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Panel Place Review – Worth Your Time or Scam?

Panel Place Review

Panel Place claims to be a website where you can find opportunities to earn money online, but what exactly is meant by this? Is Panel Place a website that is going to be bringing you amazing income opportunities or is this just going to be a waste of time and something that you should be avoiding? Is this all just a scam?

These are all important questions that should be answered before joining a website like this. In this review I will be going over all that you need to know. I’ll cover what exactly this place is, how it works, whether or not it is a scam and worth your time, and more.

What Is Panel Place?

When you land on the PanelPlace website you may think that it is just a normal paid survey site. You know, the sites where you take short online surveys and get paid, usually in the form of points which you are then able to redeem for cash or gift cards. However, this place is not a normal survey site and is different.

Basically this place is just a directory that sends you off to other websites, mainly paid survey sites, where you can earn money online. You could think of them as a middleman in a way. This place is not directly provide you with earning opportunities but rather provide you with a list of different sites that have earning opportunities which you can join.

How It Works

What you will do on PanelPlace it’s fill out some basic profile information in order for them to match you up with earning opportunities. This information includes the following:

  • Name
  • Your country
  • Your city
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

And that is it. Fill that out, confirm your email, and they match you up with a bunch of different sites. The websites that I was matched up with are as follows…

  • Point Club Surveys – Paid survey site
  • Zippy Opinion – Paid suvey site
  • Preply – Paid online tutoring site
  • One Opinion – Paid survey site
  • PollPass – Paid to chat with a bot (answer questions, similar to paid survey sites)
  • PineCone Research Panel – Paid survey site
  • Global Test Market – Paid survey site
  • and others…

This is literally all this website does. You fill out some basic information and they provide you with a list of websites, mostly paid survey websites, that you can join to make money online.

But there are hundreds of different paid survey websites out there and are these ones really any good? Are these ones worth your time?

Are These Sites You Are Referred To Any Good?

Well… This all depends on what type of income opportunity you are actually looking for. The bottom line is that with paid survey websites like this you will be making very little money, which is why I usually recommend paid survey sites for people looking to earn some extra pocket change in their spare time.

Some people like paid survey websites because they can take surveys and earn a little bit of extra money in their spare time, such as on their lunch break or whenever, but most people see them as more of a waste of time than anything.

I I am not familiar with all of the different paid survey websites that Panel Place referred me to, but I am familiar with a bunch of them, such as Point Club, One Opinion, PineCone Research, and Global Test Market.

These are all your pretty typical paid survey websites in are all fairly popular. Generally speaking you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per survey that you completely and these usually take between 10 to 25 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Besides the low earning potential, another downside to the recommendations you are given is that they don’t recommend any GPT sites, or Get Paid To sites which will pay you to do a multitude of different things. GPT sites often pay people for doing things like signing up for websites, signing up for free trials, searching the web, playing games, and of course taking surveys. FusionCash is a good GPT site if you are interested (they have a $5 signup bonus right now just for signing up).

Is PanelPlace Worth Your Time?

So is Panel Place Panel Place even worth your time?

Well it’s think about that for a second… This site just provide you a list of other sites that you can join to make money online. Or the sites really that special? Did this place actually match you up with opportunities that are particularly good for you? Or would it be just as easy to find these opportunities looking around on Google for yourself?

Good Opportunities Specific to You?

The fact of the matter is that Panel Place does not provide you with the best opportunities for you. I mean how could they even? All they did was have you fill out some very basic profile information. So how could they possibly match you up with the best opportunities off of the limited information that they have?

The answer is that they can’t. The list they provide you with is generic.

That said, you are able to fill out your profile in much more detail inside the members area of Panel Place. You are able to fill out information about your household, lifestyle, career, and so more personal stuff. I just don’t get why they don’t make you do this initially. If they did they would potentially match you up with better opportunities from the get-go.

Do They Make Things Easy For You?

It would be nice if a site like this that refers you to a bunch of other sites would make things easy on you when signing up for these other sites. But unfortunately they do not. It would be nice if the profile information filled out at Panel Place was transferred over to the other sites to make the sign up process go a lot faster but this does not happen.

So does this place make things easier on you? Not really.

What I Like About Panel Place

Well honestly there really isn’t too much to like. I have seen plenty of other sites like this that just refer you to other survey sites, but I will say that I like this one more than most.

The reason is because they actually provide truthful information and do not trick people into joining these other paid survey websites. Most of the other similar sites out there somewhat mislead people into joining paid survey websites, as does Survey Money Machines that I recently reviewed. They will feature exaggerated income claims and overall just make people think that the opportunities are better than they really are.

Panel Place keeps things realistic. They don’t tell you that you can make $2000 a month or up to $100 per survey, or any such unrealistic claims. This I like.

What Is The Point of A Site Like This?

You might be wondering what the heck the point of Panel Place is in the first place. I mean this site has to make money to stay in business right? So how are they making money if they aren’t actually providing you with the surveys in getting paid from the companies they are conducting market research for?

You might or might not know this, but survey sites have referral programs that pay people to refer people to join. This is how sites like Panel Place make their money. When you join any of the websites that they recommend, they get paid.

That is why, like I said, most of the websites similar to Panel Place mislead people into joining with exaggerated income claims. This is because they want as many people to join as possible so that they can make as much money as possible.

There is nothing wrong with earning money from referring others, it is just that when it is done in a deceitful way, that is one is wrong. But there is nothing wrong with the way Panel Place goes about it.

Final Thoughts

Okay… so Panel Place is what you could call a referral survey site. They do not provide survey opportunities themselves, but rather refer you to sites that do and earn money in the process.

This referral website could potentially benefit you a little bit if you fill out your profile completely, because then it might match you up with some opportunities that are good specificly to you, but overall I really don’t see much value in using a website like this. I just see them as unnecessary.

Skip the middleman and go straight to the source. This will save you time.

Something Else You Might Be Interested In

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Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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