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Userlytics Review – Good Opportunity to Make Money Online?

UserlyticsIf you are looking to make money online testing websites then Userlytics is one of your options. But is this place any good? Possible scam maybe?

In this Userlytics review I’ll be going over all you need to know including how it works, how much you will make, complaints and more.

Userlytics Review

Userlytics is a user testing company just like UserTesting. They get hired by companies and individuals to test out websites to make sure they are easy to use. This is important because of course no site wants it to be difficult for users, then they will lose visitors and lose money.

As someone looking to make money online you can make $10 per test completed. Its a simple job and pays decent compared to other money making opportunities people are looking into, like paid surveys for example.

How It All Works

Its pretty simple how it all works. You will be given a list of tasks to perform on a website. These will include simple things the normal website visitors would do like adding items to a shopping cart, navigating to a certain page, etc. The goal here is to see how easy it is to perform the tasks.

After completing everything you will have to give feedback on your experience. They are looking for the truth, not what is nice. So if the website you tested out was horribly complicated then you should tell them how bad it is. This is good for the companies that hire Userlytics as they will be able to improve their site based on quality feedback.

The tests will vary in the length that they take but generally I would say you can expect them to take 20 minutes.

What You Need

The requirements for the job aren’t all that much. If you have a computer chances are you have everything you need.

You will need a webcam, microphone, high speed internet, and if you have a Mac you will need OSX 10.6 or higher, if a PC you will need Windows XP or higher.

Many computers nowadays have microphones and webcams built in so hopefully you won’t need to go out and buy them.

How Much You Will Make

Userlytics pays a rate of $10 per test. This is right around what the standard is for user testing sites like this and I consider it to be pretty good. $10 for about 20 minutes or so of work isn’t too bad at all.

In some circumstances they will pay more than this but this isn’t to be expected. I have read over some user reviews that claim to have made $12 per test.

In order to get paid you will need a PayPal account. If you do not have one they are free to sign up for so don’t worry. Userlytics pays weekly on every Friday.


There really aren’t any bad complaints when it comes to this site. And when I say this I mean it. If you have read my reviews before then you know I can be pretty harsh. If there are complaints I mention them. But when it comes to Userlytics I can’t really find anyone complaining about it.

That said, I do have one complaint of my own and that is that there isn’t much opportunity here. What I mean by this is that you can’t just go test out sites back to back and earn money all day long. You never know how many available testing jobs there will be. It seems that some people get multiple per day which is really good, yet others might only get 1 job available per week. It just depends.

Conclusion on Userlytics – Good Opportunity?

Userlytics is a good opportunity to make money online and it is something that I would recommend, but…. only if you are looking for a little supplemental income in your spare time. While it is possible to make some decent money here I would definitely not rely on it by any means. You just don’t know what to expect.

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