Is Emza Gold a Scam? My Review Of This Business Opportunity

Emza-GoldEmza Gold’s business opportunity appears to be very enciting. But is this too good to be true? Is Emza Gold a scam like many other work at home businesses out there? Or is this maybe the new income stream you have been waiting for?

I’ll cut straight to the chase here… This place is not a scam. However, there are definitely a few things that everyone should know before they sign up. And if you don’t know this beforehand you will wish you did later on.

Emza Gold Overview

Emza Gold is a mlm company in the health and wellness industry. Their claim to fame is a product called Daily Gold. It is a blend of vitamins in liquid form that is to be taken once a day. Its jammed packed with vitamins and good ingredients so I can’t really see anything to complain about here, being a health enthusiast myself.

But I’m not here to review the product. I’m here to talk about the business opportunity

Emza Gold uses what you call a direct sales business model. They don’t sell any products in stores. Instead, all of their marketing and sales is done from independent representatives. Anyone can join this business as a representative and make money selling the product. Alternatively, as a rep you can also make money by recruiting other people into the business.

Cost of Joining

To join you will need to purchase Daily Gold. You can choose to sign up for an autoship of the product and you will be automatically shipped it each month, or you can choose a one time purchase. The cost is around $50.

So whether you are a customer or looking to be a representative, either way you will be spending the same amount.

The Compensation Plan

The first way to earn money as a rep is by getting 5 people to sign up. For the first 5 people you bring in (customers or representatives) you will earn $20 each, making it $100 in total. And if you do this in 15 days you will earn a $100 bonus. This is good and all but it only applies to those starting out.

The biggest part of the compensation plan is the Residual Monthly Income. This comes from a 3 x 8 matrix structure. This means that there are 3 positions beneath each person and it goes down 8 levels. When you recruit someone into the business that is your 1st level. When they recruit someone in that is your 2nd level… and so on down to 8 levels.

This means that there is the potential for 9,840 people on your downline that you can make money off of.

You will earn $2 off of each bottle of Emza Gold sold down those 8 levels potentially.

Other Ways to Earn

There are also a lot of other ways to earn. If you get 30 representatives in your downline you qualify for a $1,000 per month bonus. These can come from your own recruitment or others in your downline.

There is also a monthly revenue sharing pool that you get entered in and will earn according to your rank within the company.

And there are 5 ranks by the way, but I’m not going to get into that. All you need to know here is that if you want to make as much as possible its all about moving up the ranks and if you want to move up the ranks its all about recruitment and building up your downline.

The Reality Of This Business Opportunity

Just like pretty much any mlm out there, it is very hard to make good money here. Because the compensation plan favors recruitment so much you need to recruit to make good money. You need to build up your downline and earn from them.

Because of this pyramid-like compensation structure, the top few will earn the majority of the money, sucking it away from those at the bottom.

I review mlm’s like this all the time. In fact I just reviewed Isagenix & Zija the other day and they are the same sad story.

Conclusion on Emza Gold – Scam?

I definitely do not consider Emza Gold a scam at all. Their product seems to be great and very good quality. Being a health enthusiast myself I see the value of it.

However, this business opportunity isn’t necessarily a great choice for most people. Statistics with mlm’s like this don’t lie. Although I wasn’t able to find an official income disclosure from this company proving that very few people make good money, I have reviewed enough similar mlm’s to know that this is the reality with a compensation plan like this Emza Gold has.

But if you like the products sold and think you have what it takes to recruit and climb the ranks, then go for it. Some people make very good money with this. Just know what you are getting yourself into and that most people do not, that’s all.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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