Is Limu a Scam? My Review of this Business Opportunity

LIMULimu offers what can potentially be a pretty lucrative business opportunity.. but is this really as good as it is claimed to be? Is this the opportunity that you have been waiting for? Or is Limu a scam that is just going to end up being a waste of your time?

I know there have been a decent number of people questioning the business opportunity here so I decided to sit down and write this review. I’ll be going over how this business works, how you make money, the downside to it and more.

Limu Overview

Limu is a mlm company that sells nutritional products that are all based around a “supernutrient” called Fucoidan, which is found in seaweed. I am a big fan of strange health foods like this and based off of what I see there products seem to be pretty good. There is a lot of hype surrounding them but they do have proven benefits based on the nutrients found in them.

But anyway.. I’m here to talk about the business opportunity not the products.

Limu does not sell products in stores. They rely on independent distributors to do all the selling and marketing. This is where the business opportunity comes in because anyone can join in and become a distributor, which they call promoters.

Cost To Join

While you don’t actually have to, you will be pushed to purchase a Fast Track Pack to get your Limu business started. This is a package that includes products, materials, etc to get your home based business up and running. It will cost a pretty penny. With 2 different packs available it is going to cost you either $499 or $999.

One of the ways they push you to purchase one of these packs is through their compensation plan. As you will see if you don’t purchase one of these then you won’t qualify for one of their bonuses.

How You Make Money

As a promoter for Limu you are going to be able to make money in 2 main ways. You will be able to sell Limu products directly and make commissions on your own personal sales and because this is a mlm (multi-level marketing) company you are also going to be able to recruit in new promoters and earn money from the sales that they make.

Personal Sales 

When you enroll new customers to buy products you will earn 20% commissions on their purchases.


Recruitment of new promoters is the key to making good money here. There is no way around this with how the compensation plan is set up to favor recruitment so much.

There are multiple ways to earn off of recruitment. The first way is through what they call a Fast Start Bonus and this is a bonus that is paid out when you get promoters to enroll and purchase a Fast Track Package. The rank that you are at determines how much you will get paid here. The higher the rank the more you get paid. You will also earn a bonus from the generations beneath you, which are people that are recruited in beneath you that get other people to purchase the Fast Track Package. You will have to personally purchase one of the Fast Track Packs in order to earn this bonus

Here is a short video that explains this bonus that I found (I do not own this and it is for educational purposes only):

One of the most profitable parts of the compensation plan that pays you from recruitment are the Level Bonuses. These are bonuses that are paid from levels of promoters beneath you. There is the potential to earn from down to 8 levels here if you can move up the ranks.

Level 1 will be the promoters that you personally recruit into the business, level 2 will be the promoters that they recruit in, level 3 will be the promoters that level 2 recruits in, and so on…

There are also a bunch of other ways that you can earn money with the comp plan that Limu has in place but honestly its really confusing and I feel that what I just covers gives you the gist of it.

The Untold Reality

The way mlm’s like this are structured very few people actually make good money… most fail. The reason is because they favor recruitment so much. It is no secret that recruitment is necessary here to make good money. You need to recruit in order to move up the ranks and you need to move up the ranks if you want to unlock the full compensation plan.

The problem is that with a pyramid like mlm structure like this the majority of people are at the bottom struggling while the few are at the top making all the money. This is how it is and this is how it will always be.

I was not able to find an official income disclosure from Limu to prove this but I have reviewed enough mlm’s to know that with a comp plan like this very few will reap there rewards. I just reviewed 2 other mlm’s the other day, doTERRA & Tempo Wireless, and it is the same story with them.

Conclusion on Limu – Scam?

Limu is not a scam. They do sell legitimate products and do offer a legitimate business opportunity. Its just that the business opportunity isn’t as good as many are led to believe. There is a lot of potential to earn good money here but the reality is that most people will not.

If are going to pursue this opportunity just know the reality of it. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money here… but it is not easy and most people fail.

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