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Legendary Marketer Review – A Great Way To Lose $20,000+

Legendary Marketer Review

Is Legendary Marketer a scam? Can you really make money with this program? How much money can you potentially lose?… These are all questions that are very important and should definitely be answered before diving into a program like this.

If you came looking for answers on Legendary Marketer then you are right we need to be. In this in-depth review I’ll be going over (hopefully) everything that you need to know about Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer program.

And I’ll tell you what… I’ll cut straight to the point here… No Legendary Marketer is not a scam, HOWEVER there is definitely a lot of very misleading promotional material out there and you do not want to get involved with this unless you truly know what you’re getting involved with. You can make money with this program but it also can be a great way to lose $20,000 and more.

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What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer, found at LegendaryMarketer.com, is a high-ticket online marketing training program and more. Besides providing training on lead generation, finding products to promote, building your own digital products, advertising.. just to name a few… It also provides coaching/training on becoming a true independent entrepreneur.

In addition to all of this are also a lot of “done for you” components to this program. There’s a good chance you came across what is called “Duplicate Dave“.

Duplicate Dave” is just another name for the Legendary Marketer program. The reason is called Duplicate Dave is because of all the “done for you” components, which allow you to easily duplicate a system that is proven to sell.

Okay… Maybe I said that in a confusing way… What I’m trying to say is that there are pre-made sales funnels, ads, emails, etc., that you can use to simply promote the Duplicate Dave system to other people and make money.

In a Nutshell:

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing training program that is designed to help people start making money online, develop their own online businesses, scale, and even potentially grow them to massive proportions. There is a lot of really good training within this program but what creates most of the controversy around it is the duplicatable system and how many people joined the system and then go out to promote it to others.

Much of the training, and pretty much all of the “done for you” components, or focused on getting members to go out and promote Legendary Marketer to other people. You get training focused on selling the same system to other people and also get the resell rights to the different “tiers” of training that you have purchased yourself.

I’ll go more into detail on all of this soon.

The program is very similar to The Super Affiliate Network (if you’ve ever heard of this place) but in my opinion a little better.

Who Is This Dave Sharpe Guy?

Dave Sharpe talks about how he has made over $170 million in sales online. It is this really true?

Well, I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I am guessing it very well could be true. Dave Sharpe has been around for a while and is well known for being highly successful when it comes to online marketing.

He is probably the most well-known for his involvement with Empower Network, which was a high ticket program (somewhat similar to Legendary Marketer) that was basically a pyramid scheme. It collapsed a while back and tons of people lost tons of money. There are plenty of reviews on the Empower Network that you can look into if you want to.

So this really there is a monkeywrench into everything doesn’t it? The day was involved in a high ticket program that most people would probably consider it a scam… Not a good sign.

That said… Legendary Marketer is much different and much more legitimate without a doubt. In fact, it has no pyramid -like structure so it cannot be considered a pyramid scheme by any means.

“A System For Promoting The System”

There are many different promotional videos out there online for “Duplicate Dave” and Legendary Marketer, which are one and the same. Much of the promotional material focuses on franchising and why starting a franchise business is the way to go.

Dave tells you that 1/10 traditional businesses fail, but 9/10 franchise businesses are successful in the real world. I looked this up and according to Entreprenuer.com this is true in some cases. So why not apply the franchise model to online business?

This is essentially what Dave is doing with Legendary Marketer. You can buy in and then resell the same system to other people, earning commissions this way. By doing this you do not have to work on developing your own product/service or anything like that. And as I mentioned earlier, you are provided with many “done for you” components to make it even easier.

The “killer ads”, the sales funnels, the email follow-up series… It is all done for you.

Good or Bad?

This can somewhat be looked at as both good and bad. There is no doubt that much of the focus of Legendary Marketer is on promoting the same system to other people, in which the ethics of this business model could be questioned. However, this franchise model makes it easier for complete beginners to get started online, people who have no product to sell and have no previous experience in online marketing.

Another downside to this is that you aren’t really going to learn how to do much for yourself. For example… You get sales funnels that are proven to convert when it comes to promoting Legendary Marketer, but you aren’t going to be taught how to create your own killer sales funnel if you want to promote another offer.

Sure.. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t apply what you learn here to other online businesses, but the focus is on promoting Legendary Marketer and this is much easier to do.

The Products & Cost To Get Started

Okay… Now let’s talk about the different products in the cost to get started with this program.

I have seen it described as a “pay to play” system. This means that you have to pay for the different products before you can earn money promoting them. There isn’t just one product within the Legendary Marketer program. There are multiple products ranging from $30/mo up to $12,000. You only are able to promote the products that you personally have purchased.

So for example: if you buy into Legendary Marketer’s Club for $30 per month, you will only be able to make money selling this product to other people. If you want to make large commissions selling the expensive $12,000 product, you will first have to purchase that.

The different products that are within Legendary Marketer in the commissions you can earn  reselling them are as follows…

You can also become a free affiliate and earn commissions but the amount you will earn as such is not even relatively close to what is shown above.

Also, there used to be a product called Legendary Lifestyle Experience that was priced at $30,000. This included meet ups in exotic locations and one-on-one training with Dave, but I have no idea what happened to this product… It is not listed anymore.

Anyways… I will briefly touch on all of the currently available products below:

1) Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo) – This is your introductory course and is what you will normally be funneled into buying when you see promotions for “Duplicate Dave” and such online. This course provides introductory material on all sorts of things, such as advertising on Facebook and YouTube, lead generation, marketing on Facebook and YouTube without spending money, and you also get access to weekly live webinars.

And again, with this you also get all the “done for you” stuff, such as the sales funnel, landing pages, different types of ads, a massive 45 day follow-up email sequence, and more.

2) Traffic Rolodex ($247 one time) – This products is all about traffic generation. It is a bundle of a courses and provides more advanced in detailed advertising training than the Legendary Marketer’s Club product discussed above. You will learn paid advertising from experts who are actually good at doing what they do, you will be shown how to set up campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

Also… One thing that, my eyes that they teach you how to make your landing pages compliant so that you don’t get your account banned. Facebook is a real bitch when it comes to banning advertising accounts. I’ve had my account banned multiple times in the past and it is one heck of a hassle trying to get them to re-enable it. So it is very good to see that they teach you how to do this the right way so that you don’t have to deal with all this crap.

3) Affiliate Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – This blueprint is obviously all about affiliate marketing, which is what you are doing if you are going to promote Legendary Marketer to other people. Affiliate marketing is when you simply promote products online, that aren’t yours, and earn commissions when you help make sales. This is a great business model for beginners.

Unlike the Legendary Marketer’s Club, this product focuses more on affiliate marketing in general, and is in all about promoting Legendary Marketer to other people.

4) Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – Have you ever wanted to create your own digital product, such as an e-book? Well then this blueprint will help. Here you are guided on creating your very and to show product based on your knowledge.

5) Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – This is a blueprint for starting your own coaching/consulting business online. You will be guided through identifying a niche, developing a sales pitch, delivering your product/service, and scaling your business.

This type of thing is probably not for the majority of people reading this review… It is more for those that are advanced and most people reading this probably don’t have an interest in it.

6) Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – Here is another blueprint that is pretty darn advanced and probably not for the majority of people reading this. This blueprint is all about setting up your own mastermind live event. It covers things like hiring people for the event, selecting a post venue, etc.

You can certainly make a heck of a lot of money hosting live events like this if you are good, but this is very advanced.

7) Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 one time) – And then come the mastermind events. This event consists of a three day life meet up with top online marketers. The focus here is on lead generation and conversions.

These events are held at locations in the US, often times that places like mansions.

8) Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 one time) – This is another mastermind event that consists of a three day in person made up. However, this is more advanced and more for someone who is looking to become a true entrepreneur, in all senses. Topics at this event include health, wealth, wisdom and growth.

Definitely Not a Good Choice For Everyone

If you don’t have much money to spend and you don’t have any prior experience in online marketing, then this might not be that great of a choice for you.

As mentioned, the Legendary Marketer’s Club is focused on duplicating the system… Getting you to go out there and promote it to other people. If you’re going to continue on this path then you’re going to want to be able to earn higher commissions, which means you will want to purchase the more expensive higher ticket products to sell.

Now if everything went perfectly, you would be able to sell enough Legendary Marketer’s Club memberships to cover the costs of the next product, and you would then sell enough of the next product to cover the cost of the next product… And so on. But of course things don’t work out this way most of the time and you will have to invest money with the hopes of getting it back one day.

What I Like About It

There is no doubt that there is a heck of a lot of value provided when compared to the cost, in particular with the Legendary Marketer’s Club membership. It only cost $30 per month and comes with an abundance of training.

I don’t think anyone can really argue that you get way more than they pay for here.

However, this is common when it comes to high ticket programs like this. Often times the introductory product is low-priced and provides significant value. This way you get a lot of people to join the system, in which they then get up-sold on the more expensive products.

Pros v Cons


Good quality training

Dave knows what he is doing and in this program the other people that provide training know what they are doing as well. This is by no means a program that provides low-quality or outdated training. The training is up-to-date and is proven to work.

When it comes to people complaining about Legendary Marketer, I don’t think anyone is really complaining about the quality of the training. If you see complaints, they are probably complaining about misleading promotional material making it seems easier than it really is, it costing more than they were led to believe, and so on.

30 day moneyback guarantee

Of course there is also the 30 day money back guarantee.

Now I know a lot of people out there are probably worried whether or not this is actually real, and I can assure you that it is. I know there are a lot of scams out there that will claim to provide a guarantee but will never follow through with it. Legendary Marketer will honor this guarantee so there is no need to worry here.



This it may sound a bit weird… Above I said that the training is good quality and provides a lot of value, yet here I am saying that is overpriced. Well… It is both.

There is a lot of value here, but with the higher-ticket products there is definitely some massive overpricing going on. Just think about it… Affiliates that sell the Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind for $12,000 are earning a $4800 commission. Why such a large commission? Why not just sell the product for cheaper in the first darn place?

The reason there are such massive commissions is because this creates increased incentive to go out and promote Legendary Marketer products to other people. The prices are inflated for this reason.. Not all of them however.

Focused on self promotion

A lot of people really do not like programs that supposedly provide you with a way to make money online and then teach you to make money online by selling the program to other people. This is definitely an understandable complaint about Legendary Marketer, however I will say that there is also a lot of good training that is not focused on promoting the system.

That said, this is something that I definitely do not care for.

The coaches/salesmen

Something that I didn’t mention is that when you join you will be assigned a “coach”. However, many people havecomplained about these coaches just being sales men that try to get you to purchase the next more expensive products so that they can earn their money.

This is something that is common when it comes to high-ticket programs and I certainly do not doubt that this is the truth.

How Much Are Affiliates Making?

Since much of the focus within this program is on promoting it to other people, you may be wondering how much affiliates are actually making.

Well… This might come as somewhat of a disappointment, but according to the official income disclaimer, “the average annual gross income for affiliates is projected to be between $500 and $2,000”. So if you take the median of this range, you get $1250…. Pretty disappointing.

Now of course this is the estimated average annual income for affiliates of the system, not counting people that have used Legendary Marketer training to promote other various offers. However… There probably aren’t all that many of these people due to the fact that much of the system pushes members to become affiliates and promote it to other people.

Seeing in extremely low average income like this makes me question the success rate that Dave talks about, which he claims is that 9/10 franchise businesses tend to be successful. I guess this depends on what you consider successful and it also really depends on the particular franchise in question. Not all franchises have the same success rates.

I was recently reading an article on Forbes about the worst vs best franchises to buy. What you get involved with makes a big difference, which I think is common sense.

Promotional Content Is Misleading

One of the main reasons for me writing this review is to help clear the air on what exactly Legendary Marketer is. There is a heck of a lot of misleading promotional material out there and often times it leads people to believe that this is going to be some super easy way to make money online.

The income disclaimer tells it all… If it were super easy than a lot more people would be making a lot more money.

What you have to remember is that the people promoting this are doing so to make money themselves. They are promoting it as some amazing way to make money online, but if people don’t buy into it then they don’t make money online in the first place.

There are all sorts of ads out there for this system along with many different websites and sales funnels. I actually reviewed a website called End Financial Stress Now a while back that is a sales funnel for the Legendary Marketer system.

Do You Have To Worry About This Business Getting Shut Down?

One concern that many people have, and if you are concerned about this then you should be, is that this business might get shut down by the government.

Could you imagine buying in, spending a bunch of money, and then the business going out of business… Leaving you high and dry. Don’t think this stuff can’t happen because it does all the time.

The reason some people are concerned about this is because of the whole business model that is running here, where people buy in at a low price and are later up-sold on higher-ticket more expensive products, all the while being pushed to go out and sell these products to other people.

In the recent past we have seen similar online marketing training programs shut down by the FTC. First there was Digital Altitude’s Aspire program, which is basically a pyramid scheme. Now Legendary Marketer doesn’t have to worry about being shut down for this because there is no MLM compensation structure, it is a simple one-tiered affiliate marketing structure.

However… MOBE is a little more similar and they were also recently shut down by the FTC for being a scam… Mainly due to misleading people to buy in without being straightforward about the real costs of the system. And I hate to say it, but Legendary Marketer is pretty darn similar when it comes to this, although not as bad I will say.

My Recommendation for Beginners

Since you are reading my review I am guessing that you at least care a little bit of what I have to say on this matter. Do I recommend Legendary Marketer, in particular for beginners?

While I do see the value in the training provided, and it is definitely possible that you could go on to make good money with this training program, this is not something that I am personally going to recommend. I have two main reasons for not recommending it: 1) I just don’t care for systems like this that really push members to go out and promote the system to other people, and 2) This it is just too darn expensive for many people out there looking to make money online.

I remember when I was first getting started looking for ways to make money online and I certainly didn’t have the money to spend on a program like this. I mean sure, I could have joined for the $30/mo Legendary Marketer’s Club membership, but this will only get you so far as I have already explained… You will have to purchase more if you want a good shot at making good money.

What I Suggest

I would suggested the Wealthy Affiliate training program over Legendary Marketer without a doubt. Wealthy Affiliate is actually where I got started back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. It obviously works because I am now making a living doing this online marketing stuff, which I never really thought was possible.

The reason I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because it is much more affordable. Not only is the program itself way less expensive, but the training also focuses on free traffic generation techniques, which are very effective and that they are… uhhm… Free! This is compared to Legendary Marketer’s focus on paid traffic generation, which can get pricey.

I’m not going to get into all the details here, but I would highly recommend reading my Wealthy affiliate review by clicking the button below…

Questions or comments? Leave them them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Also, what do you think about Legendary Marketer? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on things and I’m sure other readers would appreciate them to.

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