic and based on what I see with this there is no way anyone is going to be making $2,000 per day with it.

The training goes over how to set up your Shopify store, adding products to your store, and Facebook advertising but there is not much detail on anything.

When it comes to setting up your store it only goes over the basic setup. There is nothing that shows you how to optimize things for conversions, well at least not much. And from experience I can tell you that product page optimization can play a big part in conversions.

Also when it comes to picking products for your store everything is basic. If you don’t have the right products to sell then its going to be difficult. Unfortunately there isn’t much guidance on how to find good products that you will be able to make sales with.

And when it comes to the Facebook advertising training there is a lot more to be desired. Advertising on FB may look easy but this takes some serious training and/or experience to really get good at. Unfortunately if you don’t have a lot of experience in this area then you are going to be lacking because eCom Profit Sniper isn’t going to provide much training.

Conclusion on eCom Profit Sniper – Would I Buy This?

In all honestly I think this program is doing people a huge injustice. It is making buyers believe they are going to make it rich with this program when really there is very little chance they will make anything close to the claims made. Sure you can make money with this and sure you “could” make $2,000 a day with this, but I also “could” win the lottery tomorrow and become a millionaire.

The chances of you being able to make $2,000 a day with this training are slim to none. And you sure as heck won’t be making anywhere close to that within the first day like Mr. Tom Parker claims.

But hey… I guess you get what you pay for most of the time. This is a cheap program so you are going to get cheap training. Back when I was starting out in eCommerce I purchases training programs which totaled over $4,000 and even with them I’m not making $2,000 a day.

For a beginner I would say that eCom Profit Sniper is pretty much a waste of time. Its just going to make you waste bunch of time doing things that probably won’t work out because it does not provide the sufficient training and guide you enough.

What I Recommend

If you are a beginner and have little to no experience in the online world I would suggest reading my Making Money Online Guide here. In this guide I’ll go over how I make $6,000+ a month online and I’ll also go over how others can get started the right way.

By the way, I make 95% of my money in a way that is completely unrelated to Shopify and ecommerce. Its much easier for beginners to get started with in my opinion which is why this is what I teach and recommend.

You can read my guide here.

Leave any questions or comments below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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