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Is Rain International a Pyramid Scheme? – A Look at the Business Opportunity

rain internationalIs Rain International a pyramid scheme? I noticed that there were a lot of people asking this question online so I decided to write this review to address it. I’m guessing that you, or someone you know is looking into the business opportunity that they offer but are a little suspicious of the business practices. After all, recruitment is a big part of this business.

In this review I’ll be going over how the business operates, how the compensation plan works, whether its a pyramid scheme or not, the downside of this business and more.

Rain International Overview

Rain International is a direct sales company and this is why they have an open business opportunity. Anyone can partner up with them and become an associate. As an associate one can make money selling their products. These range from seed-based protein to seed-based skin care products and more. This entire business revolves around powers of plant seeds. And while they do seem to over-hype the health benefits a tad, there are many proven benefits to be had from seeds.

But anyways..  back to the business opportunity. So you can make money selling the products but that’s not all.. You can also make money by recruiting in new associates beneath you. This is because there is a mlm compensation structure here and this is the “pyramid scheme” part of it.

A Look at The Compensation Plan

As I expected… this compensation plan is way more confusing than is necessary. This is pretty typical in the mlm industry. Many companies make these insanely confusing comp plans to try to make them seem more complex and better than they really are.

Rain International’s is fairly typical. Here you have your personal sales, your team commissions, generational matching bonuses, and a number of different ranks that you must climb in order to make good money.

As an associate you will be able to purchase Rain International products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices. This is one way that you can earn money without recruitment. You will also be able to signup preferred customers which will order products on a monthly basis, earning you commissions each month.

The Team Commissions & Generational Matching Bonuses are all about recruitment. “Team” is just another name for your downline, aka the people that you recruit into the business beneath you. And a Generation is basically a team that someone in your downline forms. The amount you will be able to make on these teams and generations depends on your rank, which brings me to my next point.

Moving up the ranks is critical. As you move up you will unlock more of the compensation plan and be able to earn more money from those beneath you. And of course moving up the ranks is all about recruiting in more associates. You will need to increase the sales of your team and the easiest way of doing this is by recruitment.

Pyramid Scheme?

Rain International does put focus on associates selling products on their own, and not just on recruitment, however I do feel that there is too much emphasis on recruitment.

One of the things that I do not like is how in order to move up the ranks you need to recruit more, but you don’t need to sell more on your own. I think it makes more sense to require that associates make more personal sales as well as recruit to move up the ranks.

Because they put so much focus on recruitment and not enough on each associates’ personal sales, this mlm does lean a bit closer to the pyramid scheme side of things than most that I have looked into. However…without seeing how much money they actually make on new associate recruitment VS sales to the general public, I can’t say for sure if this would be a pyramid scheme in the eyes of the law.

But there is not doubt that they resemble one in many ways and there is a serious downside to this.

The Downside

With many ranks and the ability to earn money a big downline, there is a lot of potential to make a lot of money here. However, this comes at a price.

You see this actually makes it more difficult to make money when just starting out because much of the money you could potentially be making is instead paid to those above you on this pyramid-like mlm structure in the form of Team Commissions and Generational Matching Bonuses.

This leads to a very uneven income distribution where those at the top that are high ranking make a lot and those at the bottom make very little. And there will always be more people at the bottom which is why most people fail in mlm opportunities like this. I just reviewed Wildtree & Jamberry (2 other mlm’s) recently and its the same story with them.

Conclusion on Rain International – Scam or Legit?

Rain International is not a pyramid scheme nor is it a scam. Their seed based nutritional products are something you won’t find anywhere else and I like what I see with them. And their business opportunity, which has been the focus here, is legitimate.

You can make good money here but you have to realize that it isn’t going to be easy by any means. In the mlm world here most people fail due to the compensation structure that mlm’s have. Its a tough business and that is why I stay away from it. But if you like the products that Rain International sells and you think you have what it takes then go for it.

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