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4 Good Places to Make Money Teaching English Online

make money teaching english onlineTeaching ESL (English as a Second Language) online is a sought after job for a variety of reasons. One of the great things about this line of work is the freedom that comes along with it. You have the ability to work right from your computer so it doesn’t really matter where you are at, as long as you have good internet connection.

Another reason teaching ESL in the online space is a job that people look for is because it really isn’t difficult to get. There aren’t many requirements when it comes to jobs like this. Most places require some experience teaching but being a native English speaker is the main requirement here.

If you have teaching experience, maybe even some teaching certificates, English is your native tongue, and you have a passion for teaching young children and watching them grow, then keep on reading. Below are 4 online platforms that offer online ESL teaching positions that are highly rated.

With each of these platforms you will be teaching English through your computer. This means that a headset and high speed internet connection will be required.

VIP Kid#1 – VIP Kid

VIP Kid is one of the best ESL teaching platforms out there. This place was created to bring English teachers into the homes of Chinese children. The children you will be teaching here can range anywhere from 4-12.

Teaching sessions are 30 minutes in length an pay anywhere from $7-9. If you do the math here then you can make $14 – $18/hr as base pay, which isn’t counting possible bonuses.

You are able to set your own availability for your teaching schedule and must be open to 7.5 hours per week. Because you are teaching in China the hours will be late at night or early in the morning.

In order to be considered for a teaching position here you must have some teaching experience in either the US or Canada, be a native English speaker, and you must have a bachelors degree (doesn’t matter what field).

DadaABC#2 – DadaABC

DadaABC is another great ESL platform that gives you the ability to teach children in China the English language. Because of this you have the same downside of having to teach at strange times. But this can actually be a good thing if you work a day job and cannot teach during regular hours.

They offer 3 different types of ESL classes here that will range anywhere from 14 minutes to 30 minutes+ in length. You will be provided with the teaching materials so you won’t need to prepare lessons, although you should review them before teaching.

DadaABC allows for a good bit of flexibility when it comes to teaching. You are able to put your own personality into the lessons and teach as you see fit.

There is the potential to make $20/hr teaching here but this will depend on how well you do in the testing portion of the application process. You will also be evaluated on a yearly basis and can receive pay increases if you perform well.

Requirements for working here include having a bachelors degree (again.. doesn’t matter in what field) and being a native English speaker.

JiuQu English#3 – JuiQu English (aka Funbulous)

JuiQu English, aka Funbulous & aka Qkids, is another pretty good platform for teaching ESL that gets decent reviews. Its the same deal here as the others…. you will be teaching Chinese children from around 5-12 years old and will have to work odd hours if you are interested.

Sessions here are your typical 30 minutes in length. One thing that is different here from other ESL programs is that your classes can have up to 6 students at once. This adds a certain level of higher difficulty to teaching. Another difference is that at JiuQu they are all about having fun and teaching via word games, animated stories, and other methods through their platform.

Pay is decent and you will earn a minimum base pay of $8 per 30 minute lesson, which equates to $16 per hour minimum. You will have the ability to earn up to $20/hr.

Requirements for JuiQu English include having a college degree or being enrolled in college, and of course speaking English as your native language.

learntalk#4 – LearnTalk

LearnTalk is the newest of all the ESL platforms on the list here. Here you will be able to teach ESL to students all over. Many of them actually come from Spain so the teaching times will be a bit different from those of the other platforms.

Teaching sessions are 25 minutes in length and there are several different styles of them that you will receive. You might get a lesson where a specific topic is supposed to be taught (example: Sports,  family, etc) or you might get a free-talk lesson where there is no lesson plan.

Students are able to choose their own teachers. So its your duty to login and be available when students are looking to learn. Starting out teaching here can be difficult but once you get going and build relationships and a reputation on the platform then students will be more likely to pick you.

The pay is the downside to LearnTalk. You will make anywhere from $2 – $6.50 per session. And since each session is 25 minutes long that means you will be making a little over $4 – $13 per hour. This will depend on the level of teacher that you are.

There are 3 different teaching levels. At minimum you will need CEFR level  C1 and here you will get paid the $2 per session. If you have a CEFR level C2 minimum, 4 years teaching experience, and Accreditation/ certification then you will be able to make the $6.50 per session.

There is no requirement that you have to be a native English speaker here… you just have to be a good English speaker period.

Some Advice on Teaching ESL Online

No matter what platform you are thinking about joining you need to have realistic expectations when it comes to teaching ESL online. You can’t expect to make a ton of money, especially when just starting out. That is why all of these teaching positions are best looked at as a supplemental income opportunity. There is potential to do this full-time in the future but it will take some time and relationship building to get there, and is a rare thing.

Do not apply for these positions due to a need for reliable or steady income. Hours are not guaranteed and you simply cannot rely on them especially when starting out.

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