Is MegaTypers a Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity? My Review

MegaTypersJust about anyone can join MegaTypers and earn some extra money. But is it worth your precious time to do so? Or is MegaTypers a scam that is going to leave you frustrated and feeling discouraged at the end of the day?

I decided to write this short post to help people out that are thinking about joining this workforce. I’ll be going over how it works, how much you can make, some complaints I have, and more.

MegaTypers Overview

MegaTypers is an outsourcing company that provides a data entry workforce for other companies that are in need.

They claim to mainly provide work that consists of converting scanned documents into typed out, editable, word documents, but I have found no proof of this. Instead it seems that the work they provide consists entirely of entering CAPTCHA codes.

For each code that you enter you will get paid in what is called “typer credits” which can then be exchanged for real money.

There isn’t much in the way of requirements here. It seems that the only requirement I see is that you have to be able to type at least 10 words per minute… which is extremely low and everyone should be able to do this.

How It All Works

Ok… so its all about entering CAPTCHA codes. And in case you do not know, CAPTCHA codes are those word images with the distorted letters/numbers/words that you have to enter into a box to prove that you are human. They protect websites from bots and hackers.

You will earn money here by entering in these codes. Sounds weird right? No but seriously.. this is what you will be doing.

The point of all of this is to see if the captcha’s are actually readable by real humans. Because of course no company wants to display captcha’s on their site that no on can read.

You will only get 15 seconds to type on each captcha. This will be plenty of time if it is actually readable. And again, I think the time limit here is because if it were to take longer then it isn’t a good captcha.

How Much They Pay

On the homepage of MegaTypers they say that their top earners make around $150 to $250 per month. But they don’t tell you how much these people actually work to in order to make this much so they really aren’t telling you anything right here.

I found that MegaTypers pays for each 1,000 captcha’s that you solve and that they pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50.

So lets say it takes you about 5-10 seconds to type in each captcha. This means that it will take you 83.3 – 166.6 minutes to type in your 1,000 captcha’s. So it will take you 1 hour and 23.3 minutes –> 2 hours 46.6 minutes to make $0.50 to $1.50.

I know that sounds absolutely crazy that anyone would want to pursue this money making opportunity but this is the reality of it.


The extremely low pay is definitely my number 1 complaint here. I would absolutely never do this with my spare time. It is so far below minimum wage its unbelievable. The only people I would recommend this to would be elementary school kids that are looking for some extra spending money…. actually no… not even them.

Two other big complaints that I came across while doing my research include 1) not getting paid, and 2) being banned.

Apparently there are a fair number of people that have had troubles getting paid from this place and eventually gave up on it. I don’t know the reasoning for this… maybe they were in violation of the terms of service or something but who knows.

The people complaining about getting banned say this happens after you fail to enter the right captcha several times in a row. This is insane if it is true because the whole point of this site is to find good captchas…. this just doesn’t make sense that they would do this.

Conclusion On MegaTypers – Scam?

I wouldn’t call this place a scam. I mean after all you can actually get paid here and they do provide a legitimate service. However… I would never in a million years recommend anyone try making money here. It is more of a waste of time then taking paid surveys at MyPoints or Point Club, which pay pretty darn low.

This is just not a good money making opportunity. That is the bottom line. It takes way too much time, it pays way too little, and it is the most boring job on the planet.

If you have no experience and are looking to make money online I would suggest taking a look at this program. This is the same program I got started with back in 2015 and I am still a member today…. which is a testament to how good I think it is.

I’m making $5k + per month right now and I owe pretty much everything to what I learned here.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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