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Is Prosperity of Life a Scam or Legit?… Pyramid Scheme Maybe? – My Review

Prosperity of Life, aka The Prosperity of Life Network, is all about personal development and wealth creation. But two things about this company seem a bit strange to you? Has someone approached you and tried to get you to join in?… Or maybe a friend? There is a recruitment aspect to this business and I’m guessing this is probably why you are wondering if it is a scam or not.

In this review I will be breaking down how this business really works and providing what you really need to know. As a full disclaimer I am in no way affiliated with Prosperity of Life so I will not be making it seem better than it really is. In fact I am not a fan of this business or businesses like it and you will see why throughout this review.

What Is Prosperity of Life?

The Prosperity of Life Network is a direct sales business that sells personal development courses. The whole business is based around the belief that you can change your life for the better just by changing the way you think about it. Much of the business is focused around wealth creation, which they pushed you to achieve by selling the Prosperity of Life products to other people.

So pretty much people buy into this business to positively change their life, they learn how to think differently and then they are pushed to sell POL to other people. Then the same process happens with those new people. Everyone is buying into prosper in life and are doing so by selling the POL products to others.

The Products

The products consist of live events, recorded seminars, that type of deal. They are very expensive and that is why you hear people talking about earning large commissions selling them to others. They include…

  • M1 – $2,285
  • M2 – $7,950
  • M3 – $12,950
  • M7 – $4,590
  • M7 Fast Track – $6,250

A Look at what you get if you buy into M1:

Know For Yourself Course – In this course you will learn about the downfall of people and how you can avoid it. It will talk about how your perception of the world is key to your success.

Foundation Live Course – Here you are provided with the ways that you can focus your thoughts, language, and actions to live a more successful life and prosper.

Sovereignty Live Course – This course will going to detail about the patterns and cycles of society so that you sort of know what is coming and can provide better services to the world.

Influence Live Course – This course may be a bit “out there” to some people. What it teaches you about is the universal consciousness of life that few people know about and can harness. It will teach you two methods to open yourself up to greater abundance and prosperity by tapping into this universal consciousness.

Are These Products Worth The Price?

When it comes to prices of life coaching products like this it is very hard to say whether or not they are worth it. It’s not like you’re buying a material item that you can determine the price of based on the material it is made from and how well it is made. Instead you are buying info products results of these products depend greatly on beliefs.

Are they overpriced? Although it is hard to say for sure, in my opinion yes they are. Why do I say this? Well because it seems that prices are inflated for the sake of members being able to earn large commissions selling them to other people.

For example if you sell someone into M7 level then you will earn a nice $5000 in commissions. But why not just charge less for the M7 level and pay out less commissions? If you look at it like this it seems that the price is so high it just for the sake of being able to earn these large commissions doesn’t it?

Its All About Recruitment

POL is all about recruiting others into the business. The courses provided are all about changing your life for the better. It’s all about getting more abundance and prosperity, but how do you do this? Well of course it’s all about making money via selling POL to other people. They pump you up and coach you on wealth creation which you then learn to apply when it comes to selling POL to others.

They provide a plethora of training on Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing, blogging, classified ads, etc so that you can market this opportunity. You will also be provided with tools like Lead Vortex Pro so that you can set up landing pages and Lead Manager where you can create websites and manage your leads.

Training on prospecting is also something you will get. This is basically training on finding leads that you will be able to sell POL to. It’s about asking the right questions and getting to know people so that you can better market to them.

The Compensation Plan

They have a compensation plan that requires you to pass two sales up to your sponsor before you can make any money. So let’s say you buy the M1 product for $2285. When you go out and sell this M1 product to others you will not earn anything on those first two sales. Instead they will be passed up to the person who recruited you in, a.k.a. your sponsor. After those two qualifications sales have been met you will start to earn your own commissions.

In the same happens for everyone that you recruiting.… Their first two sales will get past up to you.

One thing that is important to know is that you can only earn commissions from products that you personally own. So if you only have the M1 product and you recruit someone in who purchases the M7 product then you will not earn commissions from that.

Is This A MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

It’s not really a MLM because it does not have a pyramid -like commission structure with multiple levels where commissions will flow up into the pockets of those at the top, however it is similar.

Like a MLM, you will earn money from the people that you recruited in when they pass up their first two sales. And then of course those people that they passed up will have to pass up their first two sales to you as well, and the cycle continues. So in a way this is very much like a MLM it’s just that in a normal MLM these people would be recruited and at levels further and further beneath you, whereas with this “to pass up” qualification system they are passed up to you as if they were your own recruits.

You can’t really call it a pyramid scheme either because the products it sells are real and some people really believe in them. Whether the products are worth the money or not is a matter of opinion, as I talked about above, but I don’t think anyone can call this a pyramid scheme. However the heavy focus on recruitment is concerning.

Why I Don’t Like What I See

I have seen businesses like this before that sell overpriced personal development products that focus on wealth creation and then get people to make money by selling the same products to others. This is nothing new. U-Economy is another program like this that comes to mind.

The reason I do not care for them is because I find them to be very manipulative and in a way “shady”. Think about how it all works for a second… The business is centered around helping others achieve abundance and prosperity in their lives and then pushes them to achieve this by selling their overpriced products to others. Sounds a bit on the shady side does it not?

Conclusion on The Prosperity of Life Network – Scam?

So is The Prosperity of Life Network a scam? I would not call it that although many people do see it as such. I do believe that the creators of this business very much believe in its teachings and what it provides. I do not think they are out to scam anyone.

But anyways, whether it’s a scam or not can be something that you form your own opinion on.

If you do like what you see and you are thinking about joining then you must realize that making money with this business is all about recruitment. And it’s not like you just recruit people in and a setback. Once you recruit people and you have to guide them a little bit so that they can recruit people in as well… Because of course you are going to make money if they do. You are going to get those to pass up qualifications sales that everyone is required to pass up. So the goal is to recruit others in, get them to recruit others in, get those recruits to recruit others and, in the endless cycle continues.

But anyway… Join if you want. This just isn’t my cup of tea.

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