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Wondough Review – Scam or Good Opportunity to Make Money Online?

WondoughWondough is a new paid survey type site where you can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping and more. But is it any good when compared to other similar sites? Or is Wondough just a waste of time that you should avoid?

In this Wondough review I’ll be answering these questions for you. If you were thinking about signing up for Wondough you are going to want to read this first.

Wondough Review

As I said, Wondough is a paid survey site, a GPT (get paid to) site, or whatever you want to call it. They offer several ways that you can earn money in the form of gift cards online.

Sites like this earn money in a few different ways. Basically this site earns from a mix of market research and promotions. They do provide a legitimate service and you really can make money. However, there are a lot of sites like this out there which means that some others might be more worth your time.

A Look Inside


The surveys that they offer are nothing special. They are your typical run-of-the-mill surveys. I say that on the site they were offering surveys for CashCrate and SaySo Surveys. I’m not too big of a fan of this because you can just go to CashCrate or SaySo Survey’s website and take them directly there, which is more streamlined and all.

Generally I would say you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.25 – $2.00 with these surveys.


They also will pay you to watch videos. Most of these videos only pay 1 point (which can later be redeemed for money) but you will find some that pay a good bit more, which are rare. These videos can be about anything and are usually a couple minutes long.

Install & Signup 

You will be able to earn points for installing certain programs on your computer and signing up for various sites. This is something that can be a pain and honestly I would not risk installing things on your computer with a site like this.

Shopping & Coupons

They also have a cashback & coupon program where they will pay you to shop online or give you coupons to save.

The cashback offers are very random and unorganized. Basically they just have a bunch of random products like underwear, shirts, and socks that you can buy to earn points. The coupon program is just as bad. They have a bunch of outdated coupons that make no sense. For example as I’m writing this they have coupons for Black Friday and Christmas even though Christmas just passed.


When you rack up enough points you will be able to redeem them for gift cards. They are priced at 100 points for $1. The cheapest gift card that you can get is a $3 Amazon gift card. So that means that you will need at least 300 points before you can get any reward at all.


Not Much Opportunity

Overall there really isn’t much to this site. There aren’t many offers available and the amount you can earn is very limited.

Extremely Slow

There is no way they are going to get any good business with how slow their site is. I felt like I had a dial-up internet connection when I was on the site. It is horrible.


Some of the offers that I saw were placed in categories that they did not belong in. This is unprofessional and disorganized. For example they had offers to sign up to take surveys at other survey sites in the Coupons section…. makes no sense at all.

Conclusion on Wondough – Good Opportunity?

Overall Wondough is just not a good choice. It is severely lacking in many areas and I don’t see why anyone would use this site over other similar sites like Swagbucks and PaidViewPoint.

Swagbucks, for example, offers way more ways to earn, has been around for years, has a fast and easy to navigate site, and offers a lot more in the way of rewards. They are better on every level and if you are looking to earn just a bit of extra money filling out surveys, watching videos, and completing other offers than you might want to take a look at them.

However, its important to know that you won’t make much on any paid survey type site that is out there. The reality is that sites like this pay extremely little for your time. Its nice that you can make a bit of extra money on your own time, but is it really worth it? I dabbled with paid survey sites a few years ago but ended up getting away from that just because of the extremely low amount of money you make.

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