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Is Working as a Search Engine Evaluator for iSoftstone a Scam? – [Review]

Is iSoftStone a Scam

If you are looking to make some money online in your spare time as a search engine evaluator then iSoftstone is one of the options you have. But is it worth it to work for this place? Or is iSoftstone a scam in one way or another? And if it is not a scam will it be worth the time you put into it?

These are all important questions that should be answered before applying to a job like this and in this review I’ll be answering them the best I can. I will be going over a little bit about the company, what you will be doing as a search engine evaluator, the pay, the work schedule, eligibility, downsides to the job, and ultimately whether or not I think is worth anyone’s time.

And by the way this isn’t a position that is always open but they will open it up as needed, which might be fairly often. I’m assuming that you are reading this probably because there is opening, but anyways… Just wanted to make sure you know.

About iSoftstone

The iSoftStone company was founded in 2001 and is based in China but also has offices in the US. The purpose of this company is to provide IT services for clients, which cover a broad range of things.

The job of a search engine evaluator is one of many different jobs associated with this business. It is a job I see many people asking about because it provides a nice flexible income and it is a job that is rather easy to get… Meaning there are not many qualifications.

Working as a Search Engine Evaluator

Some of the upsides to working as a search engine evaluator at iSoftstone included…

  • Good pay (arguable)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Easy work

But what exactly does a search engine evaluator do? It is important that you understand this before you go out and apply for a job as one.

Well… The job is pretty simple. Basically what you will be doing is evaluating search results in making sure that things are relevant.

For example: if someone searches for baseball bats you obviously don’t want your golf clubs to appear in the search results. Now this is an extreme example and likely would not happen, but I am just saying this to make a point. A more realistic example would be that someone searches for a computer mouse and one of the search results is for a mouse of the animal kingdom… Which is what you would not want to.

Th search engines are getting better all the time at ranking content but they still do make mistakes from time to time and need a human brain to help them out. Believe it or not… The human brain does still have its well-deserved place in modern society.

As for the pay some people will tell you it is good in others will tell you it is too low. That said, there really isn’t much information on the salaries paid to search engine evaluators who work at iSoftstone. This is because they require workers to sign a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, when they are hired. However I was able to do some digging around in find that most people seem to be making around $12 or $13 an hour.

Think what you want, but I think that $12-$13 per hour is a pretty decent wage considering the job you are doing.

As a search engine evaluator you will be paid at the end of each month via direct deposit.

Schedule Flexibility

One of the great parts of this job is that you can work whenever you want to, as long as you work a certain number of hours per week.

What you have to do is work more than 10 hours but not more than 25 hours.

And you can work these hours in the middle of the night if you would want to.

Are You Eligible?

In order to be eligible for this position you need to be at least 18 years old and a US resident. There is no need for any degrees, certifications, or anything like that. As long as you pass their tests then you are qualified.

As far as equipment goes you will need a Windows computer and a good Internet connection.

Downsides To The Job

And of course there are always downsides… No matter how good a job as there will always be some downsides. For the job of a search engine evaluator, there are quite a bit of possible downsides, but some people might consider some of these upsides. It is all how you look at them.

Inconsistant Work

The work is inconsistent. There is not always a steady supply so it’s not like you can count on a certain number of hours each week. This is why I would only recommend this type of job for someone looking to make supplemental income. It is not something that one should be relying on.

Going along with this I also stated that they have a limit on the number of hours that you are able to work per week. You can only work 25 hours max… Which means that you won’t even be able to come close to possibly earning a full time income with this.


Something I don’t see too many people complaining about, but I think it is worth mentioning is that it is boring working as a search engine evaluator. This just comes with the territory and should be expected. I’ll see why anyone would get excited over any part of this job.

No Benefits

Because you will be considered an independent contractor you will not be able to receive any benefits, such as healthcare, dental care, a 401(k), etc. This is a pretty big downside for some people but I really don’t see it as being all that much of one. As I said above, this should only be looked at as a way to supplement your income anyhow. So your normal job, or main job, should be the one providing benefits and such.

No Room for Advancement

There is no room for advancement as a search engine evaluator. Once you get the position you are stuck there. It is not like you can get promoted to higher ranks or anything like that. This is pretty typical for a job like this.

This might not seem like all that big of a deal to some people, but it can be a bummer knowing that no matter how much extra effort you put into this it is going to go unrecognized and unrewarded.

Communication Problems

I read through many of the complaints I am writing about here on Glassdoor, which is an independent review site where anyone can go and post reviews about jobs they worked. What I found is that there were quite a few people complaining about communication problems with the project managers.

You will be communicating directly with the project manager for this job, over the Internet, and it seems that they have a somewhat lousy set up with how they help people out. Late replies, no replies, lack of help… Are all complaints I’ve come across in this area.

Late Pay

iSoftstone pays at the end of each month. That is already quite a long time to wait for your money and to make things worse there are a number of complaints I have read about them paying even later… Like an entire month late on top of the already long wait. I don’t know why they can’t pay more frequently, but it is what it is.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity or Not?

Working as a search engine evaluator for iSoftstone is definitely not a scam but it is definitely not a good opportunity for everyone out there. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a reliable income stream that can provide you with consistent income every month, then this is not the job you want. But if you’re just looking for some supplemental income that you can earn on your own schedule, where you are able to fit around your already busy life, then this might be something worth considering.

Definitely not a scam though. This company has been around for a while and they do pay as they are supposed to, although they do seem to have a problem with paying late every once in a while according to some of the complaints I have read.

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