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Ryna Holdings Review – Scam or Good Investment Opportunity?

Ryna HoldingsRyna Holdings claims to be a great investment opportunity that you can make a lot of money with. But is this place really that great? Or is Ryna Holdings a scam that is just going to leave you with less money than when you started?

In this review I will be going over what Ryna Holdings is, what they provide, some major concerns I have about what they are doing and more.

Ryna Holdings Review

Ryna Holdings comes off very “salesy” which made me suspicious right away. The one promo video I watch was basically them just showing fancy sports cars and telling me that I could become rich. While I would love to have this life I don’t like opportunities that promote themselves like this.

But anyways… what is Ryna Holdings?

They are an investment service where you can buy different investment packages and make money off of their investments. Basically what you are doing is investing in them and they are investing in crpytocurrencies, stocks, FOREX, and they are also trading in these markets.

They claim to be a great way to make money and claim to be made up by a team of very experienced professionals but I have some concerns about this.

In addition to the investment packages they provide you can also make money by recruiting in others to invest in the company. This is why you might see a lot of people promoting this place.

Investment Packages

There are 3 different investment packages you can choose from. These include…

  • Basic Package: $10 – $1,000
  • Top Package: $1,001 – $5,000
  • Ultimate Package: $5,001 – Higher

Each package lasts for 1 year.

In the FAQ section of their website they tell you that they deal with cryptocurrencies, stocks and FOREX but when you look at these investment packages they make no mention of stocks or FOREX. They only mention cryptocurrenies so I don’t really know what’s the deal with this.

They claim these packages will provide a certain amount of ROI daily. The more you invest the more you earn. I’m very suspicious of this because I both invest and trade cryptocurrencies myself and I know how volatile the market is. I don’t understand how they can promise certain returns like this.

The MLM Side of It

Another way to earn money is by recruiting in other investors. They have a compensation plan that has 9 different ranks and 9 different levels.

When you start out at the first rank of Shareholder you will only have access to 2 levels of the compensation structure. But as you move up the ranks you will be able to unlock more levels until you eventually unlock them all.

You will be able to earn commissions from each member’s investment in your downline based on the percentages below.

  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 4%
  • Level 3 – 3%
  • Level 4 – 2%
  • Level 5 – 2%
  • Level 6 – 1%
  • Level 7 – 0.5%
  • Level 8 – 0.5%
  • Level 9 – 2.5%

If you are unfamiliar with how mlm’s work basically what they do is allow you to earn income from the people you recruit in, from the people that they recruit in, and so on. They often have a bad reputation because they create a very uneven income distribution where those at the top make the majority of the money.


My concerns are that this investment opportunity might not be legit. Why am I worried about this? Well because they have a very lucrative mlm structure which does mean its a scam or anything but is something that makes me suspicious… and they don’t really tell you much of anything about them.

Lack of Information

Who is the team behind this? We don’t know. They claim that their team is “made up of highly experienced securities and trading professionals” but  I don’t see any proof of this actually being the case. All this is to me are words that are not backed up.

The also don’t offer any information about what they actually do.  They tell you that they invest and trade in cryptocurrency as well as Forex and stocks but don’t give you any proof of this. They have absolutely no track-record and no way to verify any of it.

It would be nice if they would give a little detail about things before wanting people to throw their money at them.

Possible Ponzi Scheme

This seems like it could easily be a Ponzi scheme to me. In a Ponzi there is no real value provided and the new incoming investments are distributed to older investors. Ponzi schemes are illegal in many parts of the world because when the money stops flowing in they collapse and the majority of the people involved lose money. Only those that got in early and are at the top stand any chance of gaining.

The reason I think it could be a ponzi is because it has many characteristics of other ponzi’s that I’ve reviewed like Bitty Cash, Resonance Capital, Invia World, etc. It has different investment packages and really pushes investors to go out and recruit other investors in. But of course its not going to say that its a ponzi if it is.

Conclusion on Ryna Holdings – Good Opportunity?

I definitely don’t have enough proof that this is a scam but at the same time I don’t have enough proof that it is a good opportunity. Their lack of transparency and overall lack of information is worrisome and because of this it is impossible to do a good in-depth review of this place. There just isn’t enough to go off of.

And the fact that there is barely anything to go off of is what is so concerning. Well that and the fact that they push people to recruit others in with their 9 level mlm structure.

Ryna Holdings could potentially be legit but I think there is a much higher possibility that they are not. It is very likely that this is just another ponzi that is doomed. Because of what I see I will not be investing that is for sure. However, you can do what you want to. I don’t advise it but if you do invest just make sure not to put in any more money than you can afford to lose. Stay safe.

Leave any questions or comments you have below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂 Also you might be interested in taking a look at how I make a living online Here.

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