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Is Sisel International a Scam? – Review of the Business Opportunity

Sisel InternationalSisel International’s business opportunity has the potential to be a lucrative career choice, but is it worth your time? Or is Sisel International a scam that is just going to lead you on with false hopes of making good money?

I know there are a lot of people out there looking for more information on this business opportunity so I decided to take the time to write this review. I’ll be going over how the business works, how you make money, the downside of it and more. And by the way, I’m not affiliated with this company at all. This is an unbiased 3rd party review.

Sisel International Overview

Sisel International is a mlm company that sells a range of products. They sell everything from tea, to skin moisturizers & cleansers, to weight loss packs and more. I’m not here to review their products but I will take a moment and say that they seem to be decent at the very least.

The business opportunity that Sisel International offers is available to anyone who signs up. Because it is a mlm, which stands for multi-level marketing business, it is common for people to be suspicious of this business due to the recruitment aspect. Not only can distributors make money by selling Sisel International products, but they also can make money by recruiting in new distributors.

How You Make Money

There are basically 2 categories that everything can fall into: personal sales and recruitment. However, there are 6 ways to make money total in their compensation plan and I’ll briefly touch upon each.

1) Fast Start Bonus

When you recruit in a new person you will earn 20% from their sales volume. The people beneath you down to the 4th level will also earn 5% commissions on that.

2) Direct Commissions

Here you earn direct commissions from the repeat purchases in your “organization”, aka your downline.

This comes from a unilevel structure that goes 8 levels deep. That means that you can earn from purchases of your recruits (1st level), their recruits (2nd level), the 2nd level’s recruits (3rd level) and so on.

3) Master Check Match

With this you will earn commissions on the “generations” beneath you, down to the 4th generation. These generations are basically other organizations within your organization. They are formed when someone in your downline reaches the rank of Master.

You will earn 10% on the 1st gen, and 5% on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen.

4) Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are all about selling products and have nothing to do with recruitment. Here you earn 20% commissions for every preferred customer that you bring in for life.

5) Rank Advancement Bonus

You will earn bonuses for advancing up the ranks.

6) Luxury Auto Bonus

This is a car bonus. Those at the highest ranks have the chance to get cars as a bonus.

The Downside to This Business Opportunity

The mlm business is great for some but bad for many. The fact of the matter is that few people will make good money in this business due to the structure it has.

The pyramid-like mlm structure benefits those at the top but takes away from those at the bottom. The only way to make good money is by recruiting, moving up the ranks and getting high up where you can earn from many of those beneath you. Sure you can make Retail Commissions from sales that you make to the general public. But much of this compensation plan is focused on recruitment and this is what is going to make you the real money.

With a structure like this there will need to be more people on the bottom than at the top, and what this means is that very few people will make good money. This explains why most people in mlm’s fail and why they have such high turnover rates.

Conclusion on Sisel International – Scam?

Sisel International is not a scam at all. The products sold are legit and so is the business opportunity. It is your average mlm opportunity in a lot of ways. Team commissions, ranks, bonuses etc… all typical for mlm’s. I don’t particularly care for mlm’s because of how difficult they are but this is still legit nonetheless.

If you are considering joining just know what you are getting yourself into. Most people fail in this business. I couldn’t find an income disclosure to prove this but I have reviewed enough similar mlm opportunities, like Purium & Life Force, to know that with a compensation structure like this the reality is most people will fail.

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