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My Ecom Club Review – Scam Program or Can You Really Make Good Money With This?

My Ecom ClubMy Ecom Club is an ecommerce training program created by Rocky Lin that supposedly can teach you the ropes and get you set up with your own little ecommerce store to make money online with. But is this program really any good or is it something that you should avoid? Is My Ecom Club a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time and effort?

In this review I’ll be giving you my honest opinion of the program and going over some important things that I think you should know. I’ll be giving an overview of what its all about and what it includes, how the method it teaches works, a little background on the creator, what other people are saying and more.

My Ecom Club Review

My Ecom Club is an program that teaches people to make money in the realm of ecommerce. Not only does it provide training but it also provides tools and, if you pay enough, a partly done-for-you ecommerce website.

There are 3 different products/memberships, that are sold here which vary in price and what they include of course. They have the Inner Circle Membership and the Gold Membership along with the Instant Ecommerce Website Template.

The Gold Membership costs $97 and is what you need if you are new to all of this. It provides the tools and training to get your ecommerce business up off the ground. From what I have read from members who have went through it, the training is fairly lengthy and detailed, so that is good.

The Inner Circle Membership costs $37/mo and gives you access to the “inner circle”. You will get access to a private Facebook group, be able to ask Rocky Lin and other leaders in the industry questions, and more. This is like the cherry on top. Its the next step of you are looking for an edge that the Gold Membership doesn’t give you.

And the Instant Ecommerce Website Template is a service they provide for $37. What they do here is basically design your store a bit and set it up for you. This covers just the basic design so that hopefully it converts customers better but is not a completely done for you service by any means.

My Thoughts on Ecommerce

I was involved in ecommerce for a little over 2 years and just closed my stores recently due to having too much going on and them not being profitable enough. I got started with some top-notch training from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, which costed me a heck of a lot more than this by the way…$2,497 I think it was.

What do I think about ecommerce and selling from your own store? I think it is a great type of online business and I personally know that you can make a killing doing this. I had several ecom stores running, most of the time they weren’t very profitable but there was a point time I was doing very well. I also know people who make more than doctors and lawyers doing ecom business.

Its not easy though. It takes a lot of testing, trial and error.

What My Ecom Club teaches is what is called “dropshipping”, which is what I did. This is when you list products on your ecom store for sale but you don’t actually have the products. When someone buys a product from your store you simply purchase that product from somewhere like AliExpress, Ebay, etc and ship it to them. So you are like a middle-man. Its a great method because you keep no inventory and can easily put many different products for sale on your site.

All in all I like where this training is focused. Its definitely a good way to make money online and is something that is do-able. However, is the training really a good choice? There are some concerns that I have…

Concerns About My Ecom Club

I originally came across My Ecom Club after reviewing a scam program called Free Biz Account which lured people in thinking they were getting some free program that was going to make them tons of money only to find out that they were being pushed to buy My Ecom Club’s Gold Membership.

So I was suspicious of this all right off the bat. It wasn’t a good first impression. And to make matters worse I read another review which pointed out that Rocky Lin, the creator of it all, was involved in a scam in the past called My Secret Sites. This was an extremely misleading scam that you could buy into to get “secret sites” created for you that would give you complete and automated cash freedom. It had a very scammy sales pitch that was absolutely ridiculous and it was created by Rocky Lin as well.

Now I’m hoping that Rocky turned over a new leaf and doesn’t do this kind of thing anymore but its just something worth thinking about. You can form your own opinion from this information.

What Other People are Saying About My Ecom Club

If you go on My Ecom Club’s Facebook page there are a lot of reviews…. over 120 reviews total with an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars, which is pretty darn good. Most people say that the coaches are wonderful and that the training is very good.

HOWEVER… there is another concern that I have which I found from reading over member reviews. Apparently the price tag is much higher than the memberships I talked about above. In order to continue with the training at a certain point you will have to pay over $1,000, which is a price that is going to be out of budget for many, meaning that this is going to be a waste of time.

Something else that concerns me is that I read reviews from people claiming that you have to refer in other members to continue with the training. I only saw one review saying this but its still concerning.

I don’t really know what is going on here but one thing is for sure…. they NEED to be more transparent!

Conclusion on My Ecom Club – Good Opportunity or Not?

My Ecom Club provides training and tools for what I consider to be a good way to make money online, which I have experience in doing. However there are concerns that I have and need answered before I would be willing to tell people to go ahead and sign up for this program. But anyway… the choice is yours. It appears to be a good program, there are just some little things I worry about and I really don’t care for the lack of transparency here.

If you are a beginner to making money online I would actually recommend Wealthy Affiliate over this. Why? Because this is what I got started with back in 2015 and am still a member today. They focus on a different online business model that I think is more suitable for beginners. But anyway, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here for more info.

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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