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Is MicroWorkers a Scam? – Read Before Joining

MicroworkersIf you are looking to make money online by doing small oddball tasks then MicroWorkers is one of the options out there that you have. But is this place any good and will it be worth your time? Or is MicroWorkers a scam that is just going to end up leaving you disappointed at the end of the day?

In this review I’ll be going over what everyone should know about this place before they sign up. No, its not a scam and yes you can make money… however… it might not be as great as you think.

MicroWorkers Review

So what this site does is provides hundreds of “micro”jobs to people looking to make money online. In order to actually be able to get any jobs you will have to go through the registration process of getting a pin number and so forth, but I’m not going to get into this. Its pretty straightforward.

Basically MicroWorkers is just a platform that connects people looking to make money online by performing microjobs with people looking to hire people to perform these microjobs. Anyone can join MicroWorkers as a client and get them to find a worker that is willing to perform some task. That is why you will find such a wide variety of strange and oddball tasks if you are a worker on this site.

The Type of Work at MicroWorkers

There are literally hundreds of different jobs that you might see when you are on the site. There might be microtask offers for you to like a Youtube video, work on a Twitter campaign, look at ads on a website, take a survey, annotation an image, test a mobile app, transcribe a shopping receipt, video file, audio file, and plenty of other potential tasks.

You never really know what you might find here.

The Pay

Just as you never really know what kind of tasks you might find on this site, you also won’t really know what the pay will be. The jobs vary a lot so the pay does also. However, all in all… you won’t make much. You can’t really expect to earn any more than $2 per task and many of the tasks pay much less than this.

One thing for sure is that this is not a site where you are going to be able to replace an income or earn a substantial income by any means.

Once you earn $10 (some people claim you only need $9) you will be able to cash out your money to your Paypal account. And if you don’t have a Paypal account don’t worry, they are free and fast to set up.

Getting your money to your account can be a pain. I have read more than one story about it taking forever for some reason. It should be a fast transaction but I have heard of it taking weeks.

Scam Warning

One thing that you have to be careful about on sites like this is scams. Some tasks that you will find are nothing more than scams where the people are just trying to get information from you. So if a task seems a bit strange and they start asking for personal information, I would probably avoid it.

MicroWorkers doesn’t seem to do a very good job at keeping these scam offers off of their platform so it is up to you to avoid them.


There are a lot of complaints about this site overall, both from clients and workers but mostly from workers. Some of the more common complaints that I came across on SiteJabber include…

Not Enough Offers

Some people complain about there not being enough offers at any given time. There are usually 100 or so to choose from but I guess that is not enough for some people.

Long Payment Wait

As I said it can take quite a long time to actually get your payment. I read one complaint of it taking something like 35 days which is absurd. I really don’t understand why it would take this long.

Low Pay

Of course low pay is going to be a complaint to. There just isn’t much potential here to make good money. These are small tasks that pay very little.


There are some other pretty harsh complaints about accounts being shut down for no reason, not receiving payments at all, and complaints from clients that the workers do poor jobs, etc.

Conclusion on MicroWorkers – Good Opportunity or Scam?

Microworkers is definitely not a scam. But at the same time it is not a place that you should go to if you are looking to make decent money online. You just plaint and simple.. won’t be able to find good paying tasks. This place provides small, and sometimes almost pointless tasks for you to perform. But again, this all depends on what the clients want done.

If you are looking to just make a bit of extra money in your spare time you might be interested in sites like Swagbucks where you can get paid to take surveys, complete small offers, etc. I have also heard that Amazon Mechanical Turk is basically a better version of this Microworkers site.

Alternatively, if you are looking to make good money online in your free time I would suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a members since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more than I ever could on any of these sites.

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If you have any comments or questions be sure to leave them below in the comment section 🙂

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