Babbletype Review – Good Online Money Making Opportunity or Not?

BabbletypeBabbletype offers work from home positions where you can make money on your own schedule. But is the job worth the time and effort put into it? Is Babbletype a scam like some people claim it is?

In this Babbletype review I’ll be going over what you need to know about the jobs offered here so that you can get a better idea of what you are looking at and whether or not they are right for you.

Babbletype Review

Babbletype is a transcription service that specializes in audio-to-text, translation, and proof reading services. Companies hire them to turn audio (from conferences, interviews, lectures, etc) into text, to translate documents, and more.

They hire people to work from home to do these tasks. They offer work from home positions where you can work your own schedule which everyone seems to want.

This place is similar to Transcribe Me if you are familiar with them.

Requirements for the Jobs

Must be a native speaker. If you are a transcriptionist or proofreader this means you must speak English and if you are a translator that depends on what language the project requires.

You also must have the appropriate computer equipment to perform the job.

A Look at the Jobs Offered


Here you will be converting audio into text. Transcriptionists listen to audio recordings and write down what they hear. These recordings can be on just about anything and might include 1 or more people. They will vary greatly in their length and pay potential.


Here you will be listening to audio files in a different language and translating them. The job is the same thing as the transcription job just you are translating before writing it down.


Here you proofread the written documents created by the transcriptionists and translators. You will also have the original audio file available for reference as you check for mistakes and errors.

How The Schedule Works

As mentioned there isn’t any set schedule or anything like that. You get to work when you want to.

Each day there will be new assignments posted around 6pm and they will be due the next day at 4pm, giving you 22 hours to complete. You get to pick and choose what you want on a first come first serve basis. You will also get emails each day with the available assignments you can choose from.

Getting Paid

Babbletype pays their independent contractors weekly through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, don’t worry. They are free to set up and simple. You can easily find out how to do this by Googling it.

How Much Will You Make?

They don’t pay an hourly rate like most places do. Instead they pay per minute of audio. The amount depends one the job…

For Transcription Jobs

Depending on the job you will make anywhere from $0.40 – $0.60 per minute of transcribe audio. They tell you that you can typically expect to make about $0.45 per minute when it comes to verbatim recordings.

Proofreading / QA

If you are proofreading English transcriptions then you will get paid $0.13. And if you are proofreading English transcriptions that were translated then you will get paid $0.18.


For most languages that you translate you will get paid $1.40 per minute, but for Spanish and Portuguese you will only get paid $1.30 per minute because these languages are so common.

If you translate audio into an excel-type transcript (question matching) then you will make $1.60 per minute.


When doing research on a work from home opportunity like this I always like to form my own opinion on the place first and then I read through a bunch of reviews from workers, which I think are important. After combing through reviews on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc, here are some of the top complaints I came across that are worth mentioning…

if you fail an assignment you get paid only 1/2 of the normal rate

Find Reasons to Fail You

There are quite a bit of complaints from people claiming they find any little reason to fail an assignment you submitted. And once this happens you only get paid 1/2 the rate.

Low Pay

The pay is fairly low to begin with and many of the people complaining here are doing so because they are receiving fail grades and only getting paid half of what they should. This is definitely a cause of concern because there are many reviews that say this happens to them.

Audio Hard to Understand

One of the difficulties of the job is that some audio will be difficult to understand. This means you will have to play/pause the audio like crazy as you are going through it and it can take a while.

Conclusion on Babbletype – Worth Applying For?

Babbletype can be a decent opportunity to make money online but it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to just make a little extra money in your spare time then this might be something worth considering but if you are looking for anything more than that then this isn’t what you need.

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Its worth reading over and seeing if you think you would like it.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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