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JustAnswer Jobs – Nice Way to Make Extra Money or Waste of Time?

JustAnswer JobsJustAnswer provides an expert help service where people from all of the world can go to ask questions about various topics and receive answers from people that are considered experts in the particular field. Whats nice about this is that many people out there can make money with it. You can get paid to provide your expert opinion on things. So whether you are a music shop owner or a mechanic, there is a chance you could make money providing professional help.

But since you are reading this I’m guessing you already knew that and are looking for more information on the jobs. Well… that is exactly what I’m going to be giving. I’ll be going over the nature of the job, how it works, applying, the job schedule, how much money you can make and more.

JustAnswer Jobs Review

In a nutshell JustAnswer is a platform that connects people asking questions with people who are experts in the area that the question falls into. Members of this site pay for being able to ask questions and get answers, and the JustAnswer experts answering the questions get paid to do so.

As I said above, there are all types of experts offering their opinions on this site… doctors, mechanics, lawyers, experts in antiques, geneology, and plenty others.

Whats nice about working for JustAnswer is that you get to work online, from home, and you get to choose when you work. You can work as little or as much as you want, which is why its a nice flexible way to earn a supplementary income and help people at the same time.

Applying for the Job

If you want to apply to be an expert on JustAnswer you will first have to choose what category you are an expert in. They have over 175 categories to choose from so there is a lot of opportunity here.

Next you will have to submit an application that is similar to a normal job application. You will have to upload your personal information, work history, education, your resume (optional but helpful), achievements, any certifications you have, qualifications, etc. They are very serious about getting people who are actually experts because they want to provide their members with the best help possible.

Exactly what you have to submit during the application will vary depending on what type of expert you are applying to be. They will tell you all that is needed when you actually go through the process.

How The Job Works

JustAnswer matches questions up with experts in the fields. So you will get questions available to you based on your particular area of expertise and you will be able to answer these questions when and however you want to. You do what you want to and work however much you want.

But be careful with your answers. Make sure they are good and what the person is looking for because after you submit the answer to the user they will be able to rate you…. and you only get paid if you get a good rating. So if they don’t like your answer then you could have just wasted a bunch of time doing research for nothing.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of money you can make depends on many factors. JustAnswer claims that their top experts are making over $1,000 extra each month answering questions on this site, which sounds reasonable, but they don’t really give any proof of this.

Upon researching and looking around online I really couldn’t find all that many expert reviews that talk about the money they make. However, one thing that I can tell you is that this is definitely not something that you should expect to be able to do full-time. This is best looked at as a supplemental income opportunity.


I always look for complaints from workers when I review work at home type jobs like this. Its important to do so I think. Of course I form my own opinion first but you can learn a lot from seeing what others that have been there already are saying. In JustAnswer’s case there really aren’t many reviews that I was able to find, as mentioned above, however there were some that I came across and I’ll be going over a couple notable complaints that you should be aware of.

#1 – Rating Problem

The user has the ability to rate you and, like I said, if they don’t like your answer they might give you a bad rating even if it was the truth. This is a very unfortunate side of the working as an expert and JustAnswer doesn’t really seem to do much to protect experts against unfair ratings like this.

Not all users respect the experts and sometimes the truth isn’t what they want to hear. If you get a bad rating this affects your pay.

#2 – Possible Lack or Work for Good Experts?

There was one interesting review I came across that from a guy that worked as an expert that claimed the higher rated experts receive less available questions to answer. He claims that JustAnswer diverts most of the questions to new experts with lower ratings because they have a better chance of getting a bad rating and not getting paid.

This doesn’t really make much sense to me because I don’t thing the user has to pay either if they don’t get a good answer, and in this case JustAnswer wouldn’t make any money from doing this… but I could be wrong here.


Other than that there really aren’t many complaints from experts. It is worth knowing however that there are a heck of a lot of complaints from users claiming they were wrongfully charged for services they didn’t ask for. You can read through them on sites like BBB.org. I know this has nothing to do with the job but its worth thinking about since you are considering working for this company.

Conclusion on JustAnswer – Good Opportunity?

JustAnswer can be a good opportunity but ultimately it depends on what you are looking for. Don’t expect much. This is only good to make a small amount of supplemental income for most people. They claim their top experts make over $1,000 per month answering questions but give no details to how many people this includes, how much they work etc.

I would say go for it if you were considering it… but only of course if you are not in need of substantial supplemental income. You can work when you want, however much you want, and you get to feel good about helping people.

Something else you might want to take a look at is how I make money online. I also work when I want and however much I want because I work for myself. You can read my make money online guide here where I go over what I do, how it all works, and the best way for others to get started doing the same if you are interested.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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