Semantic Investment App review
"Get Rich Quick", Easy Money Scams

Semantic Investment App, Scam or Easy Way to Make Money – [Read Review]

Semantic Investment App review

The Semantic Investment App claims to be some crazy good new automated trading software that can easily make over $3,000 a day for its users. But is this really true? Can you really believe what they tell you here of is the Semantic Investment App a scam that you need to avoid like the plague?

The truth is that NO you cannot trust what you hear. This trading app is not what it seems and there is no way I recommend anyone buy into this. I know its free to use but as you will see in this short review it is not worth the risk.

Semantic Investment App Review

You have to be really careful when it comes to trading softwares like this. It seems that there are many more scam softwares/apps out there for automated trading than legitimate ones. When you hear the words “automated”, “easy”, along with bold claims like being able to make $3,000+ per day… you should be suspicious, very suspicious.

And I’m guessing you were suspicious of what you heard here. After all, you are reading my review right now and its a good thing you are.

The truth is that the Semantic Investment App has all the common characteristics of a big old scam, just like Profit Wizard Pro, Bitcoin Bonanza, Bitcoin Focus Group, etc. You will lose your money with this app instead of gain. You will see why I’m saying this.

How The App Works (Allegedly)

Of course, just like every other scam trading software/app that I’ve reviewed, this software runs with some special trading algorithm that is super accurate. It can supposedly predict the forex market so good that it has a 92% accuracy rating.

And of course they don’t really give you any information on how the algorithm actually works. But I suppose this is because it is a “secret”.

The fact that they are very vague when it comes to how this actually works and is so accurate is a major red flag. I understand that if this were true they wouldn’t want to tell you everything or else someone else would just copy them, but they definitely could have told you more than they did.

A Look at the Creator.. The Man Behind The App

The person that presents the app in the video, if you watched it, is named Roger J. Greco. However, this is not true. This is just a made up name to hide the names of the real creators, who are nothing more than scammers.

If you try to find any information on this guy related to the app you will not find a thing other than what is known from the video, which is just about nothing.

What I also find funny is that the German version of the video presentation has a creator by the name of Hans Klein. I was reading another review when I found this information. The reviewer was German himself and had screenshots showing that this was the guys’s name (allegedly).

Funny how the name changes yet Roger would still be Roger in any language. This is just another major red flag that this is a scam.

Fake Testimonials

And the fakeness of this scam app continues….

The testimonial videos of people who claim to have made tons of money with this app are simply not true. These people are paid actors that can be hired on They have never actually used the app and are just saying what they got paid to say.

I review scams like this often so I am very used to seeing this. Fiverr is the popular place to hire people to fake testimonial videos. I actually recognized the one lady in the video right away. Below you can see a screenshot of the presentation video along with a screenshot of her profile on Fiverr…semantic investment app scam

But The Software Is Free to Use…

This is where they get you. How can this be a scam if the software is free to use right? The answer is very easily.

What happens when you sign up to use this software is you are directed to a broker to deposit money because of course you have to fund your account before you can make any trades right?

The will direct you to an unregulated broker that follows no rules. They are unregulated and there is virtually no customer protection. From reviews I’ve read Stox Market is one of the brokers they might send you to. But this could change.


You will have to start with a minimum deposit of $250, which you can then kiss goodbye because you will never see it again.

The scammers behind Semantic Investment App are partnered with these brokers and get paid to send people to them. Its all one big massive scam.

The app might make you think that you are making money. It might show you winning a bunch of trades and getting more money in your account. I know other scam apps I have reviewed in the past do this. But when you try to cash out your money you will not be able to. This is when people realize they have been scammed.

When it comes to automated trading softwares like this you have to be really careful with the brokers. Brokers make money off of people losing trades so for a legitimate broker to partner and allow people to use an automated trading app like this with 92% accuracy would be extremely rare and probably non-existent. So really look into the brokers with these things. If you can’t find any information or don’t really trust them, avoid it.

Final Thoughts

Semantic Investment App is your typical run-of-the-mill trading software scam. It promises high returns, a high win rate, and automated trading. It claims to be an easy and guaranteed way to make it rich for the most part but in reality it is an easy and guaranteed way to lose a minimum of $250.

Most automated trading apps like this are scams so use your better judgement when you are looking into something. Stay safe out there. If you want to use this app go right ahead but I certainly do not advise doing so.

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Also, leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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