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WHAFF Rewards App Review – Scam or Can You Really Make Money Dowloading Apps?

WHAFF RewardsThe WHAFF Rewards app gives you the ability to earn a little extra cash (or other rewards) by doing simple things like installing apps on your phone and playing them. Too good to be true maybe? I know it sounds like somewhat of a strange concept but this really is how this all works.

That said, there are some downsides to this app and its not a great choice for everyone out there. In this WHAFF Rewards app review I’ll be going over all you need to know beforehand. I’ll go over how it all works, complaints, etc.

WHAFF Rewards App Review

As stated, WHAFF Rewards will actually pay you to download and play apps. You will get paid to play games. Sounds fun right?

If you are unfamiliar with this concept here is what you need to know: Basically WHAFF is a platform where developers and advertisers can promote their apps. They pay WHAFF to promote the apps and then WHAFF pays you a small amount of that to try out the app. So its a win/ win for everyone. Developers/advertisers get people to try the app with the hopes of it becoming popular and you people like you and I, who play the app, get paid.

As you can imagine there are all sorts of app offers that you will find…. game apps, shopping apps, streaming apps, you name it.

One of the downsides to it is that you won’t get paid very much at all.

Other similar apps include: PocketFlip & AppKarma.

The Money Making Process

Inside the app you will have a list of offers for apps that you can make money with. Beside each app it will say how much you will be able to earn for each step of the process, which I’ll go over now…

1) Installing the App

The first way to make money is by installing the app. Nothing fancy here. Just install the app and earn a couple of cents.

2) Run the App

Next up is running the app. There will be a specified amount of time that you will have to run the app to get this bonus… usually a couple of minutes.

3) Keep the App

You will also be able to receive a daily reward for keeping the app on your mobile device. This is to keep people from installing, getting paid, and then uninstalling. Don’t expect much though.

Referring Friends

You will also be able to earn $0.30 for referring other people to WHAFF.

How Much Can You Actually Make?

The truth is that you will barely make anything with this app. However, some people still like it because it is very simple to make money with and they can use it in their own time.

Generally speaking you won’t make more than 5-6 cents per app. Not all apps pay the same. Some will pay more for downloading than others, while some will pay longer for having the app installed… you never really know what exactly to expect.

An example for you is: $0.03 to download, $0.02 cents to play for 2 minutes, and $0.01 as a daily reward for keeping it installed. This is a total of 6 cents, which I would say is on the higher side.

Now you might think that you can just leave the apps installed on your mobile device and continue earning daily rewards but this will not work. They will have a specific amount of daily rewards that you are able to earn, usually between 1-3.


You will be able to claim gift vouchers, gift cards, and cash after you have enough money in your account with WHAFF. Paypal is your best option in my opinion and I think this is what most people are cashing out their money through.


There are a good bit of mixed reviews on this app. Some people love it while others hate it.

Most people that are leaving bad reviews are those claiming that they have not received their payment. They earned money, cashed out, and haven’t actually received the money. This is a serious problem but I don’t really know how widespread it actually is.

There are also a fair amount of people complaining about the rewards that are available. If you live in the US there are a good amount of rewards but if you live in other countries there are probably not going to be as much.

All in all this app has a very good rating on Google Play with 4,4/5 stars. And its also worth mentioning that there have been around 700k people who have rated it.

Conclusion on WHAFF Rewards App – Good Opportunity?

Whether this is a good opportunity or not really just depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion it is pretty much as waste of time but some people like it. Not only are you earning pennies, but you are also going to be draining your device’s battery and using up a lot of data in some circumstances.

Another thing you should know is that you can’t just go through installing apps all day. They don’t have unlimited app offers so there really isn’t all that much opportunity.

But anyways… its not a scam if you were worried about that. participate in making money with this app if you want to, I’m not going to say do or don’t.

Something else that you might be interested in since you are looking to make money in your spare time, is this program. I’ve been a members since 2015 and actually make a living working online with it. You can learn more about it here.

Comments or questions? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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