Kennedy Accounts scam

Are “Kennedy Accounts” a Scam by Jeff Yastine? – Please Read This Review First!

Kennedy Accounts scamRecently I came across a video presentation for what Jeff Yastine calls “Kennedy Accounts”, which he claims to be a much better investment opportunity than IRA’s, 401(k)s, and every other retirement account out there. But is all this talk really true? Or is it just a bunch of hoopla that you should avoid?

The big question that you are probably asking yourself is whether or not this is all a scam…. is Kennedy Accounts a scam or is this the real deal? After watching the video presentation and doing more research on this I knew I had to write a review of it. Why? Well because what he tells you and the reality are two different things. This has got to be one of the most over-the-top sales pitches I have ever heard and I’ll go over why… not to mention there a few blatant lies that he tells you.

Kennedy Accounts Review

There are probably multiple different presentations for this opportunity but above the video presentation that I watched it stated that these Kennedy Accounts investment opportunities have been “hidden from everyday Americans for 54 years”. It also claimed to reveal a secret that can “turn a small stake into as much as $1.19 million starting on April 28th” and was supposedly called “Wall Street’s Best Kept Secret” by some anonymous former hedge fund manager. Lots of claims but are they true?

In my opinion most of what you are being told in the presentation is probably a bunch of BS. You are probably thinking the same thing right now too, which I’m guessing because you are reading my review right now to see if this is legit.

The reason I doubt that some of the bold claims made are even true is because most of what is said is simply stated with no evidence to back it up. Jeff Yastine claims that a “former Wall Street trader” called this an opportunity where you can “turn pocket change into millions” and that a “financial insider” called this opportunity “the last remaining break for small investors”. All of these quotes (which there are more of) are given by anonymous sources. So there is no way for me to look into them to see if they are real or fake.

But I’m guessing they are fake because I found some other information given which I can prove to be fake.

The People Jeff Claims Have Made All This Money With “Kennedy Accounts” Are Not Real

Yes you heard me right…. they aren’t real.

One example he gave in the video presentation was a woman named Denise Wilks who supposedly stumbled upon this “Kennedy Accounts” secret while reviewing wealthy people’s taxes working at the IRS. She supposedly was able to grow a $1,841 investment into $10 million.

The problem here is that the image shown is a fake. I did a reverse Google image search for the woman pictured in the video and found the same darn picture (well… half of it) published on a different website over a year ago…

Then take a look at this example he gave: Supposedly this “Samuel Murphy” guy, who is a postal worker, turned $45 into $60,000 with this method. The problem here is that I also did a reverse Google image search for his photo and found the same darn photo on a website about dating… funny…

So the question is: Is this “Samuel Murphy” guy really a postal worker that turned $45 into $60,000? Or is he a relationship expert that is giving women advice on dating younger men??? (joke).

But seriously… the pictures that Jeff presents to you of these people are likely stock photos that creators of this video presentation bought. Anyone can buy stock photos online and use them as they please. The pictures are not who Jeff tells you they are and because of this I don’t think any of this information is trustworthy… but of course you can form your own opinion of this, I’m just presenting you with some information worth knowing.

What Are “Kennedy Accounts” Anyhow?

“Kennedy Accounts” is just a term made up by Jeff… I guess because its catch and helps with the sales pitch he is throwing at you, which reminds me of the “Freedom Checks” sales pitch I reviewed recently. In reality these Kennedy Accounts are really just Direct Stock Purchase Plans or DSPP’s. And DSPP’s are investment plans that allow people to buy stock in a company directly from that company without having to go through a broker.

Jeff tells you that Kennedy supposedly passed a law during his presidency that brought DSPP’s about as a way to stimulate the economy. However, this appears to be a bunch of horse shit. I did some research on this and found that DSPP’s were originally introduced in the 1950’s by companies, which I found on the investment guidance site StreetAuthority. John Kennedy didn’t become president until 1961 so unless he used a time machine or something this would be impossible.

But anyways… DSPP’s can be better investment choices than what you typically see because you eliminate the middleman. You invest directly and don’t have to pay a broker commission fees. Additionally Jeff tells you that the dividend payments you receive from your DSPP stock investments will automatically be reinvested for you, buying you more stock. This can lead to a snowball effect of higher dividend payments and more stock purchases.

So yes… DSPP’s are a real thing and you can make money with them… .but what the heck is all this “Kennedy Accounts” stuff really about?

Whats Really Going On Here…

Whats really going on here is Jeff is trying to get you to buy his Total Wealth Insider newsletter subscription where he will give you his top 5 picks for dividend reinvestment stocks.

* As a side note: This Total Wealth Insider newsletter is published by Banyan Hill. They are know for this kind of ridiculous sales pitch type of thing just like Agora FinancialTotal Wealth Insider

The price for this subscription ranges from $49 to $129 depending on what subscription level you choose.

Is this price worth it? Well I don’t see why not… I mean just take a look at this insane guarantee that Jeff makes…

That’s right… Jeff claims that if his advice doesn’t give you the chance to make $10,000 in profit he will refund your subscription.

This is one of the most misleading statements I have ever heard, which I should have expected after watching the video presentation. A chance to make $10,000 tells you nothing. You could make $10,000 off of a 1% gain if you invested $1,000,000 to start with. But if you only have $100 and make that same investment you will only make $1… So this is VERY MISLEADING.

Conclusion on Jeff Yastine’s Kennedy Accounts and Total Wealth Insider

Is this a scam? I wouldn’t go as far to call it a scam but at the very least the information given is very misleading and lures people in with the hopes and dreams of making insane profits… which isn’t likely.

Will Jeff’s advice in Total Wealth Insider be able to make you money? Probably… but will you turn $45 into $60,000 like that fake postal worker he showed in the video presentation? Not a chance.

Jeff seems to have a good background. He has decades of experience as a financial journalist and one of the most notable jobs he had was as an anchor on PBS’s Nightly Business Report. So this guy does know his stuff…. its just the very misleading sales pitch that he throws at me like I’m an idiot that upsets me.

Should you buy his newletter? That is a question for yourself. I’m not going to buy it but this is just me.

Anyhow… I really hope you enjoyed my review and I hope I helped you out a bit. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about any of this below and I will get back to you soon 🙂

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