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Maritz Mystery Shopping, Scam or Legit? – My Review

maritz mystery shoppingWondering will Maritz Mystery Shopping scam you? Is it a good way to make a little extra income? Is this place worth your time? Well lucky for you I will be answering your questions and going over a few things that you should know about this place before you decide to go through with it.

The reason I am writing this review in the first place is because I know there are a lot of people looking into this opportunity but are hesitant to join because they have heard bad stories about it. And I’m guessing you are probably one of these people that are a little suspicious of it all judging from how you are reading my review right now.

Maritz Mystery Shopping Review

The company behind this mystery shopping job is MaritzCX. They are pretty reputable and have been around for quite some time. They claim to be one of the top 5 research companies out there but I don’t know what they base this claim on. But anyway, this company is legit and so is the job.

The mystery shopping job’s purpose is for people to evaluate the quality of service that a given company displays. Companies hire MaritzCX to do this and they do so by hiring people to pose as customers and go into stores, restaurants, etc undercover.

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What The Job Is Like

The job can vary a lot based on the assignment. Maritz has many different clients and they make their own assignments so it depends on the client ultimately.

However a typical example would be to go into a store to buy something. Maybe you will be required to ask a certain question and see how they respond. Maybe you just go in an shop as a regular shopper. Maybe you are required to pay with some new app they came out with…… there are many possibilities.

But basically you will go into stores, restaurants, dealerships, etc and act as a customer doing certain pre-listed tasks, which are simple. You won’t be required to do anything crazy or difficult, just normal customer things. Its simple really.

After the assignment you will have to write up a review of everything the company wants to know and submit it.

The Application Process

Luckily from everything I have heard it seems to be pretty simple to get hired here.

First you will have to submit your shopper profile. This will require you to input some personal info, like name, address, SSN, and things like education level, income level etc. Some clients require demographic information like this because they are looking for certain types of mystery shoppers to evaluate their businesses.

After submitting the profile you have to wait for it to be accepted.

Next you will get instructions on what to do. This will include completing an Independent Contractor Agreement (because you will be considered an independent contractor), filling out a W9, and signing them both online.

After this is all complete you will be an official mystery shopper and will be able to see all the available mystery shopping jobs locally.


Hard to Get Started

When you just start out it will be more difficult to get things going. They reward shoppers that have completed assignments in a timely manner and met all requirements. You will have to gain their trust first. There isn’t much incentive offered when you first start out.

Long Drives

Some complaints I have come across are from people saying that they had to drive far distances for their mystery shopping assignment, some claiming 40 minutes + of drive time. I’m talking about this here because it should be known that some assignments can be quite a trip, however I don’t see the need to complain about this. After all, you don’t have to accept every job out there.

Not Getting Paid

One complaint that is worth mentioning comes from people that have not gotten paid for assignments they have completed. Apparently if the company you are reviewing does not like the work you submitted they can choose to not accept it, which means you don’t get paid.

I have read reviews from some people that claim this has happened to them without any explanation as to why.

Poor Communication

Having difficulty communicating with the people that are responsible with your mystery shopping assignment can be a hassle. This is a complaint I came across more than once and I was expecting to see this based on other mystery shopping companies I have looked into in the past.

Who This Opportunity Is Best Suited For

Maritz Mystery Shopping is best suited for people that are looking for supplemental income. This is not a job that you should expect to be able to rely on. The amount you will be able to make largely depends on the clients in your area, but don’t expect to make much more than minimum wage with the time you spend working as a shopper along with the time writing the review. Another reason you shouldn’t rely on it is because there just isn’t enough opportunity. Its not like you can expect to just have back to back mystery shopping jobs lined up all day long.

Maritz Mystery Shopping can be a fun and legitimate way to earn some extra money. If you think you would like it then go for it. While there are scam complaints out there this place is in no way a scam.

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