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Legit Flex Job Review – Scam or Legit Online Money Making Opportunity?

Legit Flex JobLegit Flex Job claims to pay very handsomely for people looking to process online worksheets from home. But is this really true? Or is this just another work at home scam that sounds too good to be true?

I decided to write this review because there are some things that people should know about this place. It is not what they claim it is and if you buy into it you will more than likely be very disappointed. In this Legit Flex Job review I’ll be going over the truth of the matter and showing you what this really is.

Legit Flex Job Overview

If you are suspicious of the claims made with this program then you are not alone. I review and expose scams all the time, One Click Pay Day & Your Home Biz recently, and this program definitely has signs of being one right off the bat.

Legit Flex Job, aka Legit Flex Job Academy, claims to be a company that processes online worksheets for other companies. They say that they are looking for independent contractors to work from home processing these worksheets and claim that people are making over a thousand dollars per week doing this.

I understand why this job is so luring to many. They tell you that you can set your own hours, work from wherever you want and work however much you want. The freedom here sounds amazing and of course everyone wants to be able to do these things. However… you are going to want to hold off on buying into this and you will see why.

What Exactly Is This Job?

An “online worksheet processor”??? What is that? I have been working online since 2015 and have reviewed/looked into hundreds and hundreds of work from home opportunities yet I have never heard of anything called an online worksheet processor.

What does this even mean? Unfortunately we will never know because they don’t go into any detail really. Pretty much all they tell you is exactly what everyone wants to hear…. that it is super easy.

Why Do You Have To Pay?

Its a little strange that you have to pay to get access to this job don’t you think? I mean that just seems strange. I looked into this more and there is a reason for it.

They tell you that when you buy into this for $37 you will get access to the members area where you will get instructions and assignments so that you can start making money doing this.

But…. this isn’t really true.

The Problem Here

The problem is that what you are buying is not what they told you… at all. Once you buy into this you will see that it has nothing to do with “worksheet processing”. Instead it is just a bunch of training on selling on Ebay, which is completely different.

It contains 14 lessons on how you can sell Amazon products on Ebay. Basically this is a form of dropshipping where you will sell products on Ebay and when someone buys them you will just order them from Amazon and have them shipped directly to the buyer. So you will never touch any of the products.

And this is great and all, I mean you can make money like this but the problem is that this is not what buyers thought they were getting into. And besides that…. Dropshipping from Amazon isn’t a great idea, there are much better ways and I wouldn’t pay for this training even if it were advertised truthfully.

The Good Part of It

The only thing good I can say is that if you bought into this already then you are in luck. Luckily this program is being sold on ClickBank, which is a digital product marketplace. The good part is that they have a very good return policy and you shouldn’t have any problem getting your money back if you are disappointed… which I’m sure you will be considering what I just went over.

Conclusion on Legit Flex Job – Scam?

Ok, so obviously Legit Flex Job is a scam. It tricks people into buying into this program with serious false advertising. The program being sold here has absolutely nothing to do with worksheet processing, which I still have no idea what it is.

Can you make money with Legit Flex Job? In theory.. yes. There are people that make money online dropshipping on Ebay from Amazon. But will you make money with this program? Probably not. The training is old and the method of using Amazon is not the best choice. I actually run a dropshipping ecommerce business which I do fairly well at and I can tell you from experience that Amazon is not a good way to go about this. Their platform is not made for dropshipping.

But anyway… the conclusion here is that this is a scam and that you should stay away from it.

If you are looking for a better way to make money online then I suggest taking a look at this program. I started with this program back in 2015 and am still a member to this day. Its also notable that I make a living online now and pretty much all of my success can be attributed to what this program has taught me.

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