Is Exfuze a Scam?

exfuzeExfuze has what can potentially be a lucrative business opportunity. But is this as good as it sounds? Or is Exfuze a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

I recently looked into this money making opportunity and thought I would share a few things that I am sure anyone interested would want to know beforehand. I’ll be going over how this company works, how you make money, the difficulty of doing so, and more.

Exfuze Overview

Exfuze is a mlm company that sells health and wellness type products dealing with things like approving brain performance, athletic performance, boosting energy, etc. They seem to be good products but much of the hype surrounding them doesn’t really have much scientific backing.

But anyways, I’m here to review the business opportunity not the products. Exfuze uses a direct sales business model which relies on independent distributors to do all the marketing and sales. You, I, and anyone can join in as one of these distributors selling their products and by recruiting in other distributors to do the same.

How You Make Money

As a distributor there are 2 ways that you are going to be able to make money. You will be able make earn on retail sales and on recruitment of other distributors, as I mentioned above.

Retail Sales

You will be able to buy Exfuze products at low prices which you can then turn around and sell directly to consumers at a markup, earning the difference.

Additionally you will be set up with your own Exfuze website in which you can sell products from 24/7, without actually having the products on-hand.


Recruitment is a big part of making money with this business model because this is a mlm. It is basically a pyramid-like structure where those at the top can earn from those beneath them.

There are a couple of different ways you can earn from those beneath you, but the main way is the Binary Team Bonus.

With the Binary Team Bonus there are 2 sides, a right and left. Each person has 2 positions beneath them that can be filled. Once you start recruiting other distributors in and the 2 positions below you are filled the additional recruits will fill other openings in your downline. So its not like you just recruit 2 people and that’s it. If you want to make good money you need to be constantly recruiting.

Below is a diagram of the binary structure.

One Thing I Really Like About This Comp Plan

A lot of mlm compensation plans focus way too much on recruitment rather than product sales. While Exfuze  does definitely push distributors to recruit, they also push a good bit to increase product sales.

Based on the personal product volume that you sell you can actually increase your earnings from 20% to 40%.

The Reality Of This Business

MLM’s are not easy to make money in. Because recruitment is such a big part of making money and the pyramid-like mlm structure that they have, it will almost always be the case that most people fail. This is because you pretty much need a big downline and people beneath you to make money off of. And of course with a pyramid-like structure there are always going to be more people near the bottom struggling than at the top.

I wasn’t able to find any income disclosure from this company since 2008. You can look at the 2009 on here, but its so old and outdated I’m not even going to bother showing it, although it does show how uneven the earning distribution is.

This is just the way mlm’s are. I review business opportunities like this all the time and its the same story in the end. Pure Haven Essentials and Clever Container are 2 that I reviewed recently.

Conclusion On Exfuze – Scam?

Exfuze is not a scam. They sell some good products and the business opportunity that they offer is legitimate. Some people will go on to make very good money in this business. But statistics don’t lie, and with a mlm structure like this very few are going to be able to make good money. This mlm is definitely better than a lot that I have reviewed because they do put a good bit of focus on product sales, but it still has that mlm structure which is going to make things difficult.

So if you are going to pursue this opportunity just know the reality of it, and not the stories that you may hear about how easy it is because they aren’t true.

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